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Author’s Note: This article originally appeared a few weeks ago. An astute reader noted that the birth year for McGwire in the article differed from that provided by Major League Baseball. The original article used data incorrectly recorded in a database archive. Here follows the correct horoscope for Mark McGwire.

With his huge arms bulging, sweat dripping from his brow in the sultry St. Louis heat, Mark McGwire steps to the plate. Everyone, absolutely everyone, has the same thought. How far will the ball go this time?

What a Guy

You gotta love this guy. Not only is Mark McGwire (born October 1, 1963, at 7:30 am, in Pomona, California) an endearing Libra, but he can also hit a baseball in enviable ways. His Sun (core self) and Venus (relationships) even out his chart from their home in the considerate, think-of-everyone-else-first sign of Libra. When asked about his personal feats he speaks of his fellow players and their more important quest as a team. He refers to his son, who often follows him during the season. And he talks about the merits and ability of his main competitor, Sammy Sosa. A major current human concern of McGwire is preventing child abuse, a cause to which he invests a lot of himself.

A powerful square between Mars (the action guy) and Saturn (the disciplinarian) bulges more evidently in his chart than his muscles do through his uniform. This pattern of planets drives him hard. Yet Saturn can be a compassionate father. There he is, dedicated, loving and present with his son. He’s persistent and consistent, a fantastic blend of Mars and Saturn. He works hard. You don’t get a body like that lounging around the pool. Or do you?

McGwire and Steroids

But then there’s that body thing. When McGwire was injured, many suggested that the problems resulted from an overly bulked-up body, implying McGwire had used supplementation. Mark denied the use of steroids. One day a reporter noticed a vial of “andros” in Mark’s locker. Androstendione, an over-the-counter and non-regulated muscle builder, became a controversial highlight of the 1998 season. Andros were not illegal in baseball. Substances such as the “andros,” and creatine, which McGwire also used, come under the astrological auspices of Neptune. This distant planet in McGwire’s chart occupies the same position as Mars in the intensely competitive, passionate, driven-to-the-edge sign of Scorpio. Scorpio’s motto often is, “whatever it takes, and I mean whatever.”

As the andro controversy flared and McGwire became aware that the youth of America starting using the supplements that he did, he quit taking them. Concerned about the possible side effects for kids, he quickly came to bat in a responsible manner on the matter. Hopefully his tenor could be heard. McGwire is quick to point out the responsibility adults hold toward children. Once a fan who was soliciting an autograph for his son told Mark that he was his son’s hero. McGwire replied, “You, sir, should be his hero.”

The influence of the body building supplements alone does not make a hitter. The coordination required to hit a baseball, let alone hit it a tenth of mile, remains infinitely difficult. This talent comes from McGwire himself. The strength of the intensely difficult square configuration (Mars-square-Saturn ranks as a twelve on a scale of one to ten for difficulty) generates the necessary focused power. After all, too much bulk could reduce one’s swing. Then there’s that Mars-to-Neptune thing. Neptune urges listening to the subtle whispers and instincts of life. There’s a little batter sitting on your shoulder coaching the perfect moment to commence the swing of the bat. He values these acute insights about taking the right action (described by Mars) at the correct illusive moment in time (revealed by Neptune). The results reach phenomenal heights (and distances).

Hero on Top of the Heap

In a horoscope containing exceptionally strong dynamic tension such as McGwire’s, it remains natural and inevitable for the person to head to the top of the heap. Mark McGwire twice, and in consecutive seasons, smashed the home run records held for years by Roger Maris (a controversial record) and none other than Babe Ruth. He accomplished these feats with grace, sportsmanship and humility. A hero of mythological proportion stood in the on-deck circle, ready to come to bat in the consciousness of humanity. Neptune offers idyllic images of those worthy of our emulation and idolatry. Mark McGwire became the modern hero.

With 522 career home runs, McGwire stands closer to Hank Aaron’s all-time career home run record of 755. At his current pace, he would reach that milestone in about three and a half seasons. Oddly, everyone talks about Ken Griffey getting there. Little is said of McGwire achieving this feat. Neptune veils and disguises, hiding the obvious in its mist. Well, he is nearing the ancient age of forty. And we don’t know how long the effects of the andros might assist him.

Ask Mark McGwire his impression of the projected home run numbers. He’ll tell you he can only deal with what lies ahead in this next season. And within that, only game-by-game matters. If only we could all adopt his “in the moment” philosophy. Maybe we could shield out distractions and hit the equivalent of home runs in our lives as well. But as McGwire shows us, you have to step to the plate and take big rips.



Philip Sedgwick began his study of astrology in 1969. He is the author of Astrology of Deep Space, Astrology of Transcendence, The Sun at the Center: A Primer of Heliocentric Astrology, The Galactic Ephemeris (a compilation of over 8,300 points in deep space).

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