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Forty years ago, Mary Wilson, Florence Ballard and Diana Ross, three talented and tenacious young black girls from the projects of Detroit, were best friends who shared a dream. Signed by Motown in 1961, the girls were preened, polished, pampered, promoted and made-over. The Supremes became the Queens of Motown. They remain the most successful female group of all time.

At the height of their popularity, Berry Gordy (founder of Motown) began an affair with Diana Ross. Suddenly, another makeover was in the works, as Motown transformed the Supremes into Diana Ross and the Supremes. Ultimately, Mary and Florence were to be left behind as Diana Ross began her solo career. Hearts were broken. The shared dream had unraveled.

A Supreme Misunderstanding

Much has been said about the amount of money Mary Wilson was offered to take part in the proposed reunion. But during a televised interview, she made it clear that money had little to do with her decision, saying, “It’s not even about money. How degrading, how degrading.”

The next evening, it was Diana’s turn. Responding to Mary’s statements, she said, “I doubled their offer so that she could come on the tour. I think if we had offered her the Moon, she would not be happy.”

Well? That might depend on just whose Moon Mary was offered.

It’s About Heart

Mary Wilson was born March 6, 1944, at 10:11 am, in Greenville, Missouri. Her Moon is in Leo, the sign most associated with heart. Always the star, an individual born when the Moon is in Leo requires special attention. They listen and respond to praise, recognition, declarations of love and appreciation. This is a good indication that Mary’s issues surrounding the Supremes (and her life in general) are first about heart—about pride. They are about feeling appreciated and good about who she is and what she does. Still feeling the emotional humiliation of being banished to backup singer as her friend was elevated into the spotlight, Mary’s Leo Moon found it degrading that she was once again being asked to play second fiddle to her one-time equal, Diana Ross.

It’s About Money

Diana Ross was born March 26, 1944, at 11:46 pm, in Detroit, Michigan. Her Moon is in Taurus. Taurus is the materialistic, acquisitive, practical sign of prosperity. And when the Moon is located here, material security is vital to the individual. This person listens and responds to things that are practical and make common sense. For Diana, practical material issues—like money—just naturally come first and hold sway. Her Taurus Moon was offended, hurt and angry that Mary would turn down what seemed to her to be a more than generous amount of money. But Mary’s refusal was not about dollars, it was about the real damage that had been done to her heart over thirty years ago.

Emotional Conflict

The back-to-back interviews on 20/20 revealed Diana and Mary to be women with very different points of view, and no real understanding about what the other needs. Though Diana had watched Mary’s interview and listened to what Mary said, she still didn’t get it. This is often the case when one person’s emotional style is in conflict with the emotional style of another.

In astrological terms, Mary’s and Diana’s Moons are square, or 90 degrees from each other. The Moon symbolizes an individual’s emotional expression, their daily habits, their subconscious motivations and subjective sensibilities. When comparing two horoscopes, if the Moons are found to be in conflicting signs, neither party can feel comfortable in the relationship. Each individual needs an emotional response from the other that the other cannot give. They cannot appreciate nor understand each others’ instinctive reaction to a problem situation. This results in considerable insensitivity to one another and a lack of patience with each others’ moods and feelings. The felt frustration is not rational. It is subjective, and no amount of discussion or objective reasoning can change the situation.

No Right, No Wrong

So while Mary needed to follow her Leo Moon by having a long overdue heart-to-heart with Diana before committing to the tour, Diana needed to follow her Taurus Moon, and deal with practical business concerns before the heart got involved. Each had her own instinctive emotional response to the proposed reunion, responses that only served to make a difficult relationship worse. It now seems unlikely fans will ever experience the hoped-for stroll down memory lane with the legendary Supremes.

Love, even between friends, is inexplicable. But understanding the emotional dialogue between individuals can make us aware of why some relationships are so difficult and others easy. Becoming aware of individual differences, we can allow for them. We can be more tolerant, forgiving and creative in our relationships.



Pat Lantz is a practicing astrologer currently researching the use of astrology as a developmental tool with infants and toddlers. Contact Pat to participate in this study or for information about developmental astrology.

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