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Seeking inspiration, and nearing the deadline, she powered up her laptop. The old Windows 95 operating system kicked in, leading her to the desktop, where the colorful Microsoft Word 6.0 icon resided. It was one of many in a virtual garden of icons, both weeds and flowers among them. Pointing, clicking and opening up a new Word file—virgin territory on the cyber screen—she began to wonder about the man behind it all. A man whose influence is so pervasive that he has changed, and for the most part, improved, the way we go about even the most basic, daily tasks. A man who, like it or not, has linked us all together in a shared operating system that has us both more in touch, and more detached, than ever.

Is he really just a criminal, a convicted monopolist and control freak, demonized for breaking the backs of his competition and dictating the future of computing? Or is he more of a Promethean fire-bearer, bringing light to an ungrateful humanity and alienating the gods in the process? Maybe he’s just a man, the kind who puts his pants on one leg at a time, same as you or me—both good and bad, genius and fool.

A Textbook Scorpio

William H. Gates III was born on October 28, 1955, at 10:00 pm PST, in Seattle, Washington. His Sun is in Scorpio, along with his Saturn and Venus. He does tend to be perceived as a “textbook” Scorpio type—driven, intense, poisonously competitive and highly acquisitive. Scorpios have a marked talent for getting their hands on OPM—other people’s money. Their resourcefulness in the realm of shared resources is the backbone of investment banking.

Certainly Gates played the role of “Super-Scorpio” in the 80s and 90s, while the planet Pluto rampaged through his sign. Pluto is considered to be the modern ruler of the sign Scorpio, so it was quite at home from 1983-1995, when its super-powered and compulsive influences spread throughout its home sign, intensifying everything in its path. Those were the “Bill Gates Years,” weren’t they? With transiting Pluto touching off so many important points in his natal chart and aggrandizing his oligarchic Scorpio instincts, Microsoft emerged, consolidated and controlling, to both define and dominate an entire new industry.

Cancer Sensitivity

But there’s more to his chart, and more to the man. The sign Cancer is rising in the east, on the Ascendant. Cancer, like Scorpio, is a water sign, and tends to be more emotional and sensitive. Perhaps sensitivity isn’t the first thing people pick up about Bill Gates, but it’s an important part of his makeup. It can be more difficult for a man to express the flowing, feeling nature of the water signs. Whereas women seem more naturally sympathetic and impressionable, the same type of behavior in a man can be misinterpreted as weakness. Often the water element in a man’s personality creates an uncomfortable sense of vulnerability. He might try to overcompensate for this insecurity with achievement or ambition, anything to build a protective shell around their soft side.

Step back for a moment and consider Gates’ vulnerability. It’s visible. It’s written all over him, and the shell, the castle he has built to protect himself is almost impenetrable. It seems like all we see is the castle these days, overlooking the sensitive and brilliant creature protected within it.

A Very Public Moon

To fully understand Cancer, you must consider its ruler, the Moon, the Queen of the Night. In Gates’ chart, the Moon is important because it rules his Cancer Ascendant. Traditionally, the planet ruling the sign on the Ascendant is considered the chart ruler, and acts as a prime mover within the personality. Gates’ Moon is in Aries, very elevated and visible in his Tenth House.

It’s hard to hide anything in the Tenth House. It measures the same part of the sky that the Sun occupies at midday. It’s overhead, for all to see. It’s the most public house, and is usually associated with career, status or social position. With his fiery Aries Moon in the Tenth House, Gates will always be a public figure. His very presence attracts curiosity and public interest. He also has great leadership instincts. He seems to naturally gravitate to higher positions, but it’s the pioneering, competitive spirit of Aries that drives him to boldly go where no man has gone before, and to take the rest of us with him.

Aries is a real do-it-yourself kind of sign. No precedent is necessary. Aries has absolutely no fear. Whatever darker paths his Scorpio obsessions have led him down, for his pioneering spirit alone, Gates deserves your respect and emulation. Don’t we have enough whiners and stone-throwers already? Here’s a guy who’s not afraid to take a risk and who knows how to get the job done. If he can do it, then we all can do it.

So who do you see when you look at Bill Gates? Does he inspire your admiration or incite your jealousy? Does he make you rankle with contempt or gush with sympathy? Such a very public figure can serve as a type of magic mirror, reflecting back more of ourselves than most of us would care to admit. Gates has already served as a gateway, an opening to a brave new world of personal computers. May he also inspire you to follow your own dreams, and to see how far you can go.




Courtney Roberts, M.A.,is a writer, teacher, and consultant, originally from Miami, FL. Her work reflects a unique perspective: a real passion for the 'big picture' that combines cosmology, religious studies and history with a lifetime of observing the dynamic interaction of spirit and cosmos.

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