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Astrologers have been predicting since the dawn of time. Their observations of the skies enabled them to foretell the seasonal floods that made the development of agriculture possible. This basic understanding of natural cycles and rhythms gave rise to the civilizations on which our modern world is based.

Today's astrologers are focusing more on understanding individuals' potentials than on absolute events, reflecting our choice-based times. Individual choice, however, is less obvious when it comes to collective cycles affecting the world at large. Attention to the major planetary trends for 2001 is a useful way to preview the opportunities and challenges of the year ahead and to give meaning to these events.

Perhaps the most significant astrological pattern of 2001 is the series of oppositions between Saturn and Pluto that start in August and end the following May. A lineup of this formidable pair symbolizes the need to reallocate resources in the face of limitations. Such contraction can lead to reducing waste, which can also benefit the environment. On a personal level, the challenge is to focus on priorities and recognize which old structures and activities need to be transformed or eliminated to achieve your goals. The greatest fears are really about losing what you no longer need. Attention on the present makes it much easier to step out of the past.

Thanks to all of the astrologers who have contributed their ideas here. And, thanks to all of you for being curious enough to help shape the future and make this a better world for everyone. Happy New Year.

Bernie Ashman

From January 1 through approximately April 19, Saturn and Uranus form a 90 degree aspect to one another. This angle always points to the need for conflict resolution. The rhythm denoted by the astrological skies as we enter 2001 will likely show the Bush administration trying to please, and probably running throughout the political spectrum in search of support. President Bush will be politicking harder than he did to get elected to get the support he needs to be successful from Congress and the nation. Saturn is conservative, while Uranus is typically progressive. Right after the inauguration in January, the clash between rival factions to influence the Bush administration will be a hot one. The president may distance himself just enough from the right wing to assure everyone he is a fair person.

Adrian Duncan

With red-hot Mars and romantic Venus making wonderfully harmonious trine aspects an unheard-of four times in 2001, there will be high-profile marriages and affairs that completely upset the apple cart. The date to watch for is around March 19, with ramifications well on into June. A headstrong lady throws aside convention for a passionate romance with a foreigner. Tremors are felt in high society as a love child upsets moral conventions. It's a happy first half of the year.

Robert Gover

During 2001, the U.S. Uranus will also be "hit" by transiting Saturn and Jupiter. This combination of the slower-moving, outermost planets can be counted on to coincide with bullheaded opinions, a protracted bear market in stocks and a growing rift between conservatives and liberals.

Do our legislators serve the people or their campaign contributors? That question may come to public attention during the year 2001. Pluto dredges up corruption and brings improvements, but change occurs so slowly it's hardly noticed until later. The decade-long process of change (Pluto) we're embarking on will be punctuated by explosive and unprecedented surprises (Uranus).

Joyce Hoen

The Jupiter-Pluto opposition will be with us right through May of 2001, bringing issues of justice and injustice to grand proportions. Then, from July onward, Saturn will take its place in the zodiac, making its first opposition of a series with Pluto on August 5. It is the culmination of the current Saturn-Pluto cycle, which started in November 1982 with the conjunction then at 27 Libra, semi-square to the Saturn-Pluto opposition of 2001.

Pluto-Saturn works on the level of inner truth. It changes reality, it brings us to the core of matters, it is deeply, deeply serious. Saturn and Pluto in opposition in the signs of Gemini and Sagittarius may have to do with idle words versus truth.

Our belief systems (our trust in the law even?) and the power of our thinking influence the world to the greatest extent. "Positive thinking" and convincing others is a phenomenon belonging to Jupiter-Pluto, but convincing others won't work any longer with Saturn-Pluto. Saturn-Pluto will probably ask to convince yourself instead, to do away with idle words and trying to control matters, and eliminate systems on the outside that are coming to quite an extreme right now.

All those issues, which will show loss of control as the year progresses into the second half of 2001, may in reality ask to change our deep-seated beliefs of what we can and what we cannot control. What we can control is our inner mind, but not our environment. All things that "fail" may in fact mean success on quite another level—success in all things true to you.

Saturn-Pluto is a magical quality if we dare to open ourselves to this level. Outer morality will change into matters of inner conscience. The more we align with our inner conscience, the better we will benefit from this opposition in the second half of 2001 and onward.

Dorothy Kovach

There is much to be said about the ancient method of predicting a nation’s future via the chart of its ruler. Since 1993, the United States reaped the good fortune contained in William Jefferson Clinton’s chart, which has Jupiter in his money sector exactly on the luckiest star in the sky, Spica. Result: the longest running economic boom in U. S. history. As of January 20, Americans will become subject to the chart of George W. Bush. The sad fact of the matter is that the 43rd president-elect’s chart is just not as lucky as President Clinton’s. In many ways, it is as if we have been in a very happy dream and we are about to wake up to the realities of the late 70s, with gas and utilities going through the roof as instability in the Middle East continues.

