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Gorgeous George

Born on May 6, 1961, in Lexington, Kentucky (time unknown), Taurus George Clooney has the kind of classic, Venus-ruled good looks and killer sex appeal that have resulted in comparisons to Clark Gable and Cary Grant, as well as nominations for “Sexiest Man Alive” and one of the “100 Most Eligible Bachelors” by People Magazine. His female fans are legion, and the smoldering star of the Emmy-winning ER, and this summer’s smash hit A Perfect Storm effortlessly sets their hearts thumping with his “bedroom eyes” and undeniable charisma.

And yet, for all his movie star appeal, Clooney is an earthy, regular guy who isn't one to toot his own horn and is rather embarrassed by his status as a sex symbol. His solid Taurus Sun-Mercury conjunction shows a sensual, back-to-basics man who relies on his own five senses, lives in the present and accepts life on its own terms without a lot of fuss. Clooney is no tortured artist type, nor does he go for the pampered superstar hype. He is always quick to give credit to co-stars, directors and crew and is uncomfortable being fawned over. In return, his co-stars and directors adore him.

Though Clooney’s Mars in Leo does put him in the limelight, and he admits he loves the attention that comes with star status, his practical Mercury in Taurus connects positively with a sober Saturn in Capricorn, creating a special blend of capability and self-deprecating humor that keeps his feet on the ground, his head out of the clouds and everyone clamoring for more.

So Why Is He Still Single?

Clooney was born when the planet Venus was in the sign of Aries, and Venus in Aries people often have a hard time giving up their independent pursuits for the demands of a serious romantic partnership. The key words for Aries are "I Am," and a certain degree of selfishness in matters of the heart has been noted among people with this placement of Venus. He shoulders the blame for the breakup of his marriage of less than three years to actress Talia Balsam, and openly admits that his last relationship with girlfriend Celine Balitran broke up because he wasn’t sensitive to her wishes for more time together.

Venus in Aries is fond of sports, competition, physical activity and male companionship, and when Clooney isn’t working, which is seldom, he usually spends his free time with a pack of long-standing buddies (he refers to them as "The Boys") playing basketball or golf, riding motorcycles or hanging out with his pot bellied pig, Max, at his eight-bedroom place in L.A. There just isn’t much time left for love affairs.

Because we aren't sure of Clooney's birth time, his Moon sign is uncertain; but it seems likely that he has an Aquarian Moon (it’s possible if he was born early in the day that he has a Capricorn Moon). The Aquarius Moon, combined with Jupiter, would lighten up and add widespread popularity and personal appeal to the earthy elements in his chart, as well as a love of silliness and horseplay. Clooney is well known for the practical jokes that he instigates on the set and at home, and the playful friendships he forms give him his greatest emotional satisfaction.

For Clooney, love equals friendship, and he makes it clear that his first love is work, and his second love is friends. His active, fiery Venus, combined with his dynamic, dramatic Mars in Leo, confirms that his work as an actor is indeed his true love and he’s happiest right in the middle of the action.

Fortune Smiles: The Perfect Movie

Clooney has definitely paid his showbiz dues with plenty of hard work and experience, and though his films Out Of Sight and Three Kings won him critical acclaim and respect within the movie industry, they did not hit it big at the box office. But as Clooney's natal Jupiter, the planet of success and wealth, is trined by transiting Jupiter and conjoined by transiting Neptune, the planet associated with movies, the release of The Perfect Storm is changing all that with current box office receipts of well over $170 million dollars. The true story of the heroic efforts of a doomed fishing crew in a monstrous Atlantic storm is just the kind of thing Clooney thrives on, and he says he felt honored to be a part of the project. Though he has stated that he often went home bruised, battered, wet and freezing after the long, grueling days of shooting the film, we can be sure this strong, stubborn bull with the heart of a warrior wouldn’t have it any other way.



Sharyn Smith is a freelance writer and life-long student of astrology. She is a former newspaper staff reporter and columnist and now publishes her independent articles and editorials on the Internet.

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