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What's in a Name?

What's in a name? Well, if that name happens to be "Bond," there's quite a bit in it. Just ask anyone who's ever gotten attached to Ian Fleming's internationally famous (yet fictional) Super-Spy. Yes, the mere mention of the number 007 is enough to generate quite the fiery discussion on just which of the Bonds was the best. Of course, Sean Connery, the first (and, some say, the "only") Bond, is a tough act to follow. But Pierce Brosnan seems to have won himself at least a temporary claim to the name. So perhaps the real question isn't what's in a name, but what's in a Bond?

Bond’s Personal Tool Kit

Since our horoscope charts are really nothing more than "tool kits" or "blueprints" that show what qualities we've got with us when we arrive down here on Planet Number Three, let's compare the charts of the first and the most recent Bonds—Connery and Brosnan—to see what they've got in common. After all, neither of these actors would have been chosen to play the role of Sexy International Super-Spy if they didn't have "the right stuff" in their respective tool kits. So what is that stuff? Well, it seems to me it breaks down like this:

Tool number one: take-charge type, oozing with confidence. So much confidence, in fact, that Bond is virtually unshakable. He doesn’t have any fears at all. None. It's as if the guy had surgery, to remove the fear organ and replace it with a rock.

Tool number two: quick wit, fast thinker, fluent in several languages. Yes, not only is this guy in such good shape he makes Batman jealous, he's also at the top of Mensa's genius list—and that's not to mention the fact that it's all communicated with a seriously great, close-clipped British accent. Unless, of course, he needs to speak German, French, Japanese or Swahili. When did he find the time to learn all these languages? In between chasing down shrewd, dangerous, wealthy criminals? Don't ask.

Tool number three: non-stop sexuality. Say you're a woman—a stunningly attractive woman. Say you're a spy, too, or that for the past year, you've been dating a power-hungry, homicidal short guy who treats you badly. Enter Bond. James Bond. Dashing, charming, flattering, handsome and witty. Best of all, he's taller than you. It's almost too good to be true.

When your diminutive boyfriend asks you to pull the switch on the electro spy-killer machine (which James, of course, is helplessly tied up inside), you decide against that, and shoot your boyfriend instead. What can James ever do to thank you for saving his life? Dinner, drinks and great sex, of course. There's just one catch. Since no woman can "have" him, you'll need to be killed by your petite ex-Furby by the time the credits roll…

In short, James Bond’s a god. Perfect in every way. Flawless—and quite fictional.

The Sun in Solid Earth Signs

So, if both Brosnan and Connery are known as "Bond,” they must have packed somewhat similar stuff in their cosmic suitcases. What common ingredients should they have, astrologically speaking?

Well, confidence is tied to the Sun. It's the center of our Universe, and the center of our horoscope charts, too. With the Sun in one of the earth signs at birth, the individual's basic nature is as solid as the ground beneath their feet. Not surprisingly, both Brosnan, a Taurus, and Connery, a Virgo, are the proud, sensual and confident owners of the Sun in earth signs.

In addition to just being earthy and sexy, however, Bond needs to be something of a mythical hero. That means it's time to call in one of the planets to work closely with the Sun—which both men also have in their charts. Brosnan's Taurus Sun is snuggled up to mighty Jupiter, the King of the Gods, the planet who knows no fear, since his "job" is optimism. Connery's Virgo Sun is closely connected to Neptune, the planet of illusion, disguise and romance.

The Mercury-Mars Connection

For quick wit, fast thinking and fluency in languages, you'd look to Mercury, the ancient Messenger of the Gods, and Mars, the planet that's much like a red-hot bullet. Mars is all about action. Mercury handles the details. Put Mars in Gemini—which just happens to be Mercury's favorite sign—and you've got both departments covered. Oddly enough, both Bonds were born with Mars in cerebral, quick-silver Gemini. This planet-sign combination also accounts nicely for the sports cars.

Sexy Venus

As for the sexual "magnetism" Bond possesses, no matter who's wearing his designer suit, we'd look to Venus, the Goddess of Love and Attraction. Since sex happens just as suddenly and unpredictably to Bond as the rest of his life does, we'd have to expect the planet Uranus, Mr. Unpredictable himself, to be in cahoots with Venus in both men's charts. And he is. Brosnan was born with Venus in an action-oriented square (90 degree aspect) to Uranus, while Connery has the two planets in opposition, or 180 degrees apart.

Yes, it seems that "Bond" is quite picky about the actors who create him. Obviously, not just anyone will do. Makes sense, too. I mean, look how particular the guy is about his martinis.



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