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Isn't love grand? Ah, yes—especially if you happen to be a gorgeous, sexy superstar who's in love with another gorgeous, sexy superstar. And if you're both also Librans, members of the zodiacal sign that most loves being in a relationship, well…it almost sounds too good to be true, doesn't it?

We're about to find out, apparently—now that handsome, chiseled Michael Douglas and lovely Catherine Zeta-Jones have officially announced their Millennium-Eve engagement, that is. From all preliminary indications, it's a match made in heaven—both figuratively and astrologically speaking. Oddly enough, it's the imbalance between their ages that makes them so perfectly suited to one another astrologically. Why's that?

Libra Needs Balance

Well, although Libra is famous for being the sign of balance and harmony, Sun-sign Librans don't automatically arrive here on Earth with that knack. The sign the Sun is in when we're born describes the primary attributes or characteristics we're here to learn. Since the Sun is the Big Kahuna, the absolute Chief Executive Officer in both our solar system and our astrology charts, it makes sense that the Sun's astrological "job" is what we're out to accomplish—but not what we already know.

If you happen to have been born a Libran, how are you ever going to learn balance if you're only involved in balanced situations? It stands to reason, then, that Librans most often find themselves in unbalanced relationships of all kinds. Now, one of the most "healthy" ways to have an "unbalanced" relationship is by choosing someone who's very much like you, but very different, too—age-wise, for example.

Same Birth Date, Very Different Year

Our two superstars certainly have that going for them. She was born in 1969, on the day that he turned 25 years old. In typical Libran style, they've both co-starred with the hottest celebs in Tinseltown. Zeta-Jones, of course, is best remembered for her role opposite Antonio Banderas in Zorro, and, most recently, for another relationship with a substantial age-difference—Sean Connery, her co-star in Entrapment, is nearly 39 years her senior. Her fiancee, Douglas, has had his share of "interesting" women in his life and career over the years—both sexy and, well, a bit violent, too, to be honest.

What He's Looking For

Regardless of whether it's a part you're playing in a film or a role you're currently living in your "real" life, nothing will ever happen to you if it's not mentioned in your astrology chart. The chart is like a "blueprint"—so if winning the lottery isn't in there, save yourself a few bucks in scratch tickets.

If you're an actor who was born with the lovely lady Venus, Goddess of relationships, joined at the hip with Mars, the planet of anger, assertion, aggression and war—well, you can bet that you probably won't be cast as Mr. Cleaver in the all-new Leave It To Beaver series. Instead, you might find yourself playing opposite Glenn Close's homicidal character in Fatal Attraction, having a battle over who sexually harassed whom with sultry Demi Moore (Disclosure), or falling in love with a mystery-writer you're not sure isn't also a murderer (Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct).

If his co-stars are any indication of what Douglas searches out in real-life partnerships, then, we know he certainly isn't looking for someone boring—not by any stretch of the imagination. It's also humorous to note that Douglas has always been known in Hollywood as a "serial dater"—an apt description of Libra, the sign that loves establishing one-to-one relationships like no other.

He's also famous, however, for avoiding the "C" word—commitment—like the plague. That's not ordinarily a trait of Sun-sign Librans, but since Libra is "ruled" by, or associated with, the planet Venus, the condition of that planet in Douglas' chart says it all. The connection between loving Venus and action-oriented Mars in his horoscope means that Douglas just loves the "hunt", but often loses interest after the "capture." Apparently, however, there's something about Zeta-Jones that's worth the solo flight—and I'll bet it's that she's jam-packed with the same type of Venus-Mars energy herself.

What She's Looking For

After all, this is the woman who dueled with Antonio Banderas in Zorro, who was at least as clever as Sean Connery in Entrapment. If her own roles are also an indication of what she's really looking for in a partner, then, it's easy to see that she's definitely not looking for your basic relationship. I'll bet a home with a white-picket fence never once crossed her mind. She wants more than that.

Like her new fiancée, Catherine was also born with Venus, the Goddess of Love, connected to Mars, the God of War, the planet associated with adrenaline in the human body. That means she, too, wants excitement, urgency, and passion—a man who's a challenge. Capturing a "serial-dater", then, certainly fits the bill. But there's much more.

Catherine also wants to be comfortable—no doubt about it. She was born with a grand trine in earth signs, something that sounds difficult, but is really very easy to understand. Of the twelve signs in the zodiac, three are given to each of the elements found on the earth—fire, air, earth and water. When someone is born with a planet in each of the signs associated with an element (and in nearby degrees), connecting them would create a giant triangle in the sky—the grand trine. The element each of the three signs belongs to determines whether it's an air trine, a fire trine and so on.

Above all else, the earth signs are focused on creature comforts. They want to taste, see and smell all the world has to offer, to be pleased and pleasured by tender touches, sweet sounds and gorgeous sunsets. They're into all the good sensations that life inside a body has to offer.

Now, the only way to be guaranteed that you'll have all these things is to ensure that there'll always be a substantial flow of cash. That means Zeta-Jones is looking for someone who'll make at least as much money as she will. Since she's born with a planet in each of the three earth signs, these things come easily to her—and she's searching for the same gift in her partner.

In short, Catherine isn't about to settle for anyone who's not devastatingly attractive, a non-stop challenge and quite able to keep her "comfortable"—in all departments. When you've been in the movie biz as long as Douglas has, you've accumulated a certain "value" as an actor—and that's undoubtedly reflected by his substantial wealth.

What They've Got

Well, first of all, they've got the age difference—which, in their case, is a good thing. It will keep them both continually challenged to tip and re-tip the scales to keep their relationship "balanced." They've also got a lack of worry about money matters to help them out. And while money may not be everything, doing without it or struggling to find it is the number one reason marriages come apart in the U.S. Yes, really. But let's not forget about the fact that both have Venus and Mars connected natally—so their relationship "prerequisites" are the same, and that's a very big plus.

Ah, well. Can two famous folks find time out from their schedules to devote to each other? Especially if they're both Librans and what they really want most is a solid partnership with someone? We'll see, I suppose. But let's not forget the "other side" of the connection between Venus and Mars—anger, turbulence, drama and, quite often, sexual jealousy. Expect to see them periodically mentioned in gossip columns, then, much like Madonna and Sean Penn, or Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor. One thing's for sure—neither of them will ever be bored by the other. Challenged, definitely—but not bored. And that might just be their recipe for success.



Kim Rogers-Gallagher is a well known columnist, lecturer and author of Astrology for the Light Side of the Brain and Astrology for the Light Side of the Future(ACS Publications).

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