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The most successful pitcher this year in baseball (according to number of wins) is Toronto’s David Wells. Driven by one of astrology’s most powerful configurations, Wells excels not just this year, but annually.

Portly Pitcher

David Wells (born May 20, 1963, in Torrance, California) looms large on the mound. With a barrel chest reminiscent of Babe Ruth and a sumo wrestler’s belly, this hurler for the Toronto Blue Jays can add some body-mass momentum to every baseball he throws.

With three birth planets (the taste-oriented Venus, quick-ordering Mercury and the expansive Sun) in the hungry sign of Taurus, we can expect that Wells has a little more than an average appreciation of food. Are the Blue Jays complaining? Nope. They’re letting this early bird get all the worms he wants. David Wells accumulates wins faster than any other pitcher in major league baseball this year.

And it’s not just this year. He’s been perennially good—no, he’s been great throughout his career. Duration in any sport indicates discipline, a strong work ethic and inexhaustible energy. That sounds like David Wells’ horoscope.

T-Square on the Diamond

David Wells possesses a powerful t-square focused on his Mercury-Sun conjunction in Taurus. A t-square is three or more planets making a stressful "T" formation in a chart—two planets in a challenging opposition, or 180 degrees from each other, and the third planet 90 degrees, or in a friction-causing square, from each of the other two. Wells' Mars in Leo opposes Saturn in Aquarius, each of these points squaring the Sun-Mercury alignment. When they see a t-square in a client’s chart, astrologers often raise their eyebrows, pondering what tools or methods to suggest to the client for successfully harnessing this potent formation. Maybe they should ask Wells.

Wells uses the intelligence of Mercury to support his skill (the Sun). He is well aware of what his adversaries bring to the plate. Mercury runs a quick computation on what pitch he should toss. Then, with an “oof,” Wells strides forward, throwing the calculated best pitch. Sometimes it’s his Mercurial knowing that feeds his Sun’s regal confidence on the mound. Looking like he knows what he’s doing makes most players back down. After all, a lot of baseball strategy is a Mercury mind game.

With Mars in Leo, his pride in his performance and craft is enormous. An ego attachment (oh, that would be Leo) to his strong, overpowering energy (Mars) works in his favor. Fire in the belly fumes when Wells pitches. You can almost smell the smoke (you can literally smell it when batters foul off his fastball). And his raw energy does not respond well to being anything but the best—second place is not a Mars in-Leo-option.

Mars opposes Saturn in Aquarius in Wells’ chart. This arm wrestling, confronting angle gives Wells the discipline of Saturn in an unorthodox style (Aquarius) that perfectly suits his drive and metabolism. Few pitchers in baseball can afford the luxury of a body like Wells. But success speaks louder than any rule, so says Saturn in Aquarius. Make no mistake—there are rules—Wells’ rules. He must adhere to his own standards constantly, without ever receiving a break. This doctrine drives him with unrelenting dedication, discipline and the ability to rally for just a bit more every time. In a normal career, he’d be a nasty workaholic, driving himself harder than any boss ever could imagine.

Saturn and Mars form squares to the Sun-Mercury alignment to round out the t-square. These planets pitch clarity and conscientiousness to his craft and impatience to Wells’ nature. He burns with wildfire that fans his motivation for domination and superiority on the mound. This, courtesy of his Herculean t-square, he has achieved.

Timing Is Everything

Baseball is a game not only of inches, but also of timing. On May 17, 1998, the transiting ego-driven, performance-ridden Sun and the thriving, energy-pulsating Mars crossed his Sun-Mercury conjunction. David Wells pitched a perfect game for the New York Yankees on that day. No hits, no walks, no errors. That means Wells hit the top notch in baseball pitching. There is no higher place to go.

When the Sun and Mars conjuncted Wells’ Sun-Mercury combo that day, these transits  pushed his already competitive Mars-to-Saturn opposition into even greater exertion. Everything clicks when the energy of Mars applies with the precision and timing of Saturn.

This season, pressure created by transiting Saturn in Taurus continues to feed Wells’ t-square. Early in the season, transiting Jupiter also became a David Wells team player as it, too, moved through Taurus, lending him its good fortune. In addition, Wells is currently experiencing the undercurrents of Pluto in Sagittarius squaring his Pluto in Virgo. Like Randy Johnson, this is a career year for David Wells. Correction—another career year.

Wells demonstrates to us all that challenging horoscope aspects, such as the feared t-square, when understood and used wisely, provide the momentum, direction and intensity to establish personal greatness.



Philip Sedgwick began his study of astrology in 1969. He is the author of Astrology of Deep Space, Astrology of Transcendence, The Sun at the Center: A Primer of Heliocentric Astrology, The Galactic Ephemeris (a compilation of over 8,300 points in deep space).

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