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Once upon a time, Tammy Faye Bakker was queen of the entrepreneurial movement in Pentecostal Christianity. Her extravagance, greed and love of glitz was so naive and pure that she eventually became a lacquered-lashed caricature that epitomized the consumptive excesses of the entrepreneurial evangelical movement during the 80s. Now, the former televangelist, known for crying mascara rings around her eyes, is the star of a forgiving and campy little documentary about her life, The Eyes of Tammy Faye.

As Tammy Faye returns to the spotlight, she is not alone. At her side is America’s best known transvestite and the narrator of Eyes, RuPaul Charles. This flamboyant but unlikely pair met and bonded over make-up tips when Tammy was a guest on RuPaul’s talk show, and their affectionate rapport grew during the making of Eyes.

Pisces Innocence and Scorpio X-ray Vision

Tammy Faye revealed her Pisces innocence when interviewed at the Sundance Film Festival. Looking like a cross between Ethel Merman and an Easter chick, Tammy Faye sat next to RuPaul, who could be described as a Mae West-Shaquille O’Neal hybrid, and naively told reporters, “I’m probably the most normal, down-to-earth human you’ve ever seen.” Considering the circumstances, one wonders if she’s blind or what? During the same interview, RuPaul communicated the depth and insight of his Scorpio x-ray vision by telling reporters, ”What’s so interesting about this pairing is that we are so alike. People like to emphasize our differences, but everybody on this planet is so alike. The truth is there is only one of us here. You’re born naked and the rest is drag.”

Tammy Faye “Eyelash” Bakker Down-to-Earth? Not Likely

Tammy Faye was born on March 7, 1942, at 3:27 am in International Falls, Minnesota. She has a Pisces Sun. The core of her being (Sun) transcends earthly realities (Pisces). A Pisces Sun can inspire, but it can also glamorize, create illusions and deceive itself. Tammy’s transcending Pisces Sun is square both an idealistic Sagittarius Ascendant and the religious Jupiter in Gemini. With Sagittarius on the Ascendant, one normally views life idealistically but honestly. However, when spurred on (square) by an ethereal Pisces Sun, that view can become idealistic to the point of head-in-the-clouds naiveté. If you then add the “let’s talk” sign, Gemini, to Jupiter’s missionary zeal and salesmanship and draw it into the high-flying mix, you have the makings for a woman who gets high on religion and is very good at selling her drug of choice to others.

Though Tammy’s life and horoscope clearly represent the fine line separating the dream from the delusion and the visionary from the con artist, underlying her ethereal naiveté is a Scorpio Moon. Tammy’s heartfelt need (Moon) is to stroll through shadows of darkness and fear no evil (Scorpio). It is this Scorpio Moon that stimulates the affectionate rapport with RuPaul, who also has the Moon in Scorpio, along with three other planets.

“You’re Born Naked and the Rest is Drag”

RuPaul was born on November 17, 1960, at 6:52 pm in San Diego, California. He has a Scorpio Sun. Scorpio is about metamorphosis, but it sometimes achieves change by causing controversy and relationship conflicts. RuPaul’s transforming Scorpio Sun is driven (square) by a genius for an originality of self-expression (Uranus in Leo). His Moon is also in Scorpio, revealing a sinister fascination with emotional confrontation. In addition, he has a Neptune in Scorpio’s powerful illusory magic and a Mercury in Scorpio’s ability to penetrate and probe all sensory perceptions. When you combine all this with an androgynous and inquisitive Gemini Ascendant, its not surprising that RuPaul would shadow himself in the costumes and make-up of a glamorous chanteuse while viewing others in detail and with penetrating depth (Scorpio), concluding that all the accouterments of life are merely costumes and life itself is a masquerade.

Come into My Emotions, Said the Spider to the Spider

The Moon in the horoscope of an individual represents that person’s habit patterns, reactions and what is needed to feel secure. When the Moon in one horoscope is conjunct the Moon in another, there is an affinity and rapport that creates an affectionate bond. The couple will feel their hearts beat as one. However, this becomes a little twisted when the Moons are in Scorpio. This Moon needs intense confrontations and will do what it must to involve others in its complex web of emotions. Imagine two spiders attempting to lure one another, and you have pictured the basis of this unorthodox relationship.

Life’s Unexpected Encounters

When such a peculiar pairing comes about, you can bet Uranus, the planet of unorthodox relationships, is hard at work in the lives of the couple. As Uranus, the awakener, moved through Aquarius, it formed aspects to planets in both horoscopes. Last year it squared both Scorpio Moons. The time had come for both to understand the depth of their emotions, and what better way to stir up Scorpio’s deep feelings than by intense exchanges with someone who gives as good as she gets and won’t be frightened off?

During the Sundance Film Festival, where The Eyes of Tammy Faye was an unexpected sensation, this dynamic duo enticed both audiences and reporters into their charismatic web, revealing that perhaps the only thing more alluring, mesmerizing or compelling than one Scorpio Moon is two Scorpio Moons acting as one.



Pat Lantz is a practicing astrologer currently researching the use of astrology as a developmental tool with infants and toddlers. Contact Pat to participate in this study or for information about developmental astrology.

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