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(Published October 19, 2000)


Presidential candidate George W. Bush has chosen Richard Cheney as his running mate for the coming November presidential election. Bush's Sun is in Cancer and Cheney's is in Aquarius, and though these signs aren't famous for compatibility, Bush's planets in the air sign Libra and Cheney's Moon in empathetic Pisces tell a different story— one of an enduring, comfortable partnership.

Another Look at George W.

George W. Bush was born with a Cancer Sun placed in the Twelfth House of his natal chart. The motivations and true nature of Twelfth House Sun people are often hidden from the casual observer, and this seems to be the case with Bush. Cancer is a cardinal sign, always seeking to initiate and lead, and yet unlike other cardinal signs, such as forthright Aries or ambitious Capricorn, the Cancer approach is often indirect and less obvious, though certainly no less effective.

In astrology, the square aspect indicates conflict, and this aspect by Neptune (confusion, illusion) in the Third House to Bush’s Sun further reinforces the possibility of being misunderstood by those around him. It is not surprising that people underestimate this formidable Texan. He is thought by many to be less a political candidate than a second chance at the presidency for his father, and the similarities are certainly striking between the two men. It is easy to dismiss the younger George as a carbon copy of his dad, and yet his chart suggests a much more dynamic, independent and creative drive at work.

Bush's Sun reveals a fundamental, psychological urge to control, nurture and preserve (Cancer) institutions (Twelfth House), both literally and figuratively. Deep waters of family and tribe run through George W., and his conservative stance in politics springs from this well of strong emotional attachment to tradition, history and familial ties. Saturn, also positioned in the Twelfth House, adds a serious sense of responsibility toward maintaining those attachments with history and his elders, and a partner like Cheney, with his greater age, experience and wisdom appeals tremendously to Bush on that level.

The square of Neptune in Libra to the Sun from the Third House suggests that George W. may not be consciously aware of the underlying psychological bedrock of his conservatism; and yet the presence of the whole Libra stellium, squaring both Sun and Saturn and placed in the house representing the conscious mind, suggests that he has been challenged in this arena and has had to temper(Libra) those emotional, conservative defenses (Cancer). This has resulted in a moderate approach that is removed from the radical right and more in tune with our society as it is today.

Mutual Understanding

Most astrologers agree that a positive relationship between the Moon of one person and the Sun of another is one of the best indications of true harmony in a relationship. Bush and Cheney each have the Sun trine the other's Moon, so this effect is doubled in their case. Even if others don't always understand what motivates the real George W. Bush, Cheney, with his sensitive, intuitive Pisces Moon, certainly does; and of course, Bush’s airy, Libra Moon is quite at home with the Aquarian Cheney. Dick Cheney is a natural choice for a running mate by George Bush, and makes the presidential hopeful’s intuitive (Moon) grasp of good relationship mechanics (Libra) obvious.

As a Libra Moon, Bush seeks to surround himself with balance, beauty, justice and harmonious relationships. In fact, good relationships are central to his emotional happiness, and not only does he crave these, but he is very intuitive when it comes to forming them. Jupiter, also in Libra, expands Bush's tendency to seek harmony, moving those desires out of the strictly personal realm into a more social consciousness. By Jupiter’s trine aspect to Uranus in the Eleventh House, this extends to large groups of people and "the common man" (Eleventh House), giving Bush a much broader perspective and focus than simple personal gain, and creating an emphasis on society that the Aquarian Cheney can fully relate to.

Cheny, as an Aquarian Sun, thrives on numerous relationships with people, and is certainly no slouch at "winning friends and influencing people," either, and so the two men have a similar style and direction. An intuitive understanding (Moon) of his own unique ability to reform (Uranus) society (Eleventh House) is suggested in George W.'s chart, and is reflected in his obvious confidence in his own ability to lead the U.S. as its president (Leo Ascendant). What is often mistaken by his opponents for the arrogance of privilege is possibly nothing more than an innate understanding of his own powerful leadership skills, something Cheney clearly respects.

A Well-Rounded Pair

The former secretary of defense was a good choice for Bush not just because he is well-liked and respected, bringing a high political “curb appeal” with him, but because his long political career seems to fill in the gaps of military and hands-on Washington experience the younger Bush lacks. In addition to the Sun-Moon connnections between the two charts, there are other ties between the two men. With even a casual glance at the two chart wheels we can see that Cheney’s planets “fill in” the blank spots on Bush’s chart, promising a well-rounded, mutually stimulating relationship. Certainly the opposition of Cheney’s Sun to Bush’s First House Leo planets allows Cheney to lend his wisdom and experience to the partnership by providing a counterpoint, something quite welcome and familiar to Bush.

Far from being a simple puppet for his father or his party, it appears that George W. Bush has his own powerful reasons for seeking the presidency; and while his philosophies may have been learned at the knee of George Bush, Sr., the prominent Leo First House of George W. reveals a strong and independent character unlikely to be satisfied in the shadow of his famous father or anyone else, and that includes Dick Cheney.

No relationship is without some tension, and the tight square from Cheney's Saturn-Jupiter conjunction in Taurus to Bush's Mercury-Pluto conjunction in Leo suggests that Cheney's very fixed (Taurus), traditional (Saturn) philosophy (Jupiter) will no doubt clash with Bush's creative, personal, more dynamic approach (Leo) and his consuming desire (Pluto) to communicate these ideas. But all things considered, should the two end up in the White House after the coming election, we can be sure that theirs will be a long-lasting and productive alliance.

George W. Bush: Not a Greek God, an American Icon

Richard Cheney: A Saturn-Ruled Aquarian



Sharyn Smith is a freelance writer and life-long student of astrology. She is a former newspaper staff reporter and columnist and now publishes her independent articles and editorials on the Internet.

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