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With the recent approval of John Ashcroft to the position of attorney general, George W. Bush has appeased the religious right, which solidly supported him since the beginning of the campaign. As U.S. senator for the state of Missouri, Ashcroft has consistently maintained his position on such controversial issues as abortion, gun control and affirmative action. However, astrology indicates that Ashcroft’s path to preserving his political agenda during the next four years may be as turbulent as his recent journey to Bush’s cabinet.

Rocky Road to Bushville

Ashcroft has undergone more success and failure in his career in a concentrated period of time than many of us experience in a lifetime. After renouncing a bid for president, Ashcroft campaigned for, and subsequently lost, the open senate seat for Missouri to Jean Carnahan. Just when his political career seemed finished, it was resuscitated when he received the call to serve as George W. Bush’s attorney general. His appointment received a great deal of scrutiny and was at the center of controversy over America’s political vision.

Astrology Horoscope: John AshcroftThe topsy-turvy motion of Ashcroft’s political ambitions can be correlated with the movement of planets to significant points in his natal chart. Throughout this tumultuous political upheaval, Jupiter and Saturn have been hovering over Ashcroft’s natal grouping of the Sun and Uranus in late Taurus and Saturn and Mercury in early Gemini. The Sun represents the core self; Uranus, change and rebellion; Saturn structure and work and Mercury communication. Together, transiting Jupiter and Saturn moving over these important planets have been acting to expand and contract Ashcroft’s political future.

Jupiter is the planet associated with success, optimism and forward momentum. Its recent conjunctions to Ashcroft’s Sun, Uranus, Saturn and Mercury can be associated with his recent political triumphs. Shortly after losing the Missouri senate battle, Ashcroft had a fortuitous meeting with president-elect Bush in Austin, Texas. The next day, Bush offered Ashcroft the job of attorney general. This “right man at the right time” fortune is indicative of Jupiter at work.

However, these accomplishments haven't come easily. Moving over the same collection of Ashcroft's birth chart planets, Saturn has also had an impact on Ashcroft’s recent roller coaster ride. Saturn frustrates us, disciplines us and makes us earn every achievement and success through challenges, trials and distress. The very public probing into Ashcroft’s voting record and personal life and the resultant heightened dissension between left and right is Saturn at his very best. Thus, Ashcroft's journey to the cabinet has been filled with equal parts serendipity and struggle.

The Necessity for Change

Ashcroft's future looks as topsy-turvy as his past. At approximately the age of 60, the planet Uranus forms a 90-degree square to its position in the natal chart. Uranus, currently moving through Aquarius, will soon square Ashcroft’s Uranus in Taurus. If the changes brought about by Jupiter and Saturn have had the effect of expanding and contracting Ashcroft's career, the effect of Uranus will bring about something completely unexpected during his tenure as attorney general.

Uranus can throw things at us that seem completely out of left field. During "Uranus" times, completely unforeseen events crop up in our lives that we could never have predicted and have never handled before. Consequently, Ashcroft can anticipate the unanticipated. New political situations could arise that are totally foreign to his experience as governor and senator, and he may indeed create new precedents for the job of attorney general by necessity.

On a more personal level, Uranus forces us to redefine values associated with an outworn sense of self. When Uranus squares its position in the natal chart, we are asked to grow and open to new potentials, which can be unsettling at first. More often than not, the change that is asked of us comes from the outside and is very often seen as a threat; it is only in hindsight that we realize that the disruptive and startling experiences actually serve to increase our personal potential. With Uranus in progressive-minded Aquarius squaring Ashcroft’s natal Sun and Uranus in the upcoming years, his tenure as attorney general will undoubtably precipitate significant personal change.

Case Closed

As attorney general, Ashcroft has been asked to set aside his personal political agenda and impartially adjudicate the laws of the nation. Since change and disruption have been the recent constant in Ashcroft’s life, circumstances may dictate that this pledge of impartiality be taken out of the realm of the merely theoretical and be significantly challenged in actual fact. Thus, the opportunity is presented to Ashcroft to transcend his own partisan beliefs and to encompass a much broader political vision–and a much broader sense of self.




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