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In his book, The Secret Architecture of our Nation's Capital, David Ovason describes in great detail the astrological underpinnings of Washington, D.C. and its connection to the sign of Virgo and the ancient Goddess mysteries. Ovason stresses that the Masons, who were among the city's architects and planners and who were present at the groundbreaking foundation ceremonies, were knowledgeable about astrology. In the tradition of ancient astrologers, they would have recognized the link between the stars and the destiny of cities.

The most recent New Moon that occurred on Monday, September 17th was at 24 degrees of Virgo. Ovason cites 24 degrees of Virgo as a “critical degree” that repeatedly recurs in the city's most important horoscopes. In the federal city's founding horoscope of April 21, 1791, the day the city foundation stone was laid, Virgo was on the ascendant, with Jupiter rising at 23 degrees Virgo. On October 13, 1792, the day the foundation stone for the White House was laid, both the moon and the North node were conjunct at 23 degrees Virgo. “On September 18th, 1793, when President George Washington in his role as Grand Master laid the foundation stone for the Capitol,” writes Ovason, “the Sun was in 24 degrees of Virgo, and thus reflected the Virgoan nature of the new city. When the cornerstone for the Washington Monument was laid July 4th, 1848, the moon went into Virgo; more importantly, the north node was at 25 Virgo.”

“According to medieval Arab astrologers,” writes Ovason, “this degree had a particular importance: it marked that point in the zodiac where the Moon was thought to promote the greatest happiness and well-being. We must presume, then, that the intention behind the choice of moment was that this beneficial influence would be transmitted into Washington, D.C.”

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Pythia Peay of MoonCircles is an inspirational writer and journalist whose articles have appeared in a variety of publications, such as "The Cleveland Plain Dealer," "George" magazine, "Common Boundary," and "The Utne Reader." She studied and taught meditation for many years with the Sufi teacher, Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan, and is the editor of his book, "Awakening: A Sufi Experience." A longtime student of astrology, she is also at work on the book "Soul Sisters: A Sacred Way for all Women."

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