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Rosie O'Donnell achieved fame as an actress, comedienne and talk show host, but “the lights were turned on” in her life when she adopted her son Parker. Rosie’s unabashed joy in motherhood would lead her to adopt two more infants, welcome a three-year-old foster child into her growing family and become the nation’s most visible adoption advocate.

The face of adoption is changing. Once secretive and private, adoption is out of the closet, in the news, on the Internet and fashionable. Though Calista Flockhart’s recent plunge into single motherhood and the sad plight of the globe trotting twins have once again brought adoption into our everyday conversations, it is Rosie O’Donnell who has kept it there by advocating on her daily talk show and facilitating the adoption process through her non-profit organization, Rosie’s Adoptions.

Resurrecting the Grandeur of a Full Moon

Astrology Horoscope: Rosie O'DonnellThe astrological Moon is representative of emotions, mother, family and feelings about children. Rosie was born on the day of a Full Moon in Libra.* Full Moon children often see their mother as magical, hypnotic and bigger than life. As adults, their mother, the maternal instinct and children have a powerful pull on their life’s force. Rosie lost her mother to pancreatic and liver cancer when she was ten, and with her passing young Rosie was separated from her emotional foundation. Now an adult, Rosie freely admits, “I was shut off emotionally and spiritually, and he (Parker) changed my existence.”

Because Rosie’s Moon is most likely in Libra, the traditional sign of marriage, it would seem that she might have preferred partnership and a more conventional family, except for the fact that her Venus, the feminine planet of love and relationship, is in marriage-shy Aries. This dichotomy reveals that it may have been Rosie’s natural uncertainty about maturity and commitment that led her to embrace the unconventionality of a single parent choice. However, with the adoption of her own children and her involvement with others, Rosie seems to have found an enlightened way to resurrect her Full Moon’s powerful maternal instincts without sacrificing the singular independence of her Sun and Venus in Aries.

Rosie’s Enterprising and Empathetic Initiative

With her Sun in the no-holds-barred fire sign of Aries, Rosie’s life revolves around an independent, high spirited, straight-forward and unapologetic “I’m here and will do it all right now” philosophy. Clearly, her enthusiastic support and all-out initiative on behalf of adoption bear the mark of her Aries Sun, but it is Mars, ruler and planet most associated with Aries, that supports and defines her Aries initiatives.

Rosie has Mars, planet of action, conjunct Mercury, planet of communication, in Pisces, the boundless sign of empathy and compassion. This partnership suggests that Rosie is an empathetic creature who feels and understands the loneliness of a motherless child, and her natural instinct is to freely voice and act on these empathetic feelings. Additionally, expansive Jupiter in socially idealistic Aquarius is also conjunct Rosie’s Mars. Jupiter’s involvement significantly amps up the volume and increases the scope of Rosie’s sympathetic leanings.

Five Years, Three Adoptions, One Foster Child and More

From award-winning talk show host to single mother of four, promotion of her favorite charities, creation of Rosie’s Adoptions, conception and birth of her new monthly magazine Rosie and her recent stint in the Broadway hit Seussical the Musical, this Aries sprinter has covered a great deal of ground in a short period of time. Although the essence of an Aries Sun is to do it now, its penchant to try to do everything all at once can often overwhelm the individual’s physical ability to finish what they start or to hang on for the long haul. This is exaggerated in Rosie because with her Mars in limitless Pisces sharing Jupiter’s often-inflated self-confidence, Rosie is predisposed to take on more than she can handle and to have difficulty knowing when enough is enough.

However, Rosie is entering a period of time that may prove to be both exhausting and frustrating. During the next year (June 2001 through March 2002), as transiting Saturn, the planet of work and responsibility, makes a difficult 90-degree square to Rosie’s Mars and Mercury in Pisces, representing her seemingly boundless physical and mental energy respectively, Rosie’s normal pace of action will slow down and her numerous responsibilities could begin to cause conflict in her life.

Goodbye Daily Grind 

Although Rosie achieved clout by bringing her friendly banter into American homes and has successfully used her daily talk show as a platform to further the causes that are closest to her heart, her current contract expires in 2002, and she has already said she will leave the show and do adoptions full time. This seems an appropriate action for an enterprising Aries mom who freely admits, “I get a rush when I have a baby who’s hard to place and I find a family that’s overjoyed with the child. It’s definitely more fulfilling (than the talk show).”


*Rosie was born March 21, 1962 in Commack, New York. The Moon entered Libra at 2:27 am EST and moved to oppose the Sun in Aries at 3:40 am EST. Although the exact degree of the Moon cannot be determined without the time of birth, it is certain Rosie was born on the day of a Full Moon in Libra.



Pat Lantz is a practicing astrologer currently researching the use of astrology as a developmental tool with infants and toddlers. Contact Pat to participate in this study or for information about developmental astrology.

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