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The recent signing of quarterback Doug Flutie (born October 23, 1962, at 2:30 am EDT in Baltimore) to the Chargers has sparked an immediate jump in ticket sales in San Diego. The public adores this handsome Libra, who is as intimidating on the field as he is charming and gracious off of it. After a frustrating term in Buffalo, where his considerable leadership skills were squandered in an effort to develop a younger quarterback, Flutie just wants to play. At the advanced age of 38, San Diego could be the last stop in a long and inspiring career, and perhaps his last chance to lead an offense to the big dance.

There's just one catch. All indications are that the Chargers, with the number one pick in the upcoming draft, will also sign Michael Vick, the astonishingly talented young quarterback who led the Hokies of Virginia Tech out of obscurity and into national prominence. While the veteran Flutie fully expects to start for the team in September, he is well aware that a big part of his job description will include grooming Michael Vick as his eventual replacement.

Can this work? Is Flutie willing to take this young talent under his wing, or will the two be rivals instead? Can Vick make the deal stick, or will he be blown away in the winds of autumn, another fallen Ryan Leaf? Let's see what the astrological charts reveal.

The Master

Everyone yearns for a mentor on their career path. Ideally, someone older and wiser eventually arrives to guide us through. In an athletic career, a mentor/coach is an absolute necessity. Wouldn't it be nice if every profession came with a paid coaching staff? In astrological terms, a mentor/coach is probably most closely associated with the benefic planet Jupiter. In fact, Jupiter is called Guru, meaning the wise teacher, in Sanskrit, the ancient language of India.

However, that odd little planetoid Chiron circling between the orbits of Saturn and Uranus also strongly reflects the nature of a coach or mentor. In a mythological context, Chiron was the wisest of the centaurs. Well-versed in all knowledge, he served as teacher to many young notables. While positive Jupiter connections between a coach and a player are a distinct advantage, I've often found that Chiron contacts between coaches and players, or teachers and students, are valuable, too.

Astrology Horoscope: Doug FlutieAstrology Horoscope: Michael VickFlutie and Vick share some dynamic Jupiter and Chiron connections, and could have a very productive relationship. Flutie has his Moon, the planet of emotions and the public in the fastidious sign Virgo. His Moon is opposed by his Jupiter and his Chiron, which are conjunct in the spiritual sign of Pisces. Flutie's Virgo-Pisces oppositions are tightly linked with Vick's Jupiter in Virgo.

Flutie's prominent Moon in Virgo, opposite his equally prominent Jupiter in Pisces, is perhaps the symbolic source of the most famous moment of his career. The symbol for Virgo is the virgin, and philosophical Jupiter takes on a spiritual tone when in Pisces. While playing for Boston College, a Catholic school, Flutie won the championship against the University of Miami by connecting on the most famous "Hail Mary" pass ever. His name is forever linked in the public memory with the salutation of the Virgin!

A Moon-Jupiter opposition, while ultimately quite fortunate, is still an opposition. As such, it can involve many ups-and-downs and an indirect way of finally getting to the point. They said Flutie would never make it in the NFL, so he proved his worth by winning it all in Canada. Called back to great acclaim in Buffalo, he was warmly embraced by the fans, but confounded by his coach. After leading the Bills to the post-season, Flutie was inexplicably benched in the playoffs, and spent the following season watching his team lose under Rob Johnson. His career reads like a tragic waste of great talent, but in his constant battle against opposing forces, Flutie has developed a unique faith and optimism that has won the love and support of the public.

A Moon-Jupiter opposition will turn a man into a philosopher, whether he likes it or not. In due time, he will have a tremendous store of wisdom to pass on. Doug Flutie, meet "Grasshopper!"

The Student

The 2001 NFL preseason opens with transiting Jupiter crossing over Michael Vick's Sun at 5 degrees of Cancer. Jupiter tends to work well in Cancer, and Vick's relationships with his coaches, and with Flutie, should be excellent during that time. Vick could be very lucky in his initial preseason outings. In fact, the entire Chargers team should show substantial improvement this year.

The real challenge in the Flutie-Vick partnership should come in 2002, as transiting Chiron enters Capricorn and opposes Vick's Cancer Sun. He may feel like he is ready to lead, but his coaches may not agree. Chiron likes to teach through injury, too, so there may be some pain involved.

Flutie's Jupiter in Pisces will always be in opposition to Vick's Jupiter in Virgo. This links the two in a positive relationship, but it also puts their best interests at odds. The good fortune of one could mean the misfortune of the other. This will be yet another test of Flutie's good nature. I don't doubt that his wisdom will shine through as he grows into his new role of teacher and guru. He may even find that he is particularly well-suited for coaching. Michael Vick might be the future of football, but he will be indebted to Doug Flutie, who will always be loved for his part in football history.



Courtney Roberts, M.A.,is a writer, teacher, and consultant, originally from Miami, FL. Her work reflects a unique perspective: a real passion for the 'big picture' that combines cosmology, religious studies and history with a lifetime of observing the dynamic interaction of spirit and cosmos.

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