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After an exciting eight years on the national stage, America’s favorite political soap opera is entering its final episode. President Bill Clinton, the handsome and charismatic alpha male of the ensemble, will be shifting gears and easing into a new lifestyle. With all his faults, America loves him still, but what lies ahead for this complex man, at once so bold and brilliant, and yet so tragically flawed?

Exit the King

Astrology Horoscope: Bill ClintonBill Clinton is a Leo, born Aug. 19, 1946, at 8:51 am CST in Hope, Arkansas, and he could serve as a textbook example of the legendary king of beasts. A brilliant politician with more natural leadership ability than the law allows, he radiates an optimism and polished enthusiasm that is just plain difficult to resist. A self-made man who started life with less than nothing, like the Sun, he draws others into orbit around his power center. Even the most cynical Republicans would have to admit that he genuinely cares for those he is sworn to protect, and the country has certainly prospered under his paternal guidance.

Leos like to do everything in a big way, and even their personal failings seem outsized in proportion. Clinton’s need for dramatic love affairs has proven to be his undoing, time and time again. Bill has more than done his part to cement Leo’s reputation as the sign of love and romance, but will he ever really change?

Rough Waters Ahead?

Clinton will be facing some challenging astrological aspects as he leaves office to begin his new life. Transiting Uranus, currently moving through Aquarius, will be badgering Clinton’s natal Leo and Taurus planets. Radical Uranus will rock the boat, and its effects can range from unsettling to shockingly explosive, even on its good days. With his recent bout with skin cancer, Clinton may be feeling the Uranus tremors already.

Transiting Uranus is currently forming a square, or 90 degree aspect to Bill Clinton’s Moon in Taurus. The square can be a difficult aspect, pitting these two powerful planetary forces against each other. The Moon often describes women in a man’s chart, revealing how he feels about his home and family. The Moon also tells us a lot about a person’s unconscious routines, and our instinctive, emotional reactions, much of which we pick up from our mothers.

Obviously, during this time period, Clinton’s family and daily routines will be undergoing a complete shake-up. He will be moving into new digs after eight years in the same old house, and while his influence is on the wane, his wife is emerging in her own right, more powerful than ever.

Hillary may have a few surprises in store for Bill. She could have a tighter grasp on their finances than he does. Furthermore, in her upcoming book, she is expected to finally break her silence and address his past infidelities. Hillary may be signing her own declaration of independence, and as Chelsea heads back to college, Bill’s family seems to be splitting apart. This could be a difficult year for an already difficult marriage, with cracks extending deep into the bedrock of the Clinton home. Advantage: Hillary.

New Freedoms

The upside for Bill is a new sense of emotional freedom and a chance to break out of restrictive patterns. After eight years on a presidential leash, he can feel free to experiment and be himself without having to worry about how it will affect his approval ratings.

This new feeling of freedom is also indicated by the planetary activity in his natal Fifth House. The Fifth House rules fun, pleasurable activities, such as hobbies, entertainment, gambling, children and especially love. The Fifth House is where we get to express ourselves doing what we want to do. Transiting Uranus is already moving through Clinton’s Fifth House, and transiting Neptune in Aquarius is just about to enter it.

The presidency is exhausting, and right now, this is probably one tired, good ole boy. He wants to kick back and have some fun. Heaven knows he’s earned it. Besides, a man like Bill Clinton can accomplish more for the common good on a golf course or a fishing trip than the next 50 politicians put together. Clinton’s ambition is eternal, but we’ll be seeing more of the golf shirt and baseball cap than the coat-and-tie. He’ll be peddling his influence with the big boys, but he is going to have a lot more fun and freedom in doing it.

What’s Next for Clinton?

He has some far-sighted, creative projects in mind, including publishing his side of the story. His undeniable star power could lead him to draw on his influence within the entertainment industry for help in establishing his agenda. His new, laid-back leadership style should be a big success as he carves out his own unique place in the political landscape.

His personal life may be more muddled. Neptune, the planet of dreams and delusions, will be entering his Fifth House, which is associated with, among other things, love affairs. Clinton was born with a prominent Mars-Neptune conjunction on his Libra Ascendant (the “front door” of his chart), and he tends to delude himself about his affairs. His own self-delusion, under scrutiny, quickly turns to deceit.

This Neptune transit will tightly aspect his natal Mars-Neptune conjunction, representing an opportunity to spiritualize these issues, perhaps using religious counseling to come to a higher awareness of his real desires. But will he do it? It could also be too easy for unworthy underlings to sneak into his intimate life. 

So it looks like more of the same for Bill Clinton—glorious success in his ambitions, but continued confusion at home and in his relationships. He’s leaving the White House at exactly the right time, as the economy that buoyed his administration heads into a downturn. There are bound to be days in the new conservative Bush era when we will fondly recall how much more fun it was having a Leo in the White House!


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