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When we take the time to watch wild creatures in our environment, we can sense their power and skill. They enrapture us with their beauty and interconnectedness with their environment. By observing and connecting to animals in nature, we become more attuned to the natural cycles and rhythms of life. By spending enough time studying and learning the ways of these animals, we soon find that we can gain some of their skills, strengths and wisdom for ourselves as well.

Animals and Astrology

To gain some of this wisdom, it is helpful to work with an animal that connects with our astrological chart. If we have a predominance of fire planets, we may want to work with a fiery animal to learn how to better access our own innate energy. We may also want to work with an animal that balances our chart and strengthens an element we are missing. If we have a lot of fire we may want to work with a water creature like whale or otter. In the last article, I wrote about animals and their connection to the fire and air element. In this article I will discuss the relationship of animals to the water and earth element. Below is a partial list of animals and their associated element and planet(s).


Whale: Linked to Neptune. This majestic creature is found throughout the world’s oceans. It is the largest mammal on the Earth and yet holds tremendous grace and beauty in its immense frame. Whales also communicate in a complex series of wails, snorts and whistles that are expressive and bewitching. This powerful being carries a vast reservoir of emotional intelligence. They are empathic, hypersensitive and tap us into the deepest layers of our hearts and souls.

Dolphin: Linked to Mercury and Neptune. These mammals have a great playfulness and joy in their manner. They enjoy chattering away to each other with a language of whistles and clicking sounds. They live in small groups and take care of and tend to each other when in danger. Dolphin is a great totem animal for friendship, communication, playfulness and expressiveness.

Otter: Linked to Neptune and Mercury. These sleek and solitary creatures have a tremendous ability to dive and swim quickly and gracefully along shores of rivers and lakes. They usually live alone and spend endless hours cleaning themselves. Otters do not settle in one place their entire lives, but instead will move around, searching for the best places to find a meal. Otter is a good ally for those who need quickness, agility, grace and fluidity in their lives. Otter also helps us to be more joyful, playful and in the moment.

Salmon: Linked to the Moon, Neptune. This powerful creature has long been a totem to the coastal Native American peoples and is a source of strength and power for many tribes. Salmon live in salt water for much of their lives, then will travel upstream through fresh water to hatch their eggs. The newborn then descend again into the oceans. Salmon help us attune to our own natural cycles and rhythms and remind us to flow with our environment. Salmon is highly nourishing on a physical, emotional and spiritual level, bringing us strength and serenity.


Bear: Linked to Mars and Neptune. These large animals roam in forests and mountains and one can often spot them near a streambed drinking water or waiting to catch a fish. Their slow and lumbering quality is deceptive, for if they need to, they can run at tremendous speeds and hurdle boulders and tree stumps easily. Bears are usually relaxed and will spend hours foraging for berries and good plant life. If threatened or cornered, they can become ferocious and will use their claws and teeth to quickly kill their opponent. Bears are a good ally for those needing strength, confidence and power. They also have a special relationship to dreaming as they spend much of the winter hibernating.

Buffalo: Linked to Saturn. Buffalo once roamed in immense herds across the plains of North America. Hunted almost to extinction, they are slowly growing in number again. These creatures spend much of the day feeding on grass to help nourish their large frames. Buffalo travel with packs for long distances to find suitable feeding grounds. They have long been revered as a source of food, clothing, shelter and tools. Buffalo teach us endurance, strength and the power to remain firm and true under adverse conditions.

Badger: Linked to the Moon and Mars. Badgers make their home in burrows that they dig under the ground. They prefer to stay there in the daytime and come out in the dark to forage and feed. These animals are incredibly skillful at digging and will rapidly make a new hole to live in. They can become aggressive if threatened and will hunt other small animals with their sharp claws and teeth. Badgers are resilient, industrious and fierce when necessary. They are a good ally for protection and courage.

Elk: Linked to Saturn. These strong and sturdy creatures like to travel alone or in packs through forests and mountainous areas. They walk cautiously and precisely but can flee with bounding leaps when endangered. They have a very acute sense of smell and hearing and can pick up on activity from hundreds of yards away. Elk is a strong ally for those needing to feel more grounded and self-confident. Elk are proud and self-contained, sensitive and restrained in their manner.


Animals are a source of strength and power that we can call on in our daily life. Find an animal that best suits your elemental makeup in your astrological chart. To help call on these beings, find a feather, a bone, a tooth or even a picture of them and keep it in a sacred place like on an altar. Include the animal in your prayers and thoughts and take some time to observe them in their natural environment. Slowly, your relationship with the spirit of the animal will grow and in time you will gain some of the wisdom of that being.



Jonathan Keyes, B.S., is an astrologer, herbalist and plant spirit medicine practitioner. His writing has appeared in The Mountain Astrologer and in numerous Llewellyn almanacs. Jon has written a book entitled 'Guide to Natural Health, The Horoscope as a key to Ancient Healing Practices'. Jon is available for readings and can be contacted at Go to Jon's web site at

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