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View ChartMike Hampton, hurler for the New York Mets, threw the first pitch of the baseball season at 7:06 pm on March 29, 2000, in Tokyo, Japan. The home plate umpire reported, “Strike one!” The crowd cheered—in Japanese. Every year baseball begins with an enthusiastic opening game in...Tokyo? What on Earth happened to the great American national pastime? Isn’t the traditional season opener in Cincinnati? The entire mythology of our country’s sports legacy shifts, with a new century of competition commencing in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Last week, home run slugger Mark McGwire complained about baseball doing anything to make the almighty buck. Sports writers chastised the well-paid McGwire, calling him naive. Meanwhile, the players from the Chicago Cubs and New York Mets start the season fighting the mother of all jet lags—hardly conducive to a good game. Was McGwire right? Is it just about money?

A Money-Oriented Cluster of Taurus Planets

Consider that three planets (pushy, first-in-line Mars, opportunistic Jupiter and the serious, materially-driven Saturn) in the money-based sign of Taurus occupy the relationship-based Seventh House for the 2000 baseball season. The insurance firm AIU, and the convenience chain AM-PM Markets, worked with major league baseball in a cooperative economic bond. These two companies sponsored the two-game series. So, the players wore uniform patches representing both companies, which showed up nicely on the television, thank you very much.

Realizing that the conjunction of these planets squares (makes a stressful 90-degree angle) the revolutionary Uranus, we should only expect innovations (innovation is linked astrologically to Uranus). Baseball stadiums have lost their cool names like Fenway, Wrigley and Yankee Stadium. These legendary titles yield to the commercialism of 3Com Park, Qualcomm Field, ad nauseum. What’s a high-tech company got to do with baseball, other than offering up big bucks to say their name? Call me a Mark McGwire purist and a Luddite of sorts for the sanctity of baseball, but where’s the game gone? Down the Taurus tubes of materialism.

Pluto and Chiron: It’s a Small World

There’s another element contributing to the vast runaway train of professional sports. Pluto and Chiron are currently in the sign of Sagittarius. Sagittarius is linked to advertising concepts and the theme of the sale. Sag also represents the long-range visions of travel. Japan’s a long trip. Ask the bleary-eyed ball players. Ah, yes, baseball is now the international sport. We’ve opened the concept door (or Pandora’s Box) for international baseball. So, that means the World Series might actually have something to do with the world. Perhaps. Regardless, baseball sold its soul to expand its marketing and money.

Pluto, aligned with the great archetypal healer, Chiron, is retrograde, or appearing to move backward as seen from the Earth. Shamefully, the agenda will surface. The baseball establishment bet that the avid Japanese fans would boost the national pastime into stellar economic strata. But they alienated the fans of the country of baseball, the good old U.S. of A. Sure, have games in Japan. But the season opener belongs to the U.S., regardless of Uranus. Since Uranus and the three planets in Taurus stand on the base pads of fixed signs, the good, strong baseline of tradition ought to stay put.

Global Uranus, Businesslike Capricorn Moon

Then again, maybe it’s right to do this in a new way. Uranus, the rude awakener (if only he dealt with jet lag), does jolt all of the stubborn Taurus planets into exploring and exploiting new markets. Maybe this settles the migration issue (and immigration nightmares of some) regarding foreign ballplayers. Only in the last few years have Asian players made it into the major leagues. Maybe this is good for the humanity (also an attribute of Uranus) of the planet. Imagine what would have happened years ago if only Fidel Castro had fulfilled his dream of being a major league pitcher.

But on the other side of the Yen is a Capricorn Moon for this ball game. Capricorn, the ultimate businessman, seeks opportunity at the height of previously unreachable mountains, like Mt. Fuji, maybe.

Was it greed? For my money it was. Disguised loosely as an effort for baseball to extend its arms across the Pacific, you can be sure a staggering sum of money piled into the coffers. While the players stumbled on the infield dirt, the fans swallowed their sushi and tickets and choked on high prices.

There’s a reason ceremonies and spiritual rituals (yes, like baseball) continue to use the same methods. And this is not one of them. Hopefully, baseball will reorient itself.



Philip Sedgwick began his study of astrology in 1969. He is the author of Astrology of Deep Space, Astrology of Transcendence, The Sun at the Center: A Primer of Heliocentric Astrology, The Galactic Ephemeris (a compilation of over 8,300 points in deep space).

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