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Helen Huntís Star Keeps Rising

Timing is everything in Hollywood, and if anyone has made all the right moves with her career at all the right times, it's actress Helen Hunt. She won Emmys for her role as Jamie, one half of the endearing married duo on Mad About You, where she played opposite series creator Paul Reiser.

She next made the leap into leading lady in the movies and won a Best Actress Oscar for her role as a working-class waitress in 1997ís As Good as It Gets opposite film icon Jack Nicholson. And if you look in the papers, you'll find her name on the credits for a bunch of current (or soon-to-be-released) major movies, all of them opposite mega-box office stars. There's Pay It Forward with Kevin Spacey, Dr. T and the Women with Richard Gere, What Women Want with Mel Gibson and Castaway with Tom Hanks.

What's Her Secret?

Hunt's Sun (who she is in the world) and Mercury (planet of communication) are in the charming and bright sign of Gemini. Julia Roberts may have that super smile, but Hunt emanates a braininess and lighthearted wit that has less to do with her wholesome good looks, and more to do with that shy spark of intelligence in her eyes.

In addition, Hunt has benefited from some terrific planetary aspects recently. In early 1999, lucky Jupiter went into Aries, Hunt's Moon sign (Editorís Note: Huntís Moon is in Aries unless she was born between 12:00 am and 2:00 am, in which case her Moon is in Pisces). During this time, she began to gear up for a transit known as the "Jupiter return," which occurs approximately every twelve years and brings a wealth of opportunity and expansion. Hunt's Jupiter return hit exactly in April 1999 as her fame expanded and she was offered more and more prime film offers. During 1999, she played Jamie for a final season on Mad About You, and when the show went off the air in 2000, Hunt took home another Best Actress Emmy for her work.

Hank and Helen

Although Hunt's career has been heading through the roof, her marriage to fellow actor Hank Azaria seems to have stalled. The two separated recently, and Hunt is rumored to be dating Pay It Forward co-star Kevin Spacey.

Azaria has had quite a year or two himself. He went from a voice on the hit cartoon television show The Simpsons to several charming roles in feature films, including Mystery Men and Cradle Will Rock. Azaria's Jupiter return occurred in March 2000 right around the time that he won a Golden Globe for his touching work on the television film Tuesdays With Morrie, based on the best-selling memoir.

In analyzing Azaria's astrological relationship with Helen Hunt, a few things stand out. On the upside, Taurus Azaria's ruling planet Venus, planet of love, is conjunct Hunt's Sun which suggests that he truly loves her and sees her for who she is.

In addition, Hunt's Mars (passion) is exactly conjunct Azaria's Uranus, both in Virgo. Uranus is a very unconventional, progressive planet, and one that is also associated with abrupt changes. It would seem that Hunt may have been passionately drawn to Azaria because their relationship was unique and fascinating, and different from any other she's experienced (the two had an unusually long courtship), thus the desire to commit to him.

There is a part of Hunt, however, that probably wasn't as romantically thrilled with Azaria once he became her husband (a conventional role) as she was with him as a lover (Uranus likes freedom). This is because Azaria's Saturn (planet of maturity, often archetypally associated with the role of the father) exactly squares Hunt's Venus and also squares her Mercury. A square is a challenging aspect that forces both parties to grow and compromise. Putting it all together, it looks as if Hunt may have felt too oppressed by Azaria once the knot was tied.

Whatís Next for These Stars?

Believe it or not, Hunt's success still hasn't peaked! In June 2001, lucky Jupiter will cross over her Sun, which suggests that she may win yet another Oscar-worthy film role, or perhaps take on a more powerful role as director or producer.

Jupiter will also touch Hank Azaria again. In June 2001, the generous planet will cross over his Venus, which could be good for his artistic projects, and almost definitely will be good for his love life. If he and Hunt don't patch it up (againóthey are better as lovers than spouses), he's likely to find new love, possibly with another strong Gemini type, since that's where his Venus is.

In the meantime, sexy and impulsive Mars passes over both of their Neptunes (planet of illusion) in January 2001. A secret get together could make sparks fly for H&H again. But since Neptune is such a hazy and confusing planet, it's anyone's guess whether they'll rekindle their romance for real. Whether they get back together or just remain good friends, the two will most likely share a soulful realization that their love runs deep. The jury's still out on this one.



Jill Dearman is the author of the gay best sellers Queer Astrology For Men and Queer Astrology For Women (St. Martins Griffin/1999). She has been professionally practicing astrology for twelve years and currently writes horoscopes for the national magazines Twist and Girlfriends as well as numerous papers syndicated via Q Syndicate. She has written about subjects from astrology to literature to film and theater in Mademoiselle, Publishers Weekly and HX. An excerpt from her upcoming novel, The Great Bravura, was featured in Best Lesbian Erotica 2000(Cleis Press). She also writes and produces films. The Village Voice called Dearman a "risk surfing playwright" whose work "shocks and rocks." She is a 1999/2000 artist in residence at HERE in New York City.

Jill is also the author of LoveCycles, an email-delivered guide to love and relationships based on individual birth data, available in the Shop@StarIQ.

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