Tony Louis

The year 2000 ends with a partial solar eclipse on Christmas Day. Comparing the year 2000 Christmas eclipse to the U.S. Gemini-rising chart, I would make the following predictions for 2001.

The eclipse takes place in the U.S. natal Eighth House, suggesting that the nation's economy will dominate the news during the coming year. With the eclipse chart's Sun, Moon and Mercury all opposing the natal U.S. Venus and Jupiter in the Second House of money, we can expect a significant economic downturn, most likely a recession within the first six months of 2001.

The Eighth is also the house of death. With the eclipse chart Midheaven for Washington, D.C. in the Eighth House and the eclipse chart Saturn in the nation's Twelfth House of loss and sorrow, there is a likelihood of the death of an important national figure and a period of national mourning in 2001. In the Astro*Carto*Graphy map of the eclipse, the Saturn, Neptune and Uranus lines pass through the West coast, suggesting that someone in that region (perhaps former president Reagan) may pass on during the coming year.

Mars in the eclipse chart falls on the U.S. Part of Fortune. Because Mars is associated with the natal U.S. Sixth and Eleventh houses, we can expect breakthroughs in medicine and positive developments in our relationships with our allies. It is quite likely that there will be significant advances in curing or treating a major illness (perhaps AIDS or Alzheimer's disease) during 2001.

Finally, the eclipse chart Uranus at the top of the U.S. natal chart and eclipse Pluto in the Seventh House of the electorate sextiling the U.S. Midheaven, suggest that the upheaval seen in the November 7 presidential voting irregularities will continue to play a prominent role in national politics for much of 2001. Pluto is a planet of transformation, and I would expect political action to reform how voting is done in the U.S. during the year 2001.

Raymond Merriman

Pluto opposes Saturn in the signs of Sagittarius and Gemini, representing the fields of transportation and communication. As Pluto is the planet of reform, and Saturn the planet of law, government, and big business, I suspect we could see a rather nasty conflict between parties that want to clean up the environment. One side wants to come down hard on transportation (and manufacturing) companies that pollute the air, and the other side is concerned about the terrible economic effects this might have. Neither side is likely to be in the mood for compromise —that's just not the nature of Saturn and Pluto. Both believe they are right, and will argue (Gemini) to the death (Pluto) to stand up for their principles. This is especially so with Pluto in Sagittarius, which usually isn't too tolerant of other points of view, and tends to take a rather zealous, religious, and/or moral stand on the issue.

Raymond Merriman writes Market Week for StarIQ. Additional financial forecasting services from Ray will be available in the Shop@StarIQ in January.

Anistatia Miller

In Chinese astrology, the metal snake year begins on January 24, 2001. Until February 11, 2002, patience is key. Unlike the tempestuous metal dragon year 2000, there’s a new, seething, quality on the rise. Think before you step and calculate before you invest time, energy, emotion, reputation or money into any project. An air of civility replaces 2000’s flamboyant displays. However, the calm is only on the surface. A torrent of passive aggression brews underneath. Hard work keeps you afloat. Playtime is over for a year. Keep vacations and celebrations to a minimum.

Arlene Marcia Nimark

G.W. Bush’s inauguration is on the nodal opposition to Richard M. Nixon’s inauguration. The North Nodes of both inaugurations fall in both of their Sun signs, plus the transiting Nodes for both square the U.S. Saturn. What makes this so bad for Bush is that his Moon is there as well, and he is a Cancer. There is a lack of trust that will stalk him and prevent him from truly bonding with his newly-elected office. The issue of the Florida vote count will not go away. We may begin to hear more rumbling in that area come February, beginning with the Mercury retrograde, then direct on the cardinal axis. Then in March, we will have Venus retrograde squaring G.W.’s Moon, and Pluto station retrograde on the antiscia of his Sun and Moon midpoint. The hidden forces will be at work. He will not know who his friends or enemies are.

Beverly Rostant

Saturn is retrograde in the sign of Taurus for the first few months of 2001, and still slowing the economy down. Once it is direct in late January, the economy should pick up, although slowly. Saturn enters Gemini in early May and at this time there may be restrictions placed on communication, like the Internet and email (big brother is listening, what you say now will be held against you), transportation and air emissions by government and corporations.

The areas of the economy that will do well under the rulership of Saturn in Gemini are government bonds and companies dealing with the elderly in production of hearing aids and other ways for the elderly to travel and communicate.

Those companies that have not been going by the rules will be brought to task around the time of the Mars-Pluto conjunction in March 2001, when Pluto is stationary retrograde. As Pluto goes retrograde, the price of oil stocks will fall. Some companies may even face criminal charges.

Saturn in Gemini also rules the air we breathe, so companies selling products to reduce air emissions and waste will do well. Governments will be pushing strongly for more stringent rules for companies to deal with air quality, as the climate changes more drastically and governments are made to pay up in disaster funds.

