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The astrological Moon is often representative of our mother, but far beyond that, the Moon symbolizes our most basic survival needs. It is our instinctive response to situations and represents those feelings, moods and internal physical rhythms that nature designed for our protection. It is our gut reaction to what our five physical senses perceive, and acts as a sixth sense. The sign of the Moon defines the type of environment and emotional response we subconsciously know will provide security and protection. Having no other way to express or protect themselves, infants resonate emphatically to the sign of their Moon as a source of comfort and safety. Thus, the Moon is, without a doubt, the most important planet in an infantís chart, and describes the type of emotional response that is needed from mom to feel comfortable, safe, secure and loved.

Guardian of Emotions

Ideally, during the first weeks of an infantís life, as appropriate kinds and number of sensations are exchanged between infant and mom, the infant feels safe and secure enough to allow its innate emotional nature to emerge from the unconscious. (Mom, as used here, refers to any consistent primary caregiver.)

Long before baby has words to describe its reactions, can think consciously or act independently, subtle emotional exchanges between mother and infant provide protection by weaving meaning into the infantís innumerable perceptions. However, without conscious thought, the ability to speak or the physical capacity to act upon emotions, infants rightly expect mom to become the Moon, guardian of emotions and provider of comfort, safety and protection. In her ability to echo, mimic and respond appropriately to her babyís unique emotional nature, mom is saying, ďI see who you are, validate you and will protect you.Ē

However, infants have different ways of reacting to the same situation. Each has a way of relating to the world that feels safe, easy, comfortable and right for them. The problem for mom is knowing and understanding just where her newbornís emotional sensibilities lie. Even the most attentive and caring mother can have difficulty because of her own innate temperament, expectations and preconceived notions. But, a simple understanding of an infantís astrological Moon can help mom connect to her baby by tailoring early experiences to fit the infantís unique emotional nature and create an environment that tells baby all is right in its world.

To find the sign of your infantís Moon just register and enter your childís birth data. You'll find the position of the Moon and all of the birth planets under View Current PlanetForecasts. Then click here to discover your infantís innate emotional nature and the most nurturing type of environment for the child.

Emotions Trump Thought

In recent years, various avenues of scientific research have proved emotions, not thought, to be the common thread interwoven throughout the complex tapestry of the personality. Commenting on this finding in his book The Growth of the Mind and the Endangered Origins of Intelligence, Stanley Greenspan, M.D. writes, ďEmotions shape not only human intelligence but also an individualís psychological defenses and coping strategies, indeed the entire structure of the personality.Ē

Infancy and toddlerhood are now seen as the time when the core of an individualís ability to think, feel and relate to others is being formed, and when important protective factors such as intelligence, trust and empathy can be lost. Possibly the most important information to come out of this research is just how important the infantís first experiences are to the individualís entire life.

Nature Meets Nurture

Astrology has always placed important emphasis on an individualís Moon, and thus emotions and mom. Now, as a direct result of their scientific research on emotions, developmental experts are also encouraging parents to see their infants for the special individuals they are from birth, and deliberately introduce the world in such a way that maximizes pleasure and minimizes frustrations. Yet, these same experts can only recommend this be accomplished through trial and error accompanied by persistent and diligent observation.

An infantís horoscope is available the moment of birth. Using the infant Moon as a guide, parents can begin at birth to create an emotionally rich and appropriate relationship with their infant, setting the stage for the baby to become the self-assured child, who will become the adult who enjoys a happy, fulfilled and independent life.


Stanley Greenspan, M.D. is a clinical professor of pediatrics and psychiatry at George Washington University School of Medicine and the author of numerous books, including Building Healthy Minds and The Child With Special Needs.



Pat Lantz is a practicing astrologer currently researching the use of astrology as a developmental tool with infants and toddlers. Contact Pat to participate in this study or for information about developmental astrology.

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