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Haley Joel Osment has an impressive resume. This young actor has already appeared on screen with mega stars Tom Hanks, Bruce Willis, Kevin Spacey and Helen Hunt. Additionally, his amazing performance as the young medium in the smash hit The Sixth Sense earned Haley an Oscar nomination that placed the rising twelve-year-old shoulder to shoulder with acting greats Michael Caine and Tom Cruise.

Always precocious, Haley was fascinated by the imaginary world of film, and using words like “paleontologist” when he was only three. At five, he was spotted by a casting agent in the playroom of a Southern California furniture store and offered a Pizza Hut commercial that lead to his appearance as Forrest Jr. in the Academy Award winning film Forrest Gump. Haley was six when he first appeared on the big screen.

Though fate and luck had arranged for Haley to be in the right place at the right time, it took more than opportunity for the six-year-old bit player to become a sophisticated actor and Oscar nominee by age twelve. A brief look at Haley’s biography tells us he was never an ordinary child, and Haley’s horoscope reveals that he was born with the desire and need to do something unique, as well as the initiative and potential self-confidence to pursue opportunity when it came his way.

The Road Less Traveled

Astrology Horoscope: Haley Joel OsmentHaley was born April 10, 1988 in Los Angeles California. With his Sun in Aries, his life revolves around taking the initiative. The Sun represents our essential selves and our energy, and the Sun in Aries indicates an impetuous person who initiates and instigates activities.

Mars, the planet of instinctive motivation that is associated with Aries, is in the same sign and may actually be conjunct Haley’s Moon (emotional needs), in the futuristic and idealistic sign of Aquarius. (We do not have an exact birth time for Haley, so we are unsure of the degree of his Moon. If he was born before 5:30 am, his Moon would be in Capricorn.) With the drive of Aries and the inspiration of Aquarius to back him up, Haley was born to go where no man (or child) has ever gone, and to do it in his own special way.

The Budding Social Activist

Haley’s Jupiter, the benefic planet that bestows faith, self-confidence and opportunity, is in Taurus, the sign of abundance. It is opposite the power planet Pluto in the transforming sign of Scorpio and trine dreamy Neptune, hard-working Saturn and rebellious Uranus in the sign that gets things done, Capricorn. These aspects reveal Haley’s potential not only for great success and accomplishment, as shown by Jupiter opposed Pluto, but his Capricorn planets also predict the self-confident and ambitious use (Saturn) of his art form (Neptune) to break down boundaries and question established authority (Uranus).

In his most recent film Pay It Forward Haley plays Trevor, an eleven-year-old whose social studies assignment is to “think of an idea to change the world and put it into action.” Trevor embraces the idealistic assignment and devises a pyramid-like plan in which he helps three people in need, and they each in turn “pay it forward” by helping three others. This film and Haley’s role reveal the developing social activism indicated in Haley’s horoscope.

Jupiter’s Child

Certainly, Haley had the right stuff. But even with all he had going for him, Haley might have remained a seemingly ordinary (though smart and rebellious) kid had it not been for the support and encouragement of his parents. You could say Haley’s parents assumed the role of Jupiter. At each important juncture, they modeled Jupiter’s faith, belief and confidence, instilling their son with the self-confidence he needed to go beyond the norm.

At the time of Haley’s Oscar appearance he was celebrating his first Jupiter return*. Every twelve years, transiting Jupiter returns to the place it was when a person was born and restates its original purpose in that person’s life. A marked period of expansion begins at this time. Events happening during this period are often rewarding and bring recognition and respect. Events occurring during a young person’s first Jupiter return are very important because they stamp the character of all future Jupiter returns.

Throughout Haley’s life, Jupiter will continue to present opportunities and Haley will continue to reach beyond the ordinary, take risks to achieve his personal goals and be ever more innovative, experimental and productive. Considering the accolades bestowed on twelve-year-old Haley Joel Osment, we should never underestimate this young man’s powerful potential.


*Though Haley’s life is as singular as Haley himself, events such as Haley’s advanced interest in film when he was three, his first big screen appearance when he was six and his Oscar nomination when he was twelve are merely outer indications of inner trends that mark predictable periods of growth, expansion and integration of a child’s developing personality into the world. Astrologers refer to this process as the first Jupiter cycle.

Age Three: Jupiter is 90 degrees (waxing square) from its birth position. The toddler is now conscious of himself as a separate entity with some control over his environment and is ready to test and integrate his personality into the family unit.

Age Six: Jupiter is 180 degrees (opposition) from its birth position. The child now sees himself as an “other” and is ready to begin peer integration. This ordinarily coincides with the official beginning of formal education.

Age Nine: Jupiter is 270 degrees (waning square) from its birth position. The child has reached a new sense of self and is now ready to begin testing his personality beyond the sphere of family and peers. There is a noticeable interest in learning new things as abstract thinking further expands the child’s world.

Age Twelve: Jupiter returns home. The child has ideally achieved sufficient independence, faith and self-confidence that he is now ready to begin fully integrating his personality into the greater world and a new Jupiter cycle of growth and expansion begins.

As Jupiter makes this first journey around a child’s horoscope it opens doors that give the child the ever-increasing awareness that he is more than his personality or family and is actually a separate being who participates in a very diverse and highly social world.



Pat Lantz is a practicing astrologer currently researching the use of astrology as a developmental tool with infants and toddlers. Contact Pat to participate in this study or for information about developmental astrology.

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