Philip Sedgwick

One of the more interesting weather patterns is likely to occur in the first ten days of July. This cycle produces stronger-than-average winds and, more than likely, cooler weather in the northern United States. Generally, erratic jet stream shifts exceed weather norms, creating unusual storms worldwide. (Saturn square the perihelion of Mars July 8–9.)

A high degree of political strife occurs between early May (Jupiter opposite Pluto on May 6) and early August (Saturn opposite Pluto on August 5). During this time, political wrongdoing and corruption are likely to be revealed. Expect that a call for official impeachments, trials and investigations will surface. Particularly, residue from the 2000 election more than likely bubbles up for final disposition.

A serious effort at education reform could start in the above cycle. And the obvious election system reform gets underway.

From May 17–May 28, a strong cycle of moral disruption occurs. This trend reveals leaders who have fallen from grace in one form or another. These leaders could be political, religious and, to a lesser degree, sports icons. This scandal time will cause the outrage over the last administration to pale by comparison. This era shakes the belief system and foundation of the politically correct, moral and righteous. (Jupiter to black holes and anomalistic pulsars.)

There will be brilliant invention cycles in mid-February and late June, most likely affecting high-tech and aviation. (Chiron and Jupiter to Galactic Center.)

Jim Shawvan

During George “Dubya” Bush's term in office, there may well be military action along his Mars-Midheaven line, in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

We are all aware of the ongoing human rights violations by the Taliban in Afghanistan, and their continued protection of terrorist chief Osama Bin Laden. We tend to be less familiar with the dangers to Western interests in Pakistan, a Muslim nation with a military government, nuclear weapons, strong fundamentalist movements, internal sectarian and ethnic conflict, huge numbers of Afghan refugees and lots of guns. For some years now, the Pakistani port and metropolis of Karachi has been unsafe for Westerners, as well as for its own residents.

During Dubya's term in office, in response to anti-American violence, he may judge it necessary to threaten or even use force in either Afghanistan or Pakistan or both. Given the transits of Saturn and Neptune to Dubya's Mars, I would expect these countries to become a focus of his attention no later than the last week of June 2001—and then again starting in mid-December, and on into the following year.

Marcia Starck

The United States will see some difficult times ahead as Pluto continues to transit the U.S. Ascendant (in the Sagittarius-rising U.S. chart) and Saturn opposes it in August. The last time Saturn opposed Pluto (in 1965), we had the Vietnam War with student demonstrations, Martin Luther King’s march from Selma to Montgomery and the shooting of Malcolm X.

In 2001, we also have the eclipse on July 5 opposite the U.S. Sun, and President-elect George W. Bush’s Sun as well. Add to this Mars conjunct Pluto on March 18, Mars retrograding at 29 degrees Sagittarius on May 11 and the hornets nest that was opened in Florida with disenfranchised voters, and the picture is not rosy.

Erin Sullivan

Because of the infrequent, if rhythmic, Mars retrograde cycle, Mars will remain within only 15 degrees of Sagittarius for half the year (covering the whole sign in seven months). This phenomenon brings international affairs and global concerns to an extremely volatile place by mid-March and plays out through mid-September.

In the U.S., it marks an unstable and highly insecure political structure, which affects the financial spectrum of America. Relations with the rest of the world will have degenerated, and the U.S. finds itself in the unique position of not being seen as the superpower it has been since the end of World War II.

Revolution is the norm this year, both intellectual and social. It’s time to watch the interplay between the old and the new (Jupiter and Saturn) while they encounter unseen forces (Pluto) and explode into the collective with the intent of pushing the world to the necessary changes in ways of relating.Remember, "chaos is the genesis of all things.”

Henry Weingarten

There are three new primary phenomena affecting world events and global markets in 2001:

  • January 20 inauguration of a new U.S. president.
  • The solar eclipse on the Summer Solstice, June 21, 2001.
  • A new stock exchange (new Bourse horoscopes) will be born, such as Euronext, Jiway, International Nasdaq and LSE alliance mergers.

There will be continuation of three big trends begun in 2000:

  • More realistic stock valuation (Jupiter-Saturn). Short term out performance of value stocks/funds versus growth stock/funds. Intermediate term best performance will be value stocks (Saturn) that also are growing (Jupiter). Lower P/E valuations, but higher than historic norms, which are slightly above DJIA 6000 and 2000 for Nasdaq. This picture started changing due to the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in May 2000. Earnings and real business prospects now matter. Stock forecasting will become easier and somewhat more rational.
  • Dollar decline accelerating in 2001. The secular U.S. dollar rally is over, having ended with two peaks, one in May 2000 and one six months later. If you liked $10 oil, then you will love the Euro 87–90!
  • Jupiter opposed Pluto and Saturn opposed Pluto. These aspects, plus new FASB rules, forecast more failed mergers and corporate breakups. Politically there will be more anti-globalization protests.

For Henry’s complete 2001 financial predictions, see his website.


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