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Not satisfied with the best record in the NBA and a big lead over the rest of the Eastern conference, the 76ers also owned the recent All-Star game. Head Coach Larry Brown and MVP Allen Iverson sparked the East to a victory that further accelerated the Sixers' blazing momentum. This young team is hot, complex and exasperatingly unpredictable, yet even with all their glaring contradictions, they have proven they can win consistently. Let’s take a look at some of the astrological underpinnings of their current run.

Allen Iverson: Dual Nature

Astrology Horoscope: Allen Iverson Gemini Allen Iverson, born June 7, 1975 in Hampton, Virginia, personifies the nature of this changeable, multifaceted team. Finally maturing into his prodigious talent, this man-child has come a long way in the NBA. With both the Sun and Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, in the sign of the twins, Iverson is everything this dualistic sign promises, and then some. Possessing superb manual dexterity, lightning reflexes and an astonishing mental grasp, he has been marked for greatness from his earliest school days as a player. Unfortunately, the same goes for his evil twin, the other Allen, who is something of a thoughtless thug.

Iverson possesses all of the Gemini gifts and liabilities in one stunning package. As bright and versatile as they come, he is fairly blind to his own limitations, rarely letting an opinion go unspoken, particularly his most ill-considered ones. His real undoing off the court has been his unwillingness to outgrow a dangerous retinue. A newly-minted NBA millionaire needs to choose his friends wisely, and Iverson has displayed a confounding loyalty to misguided liaisons that borders on disregard for his own future.

Both wayward and deft, he matures and comes around routinely, only to revert to type when the evil twin reasserts himself and spawns yet another controversy. You can’t help but love the process, as this charming and irresistible rogue lives and learns in the public eye. It’s all good, because on the court, he is pure magic and can outsmart and out-maneuver anybody in the league. The NBA is his playground, and this Gemini came to play.

The Eccentric Rebel

Iverson’s particular brand of mental magic has been polished to a high gloss recently by the current transits of the planet Uranus. Uranus, the eccentric rebel of the solar system, is brilliant and unpredictable too, and has been casting helpful rays in Iverson’s direction for the past year. Currently moving through its home sign of Aquarius, at 20 degrees, Uranus is making a fortunate 120 degree trine aspect to Iverson’s natal Mercury (communication and thinking) in Gemini. Uranus spent the past year in a trine aspect to Iverson’s Gemini Sun.

The trine aspect forms a fortunate link between planets in the same element; in this case, air. Air is a mental, communicative element, and while inspiring and igniting his considerable mental gifts, Uranus also adds to that air of unpredictability and youthful rebellion. Under this headstrong Uranus influence, Iverson has not only raised the level of his play to a new league standard, but he has also been caught up in a fascinating love-hate relationship with the ultimate authority figure and ersatz alpha-male of the 76ers, Head Coach Larry Brown.

Larry Brown and Allen Iverson: Oil and Water

Astrology Horoscope: Larry BrownLarry Brown is as “old school” as Iverson isn’t. Brown is a Virgo, born September 14, 1940 in Brooklyn, New York. A surprising number of Virgos coach in the NBA, perhaps because they are drawn to the teaching and tactical aspects of the position. A seasoned league veteran, Brown has proven his worth for years, but never, in his long and storied career, has he been paired with a player at once so full of promise, and yet so completely at odds with everything Brown represents. These two aren’t just oil and water. Their pairing represents an astrological challenge that only the strong survive.

The signs Virgo and Gemini form a natural square, or 90 degree aspect, to each other. Even though both Virgo and Gemini are ruled by (linked to) the planet Mercury and share a mental, mutable temperament, they really have to try to get along because it won’t happen naturally. The square aspect generates a series of obstacles and difficulties that force confrontation and demand personal growth. Frustration and anger are a natural outgrowth.

Iverson and Brown clash at every conceivable angle. Brown’s natal Mars, critical and fussy at 16 degrees Virgo, is at an exact 90 degree angle to Iverson’s proud, but divided, Gemini Sun. Brown is a perpetual irritant to Iverson’s fragile ego, while Iverson instinctively challenges Brown’s every effort to assert his tenuous authority. Brown’s methodical Virgo Sun, at 21 degrees, is in another tight square to Iverson’s “wise-guy” Mercury at 20 degrees Gemini. Every word is a challenge, but talk is cheap compared to 50 years of living.

After the initial and highly entertaining fireworks, over time their constant differences have forced necessary changes within these two men. Brown is gradually teaching Iverson how to be a real man, if not a gentleman, while Iverson is upgrading Brown and his considerable coaching experience to fit the post-Jordan realities of the new NBA. In the meantime, they keep winning. It’s a painful process, but it is bringing out the best in them both, and for the time being, their best is better than anybody else in the league.



Courtney Roberts, M.A.,is a writer, teacher, and consultant, originally from Miami, FL. Her work reflects a unique perspective: a real passion for the 'big picture' that combines cosmology, religious studies and history with a lifetime of observing the dynamic interaction of spirit and cosmos.

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