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Not Your Typical Aries

Vice President Al Gore, born March 31, is hardly the stereotypical, type-A, aggressive Aries. The Fire signs, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, are all noted for extroversion. Blunt Aries is considered a very uncomplicated, “me first,” action-oriented sign. It’s known to be impulsive and direct—an "act now, think later" personality.

So, what happened to Gore? For starters, a person’s astrological identity is more than just his or her Sun sign. Astrologers use the birth positions of the Moon and planets as well as other factors in a detailed personal analysis.

The Moon Is the Most Human Thing About Us

When Al Gore took his first breath on March 31, 1948 at 12:53 pm in Washington, D.C., the Moon was in the sign of Capricorn. Aries plunges in, but Capricorn waits until a plan is in place. Of all the astrological signs, it is the one most concerned with consequences.

On the positive side, such caution may be linked to an instinctive sense of duty, a trait responsible leadership requires. However, a Capricorn Moon can indicate chronic inhibition rooted in fear of failure. The least emotive of signs, Capricorn resists the natural fluctuation of moods astrology associates with the Moon.

A Capricorn Moon Can Restrict an Aries Sun

The Earth signs, Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo, all share a rather dry and generally undemonstrative nature. Gore’s much ridiculed wooden demeanor can in part be explained by his stilted earth Moon sign. Even his attempts to express himself more aggressively by raising his voice and gesturing emphatically often appear unconvincing and forced. The conflicting urges of Aries’ “Just do it!” and Capricorn’s “Are you sure you’re ready?” also contribute to Gore’s awkwardness.

The restraint of a Capricorn Moon could hold in check the impetuousness of Aries. A president with some built in restraint would be a welcome change. Unfortunately, the start-stop pattern of Aries and Capricorn is not likely to engender confidence in voters. Gore’s campaign already has restarted itself and relocated its headquarters to Tennessee.

Mercury Sheds Light on How Gore Thinks and Communicates

Al Gore was born with Mercury, the planet of thinking, in Pisces, a water sign capable of both inspiration and confusion. Like the other two water signs, Cancer  and Scorpio, Pisces “feels” the experience of life, but on a far more complex level of receptiveness. The cognitive function of Mercury is challenged to translate a wider range of information in Pisces. Experience tends to be received and stored indiscriminately. Both muddled thinking and erroneous communication can result.

Gore’s embarrassing claim to be the “inventor of the Internet” and his comments that he and wife Tipper were the couple Love Story was modeled after, shows what can go awry. Gore has tried to explain these gaffs as due to fatigue, but having Mercury in Pisces may require having to say you’re sorry, again and again.

The Inspirational Side of Mercury in Pisces

Gore’s 1992 environmental testament Earth in the Balance is an example of the visionary capacity of a Pisces Mercury. His sensitive treatment of a very complex subject shows what an inspired Mercury in Pisces can do. “Spirit” is the word embedded in “inspiration,” and likewise found in Gore’s subtitle “Ecology and the Human Spirit.”

The much touted mystical attributes of Pisces are evident in Gore’s writing, especially his closing comments about our environmental future when he says, “the place to start is with faith,” and further on, “I believe that faith is the primary force that enables us to choose meaning and direction and then hold to it despite all the buffeting chaos in life."

The birth position of Mercury also shows one’s style of communication. In interviews and smaller, more intimate gatherings, Gore’s voice tends to have a reassuring empathetic quality. Reflective and thoughtful when at ease, he conveys a sense of genuine caring and compassion. But, when rushed, Gore can become flustered. He seems less comfortable addressing large audiences and compensates by raising the volume of his voice. Rather than trying to project his voice, he would probably do better by drawing others in with a lower, more natural tone.

Pisces and Capricorn Tend to Dampen the Fire of Gore’s Aries Sun

Both Gore’s Mercury in Pisces and his Capricorn Moon show how lunar and planetary placements can significantly modify the expression of the Sun. In the negative sense, Gore’s Capricorn awkwardness and his Pisces lack of clarity dilute the blunt, straightforward urges of Aries.

In his heart of hearts (Sun in Aries), Gore would probably like to be more aggressive and direct, but would that ring true for him? His Pisces Mercury adds empathy and imagination, while his Capricorn Moon brings restraint, both very un-Aries traits. Yet, a balanced combination of Aries’ pioneering edge, Capricorn’s sense of duty and Pisces’ compassion suggests a range of power, commitment and caring that could serve the nation well.


David R. Railey has been a professional astrologer for over 20 years. His new book on the Moon's Nodes, The Soul Purpose, will be published next spring by ACS Publications.

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