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An America West Airlines flight from Phoenix to Austin diverted to Tucson recently. An unruly and disruptive passenger caused the captain to land the plane in consideration of flight safety. Oddly, the passenger reportedly was a pilot for America West Airlines who was suffering from long-term stress and personal problems. For some flying is stressful enough, without this added concern. What’s up in the air?

The term air rage” refers to incidents where passengers of planes seem to “go nuts,” interfering with the safe operation of the aircraft or the work of the flight attendants, and disrupting other passengers. What planetary forces contribute to people going crazy in the air, and why are we hearing about it so often now?

Out of Control

First, the planet of the shadow side of the personality and the hidden psyche (often seething beneath the surface), Pluto, is moving through the long-distance travel sign of Sagittarius. The urge to go to foreign, interesting or restful places comes from Sag. Jets get you there, and they get you there fast fulfilling the immediate gratification urge of the fiery Sag energy. And jets offer something else—crowding—something critically un-Sagittarian. Crowding, whether with mice in a cage or people on an aircraft, intensifies ambient tension. Pluto exacerbates this turbulent effect with its uncanny ability to suppress, until the hidden pressure causes spontaneous personality explosions from normally decent folk.

Pluto is linked to control. In an aircraft, the passenger has no control over the outcome of the flight. Typically, a passenger holds little to no awareness of the status of the flight. Blind trust in the guy up front and in the aircraft and its maintenance must prevail. Over the last few years, we’ve learned how much stress and alcoholism there is among flight crews. Economics force airlines to gundeck (cheat) maintenance. Often, they use cheaply fabricated parts that do not meet aviation quality standards to cut costs and increase profit. The collective sense is that our planes, though more sophisticated than ever, could also have more problems than ever.

Let’s not think about it. We’ve got a flight to catch. This is more suppression by Pluto.

Something Else to Drink?

Delays occur more frequently with more people flying, more planes in the air, less effective scheduling and maintenance factored against weirder weather. When this occurs, airlines throw free drinks at passengers. A fact of life is that in higher altitude alcohol affects us faster. The average airplane cabin pressurizes to about 7,000 feet above sea level, making it easier to get drunk in flight than in Denver.

Presently, the planet of alcohol, Neptune, cruises at high altitude in the air sign Aquarius. Collectively speaking, people respond with greater sensitivity to alcohol and drugs during this time. Add the altitude influence and high volume of liquor poured and the hidden frustrations burst out of even the most unsuspecting souls.

Currently, the Sun is at its maximum in its eleven-year solar cycle. More intense radiation enters our atmosphere. The effects of this radiation double roughly every 6,600 feet of altitude gained. Though science and the airline industry report no short-term effects, the wild, electrical energies of the high voltage Uranus in the lightning-like sign of Aquarius suggest otherwise. This powerful influence renders the electro-magnetic system of the body subject to greater surges in the aura. Frantic vibrations induced by Uranus strike the body like a jolt of electrical caffeine. Stress and hypertension abound.

The composite of all these astrological, aeronautical and social factors culminates in this new malady of air rage. What can be done?

A Remedy

Pluto in Sagittarius says keep the flying public informed, especially of difficult situations such as mechanical difficulties or extreme weather. Give them knowledge so that they feel more at peace. Sometimes Neptune just wants to know, not ignore.

Further, Neptune in Aquarius suggests setting an alcohol standard. The airline crews need knowledge and authority to enforce in-flight alcohol consumption. If you can give them legal right to fibulate a heart, you can allow them to regulate passengers’ consumption.

Uranus in Aquarius suggests increasing the air supply on board (Aquarius is an air sign) so passengers might breathe their way back to relaxation. Generally, the flying public receives and alarmingly low oxygen content in flight (that’s why many people so easily fall asleep).

Air rage trends are not going away. The conditions of the aviation industry contribute greatly to the mix. But these patterns suggest we all learn and deal with the necessities of our accelerated and complicated lives, not only in flight, but in life in general.

Please place your tray in the upright position. The next flight segment of life departs momentarily. We are now pre-boarding only the well-behaved.



Philip Sedgwick began his study of astrology in 1969. He is the author of Astrology of Deep Space, Astrology of Transcendence, The Sun at the Center: A Primer of Heliocentric Astrology, The Galactic Ephemeris (a compilation of over 8,300 points in deep space).

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