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Saturn has long been associated with characteristics of endurance, patience, stability and melancholy. But it has also been related to physical characteristics and health concerns as well. By studying this planet and its attributes, we can gain an understanding of our own health and what therapies we can use to best strengthen our system.†

In the Middle Ages, the outer planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto had not yet been discovered, and Saturn was seen as the planet farthest from the Earth. Because of this, Saturn was feared as the great malefic, the darkest planet in the sky and one that could bring pain and restriction to your life. Today, we have a different view of Saturn, although some of the remnants of the stories surrounding this planet remain.

It is still viewed as a powerful and often limiting planet that can have the effect of constricting our energies. But it is also seen as a planet that helps focus and concentrate our energies, that helps us to be steadfast and persevering in our goals. As Jupiter helps us to expand and spread our wings, Saturn helps us to find our footing, form our foundations and set our boundaries. Both are essential to finding our path and having good health.

Skin, Teeth and Bones

In medical astrology, Saturn is linked to our skin, teeth and bones. These parts of our body form the foundation of our health. The skin is our basic protective mechanism and boundary against the outside world. The skin protects us from infection and sickness. When the skin is healthy, it has a lustrous glow akin to a plant that has just been watered. Our teeth are the fundamental mechanism for breaking down food into particles we can assimilate. When the teeth donít function, we canít eat properly, which affects our digestion and ultimately harms our entire system. Our skeletal framework is the foundation of our bodyís healthy functioning. This is easy to see for anyone who has ever had their back go out. Without a strong back and healthy bones, our inner fortitude weakens and we become sapped of strength.

Saturn Transits: Coming Down to Earth

When Saturn makes a transit to a strong point in your chart, there may be a time of limitation and consolidation. An area of your body could feel Saturnís heavy influence. Perhaps there will be backache, a skin rash or a feeling of melancholy. Though we often view these experiences negatively, it could actually be a profoundly transformative time. When we are asked to slow down through illness, we are forced to take stock of our lives and how we are living. If we have been denying tension and moving forward too quickly and hastily, this may be a perfect opportunity to cultivate patience and mindfulness. A well-cooked meal that takes a while to prepare and eat, taking the time to fix something around the house, mending clothes and doing slow, deep yoga and meditation are all ways to come into the body and come down to Earth. Saturn might be seen as a devil to some, but it is actually one of our greatest allies along the way.

An Old Devil Can Be a New Friend

To strengthen our Saturnian energies and work with difficult transits, we need to pay attention to our foundations. Saturn teaches us that all our actions are important, and when we take the time to slow down and pace ourselves, we can make wise and prudent decisions. Saturn asks us to build the foundations in our lives so we become more stable and centered.

Instead of running on all cylinders and doing everything at once, it may be smarter to simplify life and cut out anything extraneous. Saturn can teach us to delegate, slow down and contemplate our decisions more. We also need to take precautions and take preventative measures to protect our health. Regular aerobic exercise will help clear out toxins and breathe fresh life into our skin. Exercise also helps strengthen our bones as we get older and they become more brittle and fragile. Yoga is a wonderful way to purify the body and build up our muscles, which in turn protect the health of our skeletal structure. Outdoor activities, including gardening and walking, also provide excellent benefits for Saturnian problems. The sunshine helps lift melancholy and the fresh air helps cleanse our skin. The slow pace of activity also helps regulate our health so that we become more calm and centered.

Conclusion: The Tortoise Wins the Race

When working with Saturn, it is helpful to view this planet as an old, wise teacher. Some of the things he says may seem restrictive and require too much discipline. But in actuality, this venerable master is really trying to teach us to enjoy our lives over the long haul, not just in brief bursts of excitement and joy. When we pace ourselves and take time to create steady foundations, we build a strong constitution that is capable of bringing us good health over our entire life.


Jonathan Keyes, B.S., is an astrologer, herbalist and plant spirit medicine practitioner. His writing has appeared in The Mountain Astrologer and in numerous Llewellyn almanacs. Jon has written a book entitled 'Guide to Natural Health, The Horoscope as a key to Ancient Healing Practices'. Jon is available for readings and can be contacted at Go to Jon's web site at

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