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A Humble Leo?

Presidential candidate Bill Bradley is not the flamboyant Leo of popular zodiac portrayal. His thoughtful unassuming demeanor contrasts sharply with the show-off reputation of this dramatic fire sign. The Gore camp has even accused Bradley of being “timid” for accepting only part of the debate agenda they proposed. Of course timid folks don’t tend to go into politics, much less run for president.

Likewise, there was nothing timid about Bradley on the basketball court in college or as an NBA star. Neither is Bradley’s low-key style, the result of what can happen to a Leo reared in the Mid-West, any more than growing-up in Arkansas made another Leo named Bill a little too outgoing. Instead, such wide disparities underscore the significance of the planets and the Moon in understanding the complexities of human nature. In Bradley’s case the position of Venus provides revealing clues about this humble Leo’s enigmatic nature.

Bill Bradley's Venus in Virgo

Bradley’s “inscrutable nature?”

Pundits have seemed hard put in their attempt to define Bradley. Critics have labeled him as aloof, priggish, diffident, withdrawing and socially uncomfortable. Yet, in considering some of the basic astrological features of Bradley’s makeup a pattern emerges. On one hand there is the extroverted leadership urge of Leo, yet on the other hand there is the introverted tug of Virgo and Taurus. Even Bradley’s potentially gregarious Moon in Gemini is held in check by crusty Saturn, repeating this theme of outgoing energy countered by inward turning energy.

Bill Bradley's Moon, Mercury and Mars

Time magazine writer Eric Pooley gets it right when he describes this tension in Bradley as “the essential contradiction of an introspective man forcing himself into that most outgoing of roles.” Bradley prefers to think of himself as “the leader that people didn’t know was a leader.” Bradley cringes at such cynical media terms as “marketing one’s virtue.” Yet, in truth, Bradley’s Venus in Virgo elicits such notions.

Earnest, (he even married a woman named Ernestine), sincere, dependable and trustworthy, Bradley’s boring brand of integrity is already proving attractive to voters soured by nearly two terms of people-schmoozing Venus in Libra charm-gone-awry in the oval office. Regardless of the outcome, the neck-and-neck race between Bradley and Gore for the Democratic nomination is heating up.



David R. Railey has been a professional astrologer for over 20 years. His new book on the Moon's Nodes, The Soul Purpose, will be published next spring by ACS Publications.

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