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Have you ever thought about the unique personalities that are thrown together in the workplace? In a perfect world, your co-workers don’t have to be clones, but they do need a certain amount of cohesiveness to set a positive tone.

No one likes to work in a place where the unspoken message is “Bite your tongue.” When the environment is participative, communication is open and caring. The chemistry among colleagues sizzles. Even when the sparks of disagreement fly, healthy venting of differences provides opportunities to improve the product.

What’s going on where you work? Do people listen when you speak? Likewise, are you interested in what others have to say and seek them out to exchange information? Are you enjoying the overall work dynamics and counting on an upwardly mobile career track? Or have you had a premonition that you’re riding the elevator to the ground level one last time?

Did you know that astrology provides considerable insight into how individuals are likely to approach their work and express their views? The twelve astrological signs are divided by element: fire, water, earth and air. The fire signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) bubble with enthusiasm, passion and energy. Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) feel an intuitive, sensitive connection to their work and co-workers. The earth element (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) desires stability, organization and a steady paycheck. The intellect-driven air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) thrive on communication, versatility and independence. In addition to your Sun sign qualities, each of you has nine other planets in diverse elements that make up the sum total of your expressiveness and communicating style. For this article, however, we’ll stick to how the Sun sign elements talk business.

Fire Signs in the Office

Fire signs exude confidence and make you glad you joined the firm. As team players, they want a whopping portion of the limelight, yet they make sure colleagues’ contributions receive acknowledgement. Their egos bruise easily, but forgiveness is instantaneous. A smile, a firm handshake and an invitation to pull up a chair greet you when you have a meeting or interview with a fire sign member. An action-oriented element, this group wants to keep things moving. You are wise to have a plan, progress report or proposal ready for discussion. If you ramble, you will bore the fire signs. They want to get to the point, and may think you aren’t prepared. Fire signs get impatient with employment applicants who don’t answer questions clearly. Most fire signs will offer you a position in record time. If you are not selected, you’ll have to do the calling. By the time you realize the job was filled without you, they have forgotten your name.

Water Signs in the Office

Water signs talk with their eyes. They are often the quiet ones in a group, but take in all facets of the discussion. They show persistence in performing assigned work and speak the language all bosses love—productivity. Waters intuitively take the plunge in bidding on prestigious work assignments. Their resilience pays off in recognition and monetary reward. Many of the water signs are at home in human resources fields, as they thrive on people-to-people contact. As communicators, they are very personable and know how to make you feel at ease. As employers, they promote the total person concept and appeal to job seekers wanting a balance between work and home life. The waters are seldom tyrants who make you work the holiday shift, but they often do it themselves. And they will whine about it, mark my word. Sometimes employees take water empathy for granted and pitch sob stories to cover up inefficiency. Not a good move if you are so inclined—your water sign boss is watching your lying eyes.

Earth Signs in the Office

Earth sign communicators weigh their words. They thrive on objectivity and organize their thoughts before speaking, giving a talk or answering a question. The language they speak is accomplishment, and they are proud of what they do as individuals or as team members. This group will buy time by asking a question if put on the spot. The stall gives them a chance to regain control of the situation. They would rather be right than have to retract statements or come across as misinformed. They make their way up the ladder of success with great deliberation. Change does not come easily for most earths, who prefer set routines. Although they are cordial when you enter their workspace, most earth signs frown on frequent interruptions from colleagues or subordinates. Earth signs will employ “distance” strategies–they suddenly have to leave for a meeting (in the restroom) until the coast is clear. If your employer is an earth member, make an appointment or call ahead. This group is particularly sensitive to timelines.

Air Signs in the Office

Air signs are in their element at the podium, running meetings or stirring up the grapevine in the coffee room. Congeniality runs deep with this group, and they get energy from verbal exchanges. Members love to talk, and often make a living in sales, motivational speaking, debating, writing, entertainment or consulting. The air group breaks the ice by poking fun at themselves and involving the audience. Airs are designated spokespersons and emcees for company celebrations more often than not. Sometimes they don’t know when to quit and events run overtime. Of course, the meeting started late in the first place because the air sign saw an old friend in the hall and stopped to chat. Members of this group include geniuses, diplomats and visionaries, as well as time wasters, chatterboxes and incorrigible idealists. As employers, they need a solid second-in-command to help deliver the meat of the work. In turn, their bosses have to look the other way when the phone bill arrives—a small price to pay considering the good will air signs bring to the work environment.

This brief snapshot of Sun sign elements talking business in the workplace should help you appreciate your colleagues' diversity. Observe for yourself the drive of fire inspiring earth's solid commitment, while the insight of water finds expression through the fluency of air. Let the information work for you to foster good will and build a dynamic team.



Alice DeVille has been an astrologer, workshop presenter, and writer for over 25 years. Her expertise in romance and relationships attracts a diverse client base in the U.S. and abroad. She developed a series of workshops on finding your Soul Mate and other romantic themes. Alice combines a variety of consulting skills in her astrological practice, including business, financial and change management, real estate, and intuitive insight. Her writing appears in Llewellyn’s Sun Sign Book, Moon Sign Book, and Herbal Almanac.

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