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Astrology Horoscope: May New MoonOn June 21st, at 4:58 AM (PDT), the Moon will conjoin the Sun in a solar  eclipse in Cancer. This powerful eclipse happens just 4 hours and 20 minutes after the Summer Solstice at 12:38 am and signifies a powerful beginning to the new season. This rare solstice eclipse happens just 18 minutes after the Moon moves into Cancer. Those with birth planets (especially the Sun or Moon) near this point or near the 0 degree point of Aries, Capricorn and Libra may feel the strongest affect of this eclipse.

Eclipses can have a powerful effect on the psychological, emotional, physical and spiritual welfare of human beings. They represent transition times and a period of amplified energy that can be both enlivening and challenging. Pivotal events and changes in consciousness often take place on or around the eclipse time and it's important to prepare for these events to ensure the best outcome.

Cancer Eclipse

Cancer is a water sign that is associated with qualities of sensitivity, emotional receptivity and nurturing compassion. It is also connected with home, domestic concerns and family. During this solar eclipse you could feel increasing sensitivity and become emotionally affected by your environment (especially your home). Family concerns may become paramount, making this a good time to work with parenting issues.

Cancer and the Home

When a solar eclipse falls in Cancer, it is helpful to pay attention to how you are interacting with the members of your household, as well as how you are cooking and cleaning around your home. A good home life is essential for developing good health. When we are too busy or stressed out to cook a good meal and share time with our family and friends we can become stressed out and overwhelmed more easily. When we don't take the time to do the simple things such as cleaning the house, washing the dishes and folding the laundry, we may start to see our mental health weaken. As we become more stressed out and wound up, physical health can start to suffer and we may feel the symptoms of illness. This eclipse is a powerful transition point where we can develop a better relationship to how we tend our home. Inviting friends and family over to share a healthy meal on the solstice/eclipse can help add joy and harmony to the home environment.

The Temple of the Body

On a deeper level, home life relates to how we are treating our body, the home we inhabit throughout our lives. Cancer teaches us that we need to be caring and compassionate toward ourselves and others. Through attending to our health and well-being, we provide a framework to extend good energy out into the community. In our society we are constantly bombarded by messages that tell us to compare our physical appearance, our accomplishments, our family and cultural background with those around us. We often learn to be critical of ourselves and to depreciate our own value. The Cancer Moon is a perfect time to honor ourselves on a profound level. By spending time honoring our innate gifts, beauty and power, we enhance our self-respect and strengthen our compassion. Each one of us is like a unique flower, expressing unique talents and ways of approaching life. Honoring and developing these talents helps us to bloom. This eclipse is a time to examine these gifts and see how we can nurture these seeds to full of expression.

Cancer in Medical Astrology

In terms of physical health, Cancer rules the breasts and the stomach. Emotional sensitivity often translates into digestive complaints, so this New Moon could be a time when the stomach is most affected. Try drinking chamomile and lemon balm tea to relax the system and strengthen the digestion. Adding culinary herbs such as fennel, dill, mints, basil and rosemary to warm meals can support the digestive process.

Strengthening digestion helps us to assimilate the food we eat. We can have the most perfect diet in the world, but if we cannot assimilate the nutrition we become malnourished and weakened. The chakra located at the stomach area is associated with the sense of power and self-worth. If our stomachs are healthy, we can direct our energy towards projects with a strong will and vigor. When this area is weakened we can feel depleted and tired with an inability to focus ourselves on accomplishing goals and radiating out in the world.

Qi Gong for Strengthening the Stomach

Qi gong is an ancient Chinese martial arts form that helps balance and nourish our energetic framework. This eclipse period is a good time to do a qi gong exercise that strengthens the digestive process. Start by standing upright with your knees slightly bent and your hands stretched out at your sides. Relax your body and bring your hands together about six inches from each other in front of your stomach. As you inhale slowly, draw your hands in a clockwise circular motion around your belly without touching it. As you reach the top of your belly, exhale slowly and allow your hands to move down toward the bottom of your stomach. As you perform this motion, allow your knees and your legs to bend and move with your hands to accommodate this flow. Continue to circulate your hands around your stomach area for several minutes. Soon you will begin to feel relaxed and your stomach will start to feel at ease. This exercise will help nourish and strengthen your digestion and will help develop internal power. Good health to you!




Jonathan Keyes, B.S., is an astrologer, herbalist and plant spirit medicine practitioner. His writing has appeared in The Mountain Astrologer and in numerous Llewellyn almanacs. Jon has written a book entitled 'Guide to Natural Health, The Horoscope as a key to Ancient Healing Practices'. Jon is available for readings and can be contacted at Go to Jon's web site at

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