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(Published January 20, 2001)


Well, it's official. George W. Bush has been handed the keys to The Big Car for the next four years, an assignment he officially begins on January 20. And regardless of your political opinion, you've got to admit—this is one man who has his work cut out for him.

First of all, the election, with its accompanying legal extravaganza, left a rather bitter taste in the mouths of many—the only sure outcome of this election from the very beginning. But in addition to facing the formidable challenge of reuniting a philosophically divided country, there's one part of this job description that even a party incumbent wouldn't relish: following in Bill Clinton's footsteps. Bush’s astrological chart looks more than a bit challenging, both with respect to its core patterns as well as the upcoming patterns of the next four years.

Filling Some Big Shoes

Astrology Horoscope: George W. BushFor starters, Bush was born with several planets in the same sign and degree as the United States. That means we expect the man to exemplify us, something we never expected from Bill. Bush reflects the more isolated and down-home side of the American character. Yet, there was no reason to worry about Clinton’s performance with world leaders and other VIP foreign officials—we knew he'd charm them the way he charmed us. Bush, however, like Al Gore, doesn't have that wonderful way of setting others at ease while making them feel important.

Now, George W. Bush does have three planets in Leo, the sign of the performer, in the First House, the astrological equivalent of the front door of a home. So there's definitely a charm that exudes from the man. Like Bill Clinton, Bush also has several planets in Libra, the most compromising, socially skilled and peace loving sign in the heavens. His Libra Neptune, Moon and Jupiter are in the Third House of communication. Basically, the combination of Leo and Libra makes it easier for both men to mingle anywhere, anytime, on any level. It bestows the owner with an ability to carry on conversations on any topic—an enviable trait for a politician, and one that certainly would come in handy given the dissension America is experiencing at the moment.

Both Bush and Clinton were born with Mercury conjunct Pluto. This combination can grant its owner magnetism, charisma and the art of persuasion. On the other hand, Pluto is such a potent energy that folks often try to "hide" it, rather than exposing their true power. While Bill Clinton’s secrets have been forced out of the closet and onto the front pages, most of Bush’s “youthful indiscretions” and questionable business dealings have so far evaded public scrutiny.

A Dreamy Reality

Another difficulty facing the president-elect is that his Sun and Saturn in Cancer are in the Twelfth House, which is "owned" by Neptune. The challenge presented by Neptune is to function in the real world—to separate fact from fantasy. The condition of the Sun and Saturn, the planets we use to take charge when we're put in a position of authority, is an extremely strong factor to consider when it comes to an individual's ability to lead. That goes double, of course, for someone who's assumed the tremendous responsibility of the presidency. The Sun and Saturn in Cancer are protective of home, family and tradition, all things that Bush’s platform emphasizes. But since these planets are “hiding” in this secretive place in Bush's chart, he may not be able to gain full access to their authority and power.

What’s Next for Bush?

Transiting Neptune, currently moving through the sign of Aquarius will be turning her pink smoke machine up on high in Bush's life over the next four years, too. This cosmic "smoke-screen" is opposite to Bush's Leo Ascendant at the moment. The Ascendant is the doorway to the First House, and represents the first impression we make on others. The passage of Neptune seems to have already created doubts and uncertainty with regard to both Bush's right to the office he'll hold and his competency in handling it in the minds of some. In fact, Neptune will also oppose Bush's Mercury-Pluto conjunction over the course of his term, so the natural vagueness he possesses will be running on high for the duration—both internally and externally. In short, both the new president and America alike may "wake up" in four years and feel as if it's all been a dream.

Interestingly enough, Neptune is also associated with oil, and the planet’s discovery in 1848 just preceded the first oil well in 1859. This explains Bush’s determination to open up the Arctic Wildlife Refuge for drilling. As early as September of this year, that determination may prove to be successful. Jupiter, the ruler of far-off places and wide expanses, will begin traveling through Bush's Twelfth House, where, as we've discussed, Neptunian issues like chemicals, drugs and oil are handled. In this secretive place, Jupiter is free to operate virtually undetected. If and when the drilling begins, then, the details of the project could easily be hidden from the American public.

The plot will also thicken considerably around June of 2002, when stern, uncompromising Saturn will collide with startling Uranus in Gemini in Bush's chart, along with a solar eclipse in that same place. Both Uranus and eclipses are the stuff that sudden changes are made of. What type of changes? Well, with Uranus, one never knows—but Mars, the god of war, will meet up with Bush's Sun and Saturn in Cancer during June and July, so it's certainly possible that the U.S. could be involved in a military conflict. Since long-distance Jupiter will move into Cancer and be a major part of the picture, also affecting his Sun and Saturn at that time, it's probably going to be a foreign battle.

In all, it strikes me that both George W. and the U.S. are in for confusing times over the next four years. One can only hope that the strong cabinet he's assembled will wield the power he's given them with conscience and with true compassion.

George W. Bush: Not a Greek God, an American Icon




Kim Rogers-Gallagher is a well known columnist, lecturer and author of Astrology for the Light Side of the Brain and Astrology for the Light Side of the Future(ACS Publications).

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