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Brendan Fraser has starred in numerous silly blockbusters and box office busts over the last few years, from George of the Jungle to Bedazzled to the recent Monkeybone. The young star will be seen this summer in the sequel to 1999's megahit The Mummy. These goofball, highly physical films perfectly personify the Sagittarian part of Fraser's nature. Sagittarius is a sign that takes longer than most to grow up. That is no dis to archers out there. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, planet of good luck, so oftentimes the spontaneous, generous, sloppy, wild approach of a Sag can lead to good fortune.

Astrology Horoscope: Brendan FraserDuring the first half of life, Sagittarians are frequently associated with the "adventurer" archetype. Often late bloomers, Sagittarians tend to shift into the "philosopher" archetype once they are well into their thirties. Fraser's most serious role to date, as the beautiful and sensitive gardener in Richard Condon's Gods and Monsters, gave us a hint of what's to come down the road for him. He has the ability to really move audiences with his performances, but it may take a while before he grows into his potential.

In the meantime, for every Gods and Monsters, Fraser may take on ten Blast From the Pasts. And that's just fine. It's in keeping with his knock-around, adventurous Sagittarian youth.

Strong Libra Influence

The sign Libra, which is associated with beauty, grace and an intensely romantic and often artistic nature, plays an influential role in this young actor's chart. Fraser's Jupiter, Uranus and Mars are all in the aesthetically oriented sign. Fraser was cast in Gods and Monsters mainly because he so perfectly fit the physical type of what was called for in the film. He had a very Frankenstein-like, imposing quality (Mars, planet of physical strength), yet also possessed a delicate beauty (Libra), both of which were key elements in his characterization.

Another part of Libra is that it is extremely people-pleasing. When one looks at the string of kooky, blockbuster-oriented roles Fraser has taken, one can't help but think, "He's a studio producer's dream." He goes along with the money-making machine of Hollywood. But Libra, always able to see the other side of the coin, has a way of balancing in the other direction after awhile. That's why I'm quite certain that the artiste in Brendan Fraser will show himself after the star gets sick of being typecast as a big, pretty goofball.

Stuck in the Middle With You

Another significant part of Fraser's chart is the t-square (stubborn, challenging configuration) between his Venus (planet of art and love), Mars (planet of passion and sex) and Saturn (planet of hard work and discipline). Fraser is married to Afton Smith and may find that his commitment to working on his relationship is at odds with his commitment to working on his career (Saturn).

Venus in Capricorn has the toughest time of all in relation to the two other parts of the "T" because it squares both harsh Saturn and warlike Mars. Venus is a little chilly in Capricorn, and suggests that Fraser may be drawn to a partner who is a little stoic or career-oriented or that he behaves that way himself in his love relationship. The key to a t-square is finding a way to balance the three planets so that none of them dominates the others.

In October and November 2001, Jupiter will start triggering reactions in Fraser's t-square as it squares his Mars in Libra. Then in 2002, Jupiter squares his Saturn and Venus, so he's bound to start dealing with his t-square issues before long.

Coming Attractions: Previews of Fraser's Future

From July through early October 2001, Pluto, the dark planet of self-transformation, will be hovering very close over Fraser's Sun in Sagittarius. He may have to face some of his personal demons (Pluto) in a very public (Sun) and embarrassing (Sagittarius) way. Perhaps he will get bashed for another poor film choice, or will get into a Sean Penn-esque fight with a photographer. Whatever the incident, it's the symbolic meaning of it that Fraser will have to mull over. This star of light movie fare is deeper and full of more mystery and surprises than even he realizes yet.



Jill Dearman is the author of the gay best sellers Queer Astrology For Men and Queer Astrology For Women (St. Martins Griffin/1999). She has been professionally practicing astrology for twelve years and currently writes horoscopes for the national magazines Twist and Girlfriends as well as numerous papers syndicated via Q Syndicate. She has written about subjects from astrology to literature to film and theater in Mademoiselle, Publishers Weekly and HX. An excerpt from her upcoming novel, The Great Bravura, was featured in Best Lesbian Erotica 2000(Cleis Press). She also writes and produces films. The Village Voice called Dearman a "risk surfing playwright" whose work "shocks and rocks." She is a 1999/2000 artist in residence at HERE in New York City.

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