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In March 2001, Susan Helms became the first woman to inhabit the International Space Station. Scheduled to be completed around 2005, the station will be a sophisticated complex of six scientific laboratories, designed to house humans in space for ten years or more. Mission specialist Helms and two other astronauts will handle various critical tasks on the station—including space walks—before returning to Earth in four and a half months. They also arrived with new equipment and supplies. Meanwhile, the first team, onboard this orbiting outpost since last November, were transported home on the Discovery space shuttle.

Fantastic Voyage

Astrology Horoscope: Susan HelmsA highly regarded NASA astronaut since 1991, Pisces Susan Helms dispels many of the stereotypical images of her sign, which is traditionally accused of being unassertive—even wimpy—and afraid to take risks. Nonetheless, Pisces is quite interested in cosmology, including the prospect of taking amazing, gravity-defying journeys into outer space. Exploring boundless realms appeals to this visionary sign (traveling through outer space is very much like crossing the great expanse of oceans and seas during the Pisces-inspired, historical eras of major world exploration).

Besides her Sun (her ego drives), Susan's Mercury (her mental skills) is also in Pisces. At its best, this sign is not deterred by the typical mental barriers that hinder others. It believes that ideal, collective dreams can come true. Susan is motivated to take action based on having faith in her vision of a more enlightened future, a vision that takes on greater evolutionary importance as humanity’s understanding of its universe unfolds.

To further emphasize these qualities, both these Pisces planets make a harmonious trine aspect—120 degrees—to her Neptune and Jupiter in Scorpio, two planets that arouse deep feelings of inspiration and awesome wonder, in a sign known for fearlessly probing life’s mysteries. Folks with such a pattern typically avoid humdrum jobs, but seek careers that idealistically feed their imagination and appease their spiritual yearnings. Such individuals also want to escape from the confines of earthly living in some fashion. Susan Helms has certainly found a novel way to do just that.

Out of This World

Helms’ Jupiter-Neptune conjunction means that these planets are so closely aligned that they operate as one unit. Jupiter expands much of what spiritual Neptune is all about. Thus, Helms’ optimism regarding scientific advancement can soar, as can her dedication to unselfishly serve the collective need for expanded knowledge.

This planetary combination symbolizes a compelling urge to transcend ordinary human limits by immersing oneself in something universal or even cosmic in scope. For Susan, space travel could become an almost religious experience. Combine this aspect with her Pisces planets, and it says she has "the right stuff" to handle the unreal, faraway quality of space travel without getting too homesick (since ethereal Pisces/Neptune almost feels as if Earth is not its true home). In addition, Helms has found an excellent way to channel her active, inner world of fantasy.

One more feature that will come in handy during this otherworldly expedition is her Mars in Capricorn. Mars signifies her potential for strength and courage. Capricorn is a well-disciplined sign that can take on authoritative roles. When blended together and well-managed, they reinforce each other’s ability to remain determined, hard-working and able to handle tasks requiring focused energy. This is not a Mars that shuns responsibility. It has guts, backed by expertise and a sense of command. It’s also very ambitious. Helms’ Mars provides her with a strong backbone of courage and integrity in action.

A Home Away From Home

It’s probably no coincidence that transiting Jupiter—in Gemini, one of astrology’s travel signs—is crossed over Helms’ Moon (planet of security needs and domestic urges) in March for the first time in twelve years. This should have her quite enthused about her new living quarters (Jupiter is also a travel planet, and so her home for the next several months is in outer space). This Jupiter-Moon contact also suggests that much publicity awaits her when she returns (and even during her excursion), since this transit is associated with someone who can be popular with the public.

Finally, transiting Neptune (already an important planet in her birth chart) makes a dynamic opposition—180 degrees—to her Uranus (which is associated with unusual events and exciting breakthroughs). This is great for doing experimental activities along scientific or technological lines. It also adds to the general uniqueness of her situation.

I predict that Susan Helms will be so enamored of her experience that she’ll want to go back again and again. (Her accrued frequent-flyer mileage will be truly astounding!) She will also be an inspirational role model for girls and women everywhere, who will realize that the power to dream big is the key to expanding one’s true potential. She’ll prove that women can conquer space with as much fortitude and know-how as men. Helms will make sure she gets that message across once she is back on the ground and able to give uplifting talks about her most thrilling adventure on the revolutionary International Space Station.



Bil Tierney has been in professional practice for over 28 years. He is the author of Dynamics of Aspect Analysis (CRCS Publications, read in five languages), Twelve Faces of Saturn, Alive and Well With Neptune, Alive and Well with Uranus and Alive and Well with Pluto (Llewellyn Publications). His upcoming book, All Around The Zodiac: Exploring Astrology's Twelve Signs, will be released by Llewellyn in December 2001.

For more information about Bil Tierney, click here.

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