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On Sunday, May 14, 2000, after much heavy-duty, hardball negotiating, the six-member cast of NBC’s huge sitcom hit, Friends, walked away with quite a boost in their salary—from $125,000 per actor for each weekly show, to $750,000. This excellent ensemble of actors will be richer during the next two TV seasons than they’ve ever dreamed possible.

Not only will their hefty raises garner them millions of dollars apiece, but they’ll also benefit handsomely from an even bigger percentage slice of syndication-sales pie than is usually offered, which alone will significantly increase their wealth as time goes on. Such awesome prosperity appears to be due to current activity in their charts regarding the two planets most astrologically associated with attracting the big bucks: Jupiter and Pluto.

Jupiter, symbolizing the promise of a lucrative future, indicates how and where we might one day enjoy material abundance. Pluto represents dramatic, long-term and even life-altering wealth that transforms the way we exert our power and influence in the world. Together, these planets are a dynamic duo when it comes to amassing impressive amounts of money and worldly assets.

Three Lucky Gals

Aquarius Jennifer Aniston had transiting Jupiter, in money-oriented Taurus, making a harmonious trine pattern to her natal Pluto early in June. Her two "big bucks" planets were thus in great shape. For Aquarians, wealth is typically valued for the freedom it provides, not the elevated social status it generates. Jupiter and Pluto are pulling for her in highly rewarding ways. Also, Aniston’s Moon in Sagittarius (Jupiter’s favorite sign of abundance) suggests she’s a natural optimist with a generous heart. Her wealth may one day be used in philanthropic, community-building ways.

Gemini Courteney Cox Arquette was born with a Jupiter-Pluto trine (with her Jupiter in Taurus). This pattern became activated in April, when transiting Jupiter again trined her Pluto (this trine can happen twice in a twelve-year period). Currently, Jupiter—now in her Sun’s sign, Gemini—is adding a rosy outlook to her life perspective. She sees her future as very bright and full of promise—her horizons are expanding more than usual. Yet her several natal planets in earth signs suggest she’ll use her wealth in sensible, practical ways. Overall, Jupiter and Pluto are treating Courteney very well at this time.

Leo Lisa Kudrow was also having transiting Jupiter trine her natal Pluto in April. Kudrow’s chart suggests she’s someone who expects great things to happen to her. Like Jennifer, her Moon may also be in lucky Sagittarius (we can’t tell for certain without an exact birth time), suggesting she’s a positive thinker. Interestingly, her chart also implies that she’s intellectually the cool-headed, determined, business-minded type—despite the loveably ditzy character she plays on Friends. She loves using winning strategies. All in all, Jupiter and Pluto are now making sure that Lisa’s grand expectations are being met.

Three Lucky Guys

Matthew Perry, also a Leo, had transiting Jupiter in Taurus trine his Pluto by the end of May. Jupiter’s opportunities should prove transformational for him (Pluto’s theme). Yet Matthew’s birth Moon-Saturn pattern (with insecure Saturn in Taurus) suggests he may subconsciously reject or work against the good things in life that happen to him. He needs to be more self-nurturing along these lines. There are chart indicators that he might invest some of his wealth in real estate (Saturn in Taurus likes to own property). Matthew, at least currently, has the blessings of Jupiter and Pluto to spend freely but wisely, and without guilt or regrets.

Having one more Leo like Matt LeBlanc on a top-rated sitcom never hurts. Does he, too, have a current Jupiter-Pluto pattern in play? Of course. Transiting Jupiter trined his Pluto by mid-May. Matt thus felt the same Jupiter-Pluto power-surge as his cast-mates. Interestingly, transiting Pluto is also making a trine pattern to Matt’s Jupiter—this more powerful aspect ushers in major lifestyle changes for this lucky Leo. His Virgo-Pisces planets suggest a less conspicuous approach to affluence (although with Jupiter in Leo, he’ll splurge now and then). Jupiter and Pluto are kindly watching out for Matt’s financial welfare and future security.

Transiting Jupiter made a trine to Scorpio David Schwimmer’s Pluto in mid-May—an exhilarating time of personal expansion for him. His chart hints at a strong possibility that he might someday invest his money in large business enterprises. His heavy Scorpio-Virgo emphasis means he shrewdly thinks about his long-range future security and won’t let his wealth burn a hole in his pocket (Matt also shares this conservative quality). He’s savvy, and he knows how to make his hard-earned money last! Jupiter and Pluto, therefore, have high hopes for David’s powerful financial future.

The fact that all six actors were having harmonious and nearly simultaneous Jupiter-Pluto transits—and that they together entered these financial negotiations as an unstoppable, unified force—suggests a collective power at work that allowed them the financial betterment they sought. The results would likely have been less stupendous without their determined and highly-focused group effort.



Bil Tierney has been in professional practice for over 28 years. He is the author of Dynamics of Aspect Analysis (CRCS Publications, read in five languages), Twelve Faces of Saturn, Alive and Well With Neptune, Alive and Well with Uranus and Alive and Well with Pluto (Llewellyn Publications). His upcoming book, All Around The Zodiac: Exploring Astrology's Twelve Signs, will be released by Llewellyn in December 2001.

For more information about Bil Tierney, click here.

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