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Full Moon Eclipse in Capricorn

Astrology Horoscope: May New MoonThis Thursday, July 5th, at 8:04 am (PDT), the Moon will be partially eclipsed in Capricorn. This lunar eclipse closely follows the Summer Solstice solar  eclipse two weeks ago. Both solar and lunar eclipses tend to have powerful effects on our psyches and can be very transformative. Solar eclipses tend to affect the entire scope of our lives and can even alter our path and direction. Lunar eclipses work on a more subtle or feeling level, and can draw forth deeply held emotions and bring them to light. During eclipse periods, it is best to prepare for these changes by maintaining good health and equilibrium so that our best possible intentions manifest.


Two weeks ago, I wrote about the Cancer solar eclipse as a time to nourish yourself optimally and to tend to the family, home and stomach area. Cancer is the sign opposite Capricorn, which has to do with path, direction and working toward goals. This Full Moon is a time of balancing these two signs. On the one hand, we need to nourish our roots and foundations and on the other we need to develop our path out in the world. Imagine the sign of Cancer as akin to the roots of a plant that need to be moistened and nourished with good soil. The Capricorn stalk of the plant arises from those roots and branches out with leaves and flowers. Our roots need to be nourished in order for the stalk to thrive, and the stalk needs to be able to rise in order to bloom and bear fruit. This Full Moon is a time to honor and balance both sides of ourselves and to encourage an equal distribution of time and energy to both pursuits.

If we find ourselves working too hard and neglecting our home and the friends and family we live with, then we may need to make time for a few home cooked meals and for resting and relaxing to recharge the batteries. On the other hand, if we are spending too much time at home or in our usual routines without directing our energies toward fulfilling our dreams and ambitions, then we may need to focus on the Capricorn side of ourselves. We need to balance our lunar, receptive, emotional side that craves comfort and security with the saturnian, directed side that craves accomplishment and the achievement of goals.

Where does the eclipse fall in your chart?

(Editor's note: If you don't have a copy of your birth chart, you can get one for free from StarIQ. Register for your free PlanetForecast. Then, go to the member page and login. Click on "View Member Chart" to see your chart and a list of planets by sign and house. Click on "Printer-friendly version" if you want to print your chart.)

During this lunar eclipse, the Sun and Moon oppose each other at 13 degrees Cancer and Capricorn respectively. If either of these luminaries falls near a planet in your chart, it is very likely that themes related to that planet will be highlighted in your life right now. For example, if the eclipsed Full Moon falls near your Mars in Capricorn, it is possible that issues of will, strength, anger or assertiveness could arise. If the Full Moon falls near your Saturn, then themes of limitation, endurance, perseverance and restriction could arise. By understanding what planets are highlighted, we can seek to transform these themes and issues with the best possible intentions.

The eclipse will also fall in two houses in our chart. Look at where the Full Moon at 13 degrees Capricorn would fall. If it lands in the Seventh House, then the Sun would be in the First House, Eighth with Second, etc. Themes related to these houses could also be very strong during this Full Moon time. Often we honor one side of ourselves to the detriment of another. By examining the polarity that is being "lit up," we have a chance to regain balance. Let's take a brief look at how this eclipse could affect your life. Below is a list of the possible houses in which the eclipse could fall .

First-Seventh: Themes of independence versus interdependence. Balancing the need to follow one's own path and direction while also sharing connection and honoring the needs of others (especially one's partner).

Second-Eighth: Balancing the need for solidity and security with the need for transformation and metamorphosis. The Second House points to a need to create a solid foundation and sense of self while the Eighth House points to the desire to make intimate connections and share resources.

Third-Ninth: If the eclipse falls here, belief systems and ideas about life could be transformed. This is a time to balance the need to gather information with the need to see the overall picture, balancing the minute with the holistic.

Fourth-Tenth: Balancing family concerns and the need to nourish and be nourished versus directing oneself out in the world and meeting career goals. Family issues may also arise at this time.

Fifth-Eleventh: Balancing the need to express one's own unique talents with the need to support community goals. Honoring one's unique spark and creativity while also honoring the needs of friends and greater societal good.

Sixth-Twelfth: Balancing routine or "mundane" needs with need for transcendence and higher wisdom. This is a time to strengthen health, to serve and to grow spiritually.

Final Thoughts

Through understanding the different ways the eclipse could affect you, it can be helpful to examine what areas of life can be transformed and strengthened. Through making a conscious choice to honor parts of your life that are being neglected and to lessen the parts of you that are being over-expressed, there is a possibility for greater balance and healing. Good health to you!



Jonathan Keyes, B.S., is an astrologer, herbalist and plant spirit medicine practitioner. His writing has appeared in The Mountain Astrologer and in numerous Llewellyn almanacs. Jon has written a book entitled 'Guide to Natural Health, The Horoscope as a key to Ancient Healing Practices'. Jon is available for readings and can be contacted at Go to Jon's web site at

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