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(Published August 24, 2000)


Presidential candidate George W. Bush shifted the Republican Party into reverse and moved it to the right when he chose Richard Cheney as a running mate.

The addition of Richard Cheney to the Republican ticket has served to solidify the party’s theme of a return to traditional American values and dramatized the fundamental differences between Republicans and Democrats over guns, abortion, economics, civil rights and the environment. Cheney’s past draws a line that clearly delineates each party’s differing points of view.

Astrology confirms Cheney’s conservative stance and his belief in traditional American values—work hard, love God, country and family and your dreams will all come true—but it also reveals unexpected compassion in his nature.

Back to the Future

Richard Cheney was born January 30, 1941, at 7:30 pm in Lincoln, Nebraska. The Sun was in Aquarius, a sign noted for its attraction to anything new and novel, as well as its commitment to the future of society. Although he may be committed to the future, Cheney’s congressional voting record certainly is not that of an individual interested in promoting innovative social change. So how do you explain Dick Cheney?

It must be remembered that Saturn, the planet of tradition, and Uranus, the planet of rebellion, are both associated with Aquarius. This results in some very different types of Aquarian individuals. Though all are somehow radical, some are revolutionaries, some forward thinking (Uranus ruled), while others simply rebel against change and become conservatives and champions of the status quo (Saturn ruled).

Aquarians are friendly and open-minded, but they are also fixed in their individual opinions. There are plenty of people from Cheney’s days in congress who have nothing but good to say about him. He was considered a team player (Aquarius) and, though a conservative (Saturn), he was always able to work with moderates. However, he never swayed from his hard-line conservative stance, occasionally voting with only a handful of others.

Cheney is Driven by Traditional Values

Childhood friends describe Cheney as all-American, and say he isn’t much different from how he was as a teenager in the 50s. Though small town, western American, mid-twentieth century values seem out of place in our post-modern world, Cheney is steeped in these values and dedicated to their preservation.

Cheney has a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in the value-conscious, preserve-and-conserve sign of Taurus. Because these planets are square his Aquarius Sun, they show a driving force in Cheney’s life. Saturn speaks of his commitment and the responsibility he feels to his long-held values (Taurus), while Jupiter instills in him faith and confidence (Jupiter) in those values.

To understand just what his values are, we look to Venus. Cheney has Venus in Capricorn trine Uranus in Taurus. He is a man who loves and appreciates (Venus) things that are old, solid or proven (Capricorn). His love of tradition blends easily (trine) with his urge to change (Uranus) personal values (Taurus). And for Cheney, this has resulted in an urge to preserve his values by changing those of others.

All of this reveals his ability to work hard and to stay the course, and shows his successful, but slow and steady rise to the top of conservative politics. Combine his tunnel vision (Jupiter in Taurus) with the commitment to preserve his personal values (Saturn in Taurus), then add in the urge to change the values of other people, and you have a man who could bring an inability to let go of the past and a commitment to preserving his own values into the office of the vice president. Alternatively, he could be a man who envisions an American future modeled on some idealized notion of the past.

Compassion with a Kicker: Pisces Moon Square Mars in Sagittarius

Other than his calm, gentle demeanor and a reported talent for quiet persuasion, it is difficult to find sensitivity or compassion in Cheney’s history. Yet, Cheney’s horoscope reveals the most empathetic and sensitive of emotional natures, a Pisces Moon. Of course we cannot know what goes on in his heart of hearts (Pisces Moon) before it is restricted (square) by his drive to act (Mars) based on the rightness of his own values, beliefs, philosophy and moralities (Sagittarius). But certainly there must be moments when he experiences compassion for those members of our society who are unable, through no fault of their own, to attain the often-elusive American dream.

Why Now?

During 1999, Cheney experienced a Jupiter and a Saturn return as they simultaneously reaffirmed their natal square to his Aquarius Sun. This indicates renewed faith in and recommitment to his personal values and a renewed drive (square) to assert his personal authority (Sun). Then, in May, 2000, the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction collided with Cheney’s natal Uranus and trined his Venus. Society (Jupiter-Saturn conjunct in Taurus) now seemed ready to support (trine) his traditional values (Venus in Capricorn), and he felt confident (Jupiter) in his ability to create change (Uranus) and lay the groundwork (Saturn) for the future (Uranus). The cumulative results of these important transits are reflected in Cheney’s acceptance of the Republican vice presidential nomination.

The Contradiction

One can only guess at George Bush’s motivation for selecting a long-time Washington insider, Papa Bush crony and a man with significant ties to corporate America as his running mate. Cheney seems an inappropriate choice for a candidate who has, to this date, managed to sidestep any definitive far right policy statements and continues to sell himself as a compassionate conservative (whatever that implies). Cheney’s congressional voting record speaks for itself—it can’t be explained away—and perhaps George Bush’s selection of Richard Cheney tells us more about his “compassionate conservative” aphorism than his rhetoric ever will.



Pat Lantz is a practicing astrologer currently researching the use of astrology as a developmental tool with infants and toddlers. Contact Pat to participate in this study or for information about developmental astrology.

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