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U.S. Presidential Election 2000

Gore and Bush: Does It Really Matter?
by Madalyn Hillis-Dineen
For many voters, Gore and Bush are interchangable. What do their horoscopes tell us about their similarities and differences and how they relate to each other?
The Vice President: More Important Than You Think
by Mary Ursettie
How important is the office of vice president? It could be crucial, since this year brings the return of the twenty-year Jupiter-Saturn cycle that coincides with U.S. presidents not finishing their final term in office.
Al Gore: The Fortunate Son
by Madalyn Hillis Dineen
Al Gore has spent his whole life preparing to be president, but, with Neptune opposed his Sun, what do we really know about this "fortunate son?"
George W. Bush: Not a Greek God, an American Icon
by Erin Sullivan
Is George W. Bush merely the shadow of his father, or can he forge a separate identity and win the presidential election?
Joseph Lieberman
by Courtney Roberts Conrad
The spotlight is on Senator Joseph Lieberman, Al Gore's newly-announced running mate. Is this spiritual Pisces ready for the White House?
Richard Cheney
by Pat Lantz
Astrology confirms vice-presidential nominee Richard Cheney’s conservative stance and his belief in traditional American values, yet it also reveals the compassion in his nature.
Al Gore: A Wooden Aries
by David Railey
Aries Al isn't a typical Ram. His Moon and Mercury show us another side of his personality.
Bush and Cheney: A Promising Partnership
by Sharyn Smith
George W. Bush has chosen Dick Cheney as his running-mate in the presidential election. Astrology sheds light on how these two may work together if they win.
Ralph Nader: Green for the Red, White and Blue
by Philip Sedgwick
Will one of the alternate party candidates get your vote? Yes, there are alternatives to the big two. In fact, Ralph Nader turns the other guys green with his difficult questions.
The Sun-Uranus Reactionary
by Glenn Perry
Political reactionaries Pat Buchanan, Joerg Haider and Slobadan Milosevic have strong ties between the Sun and rebellious Uranus in their birthcharts.

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