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Astrology Horoscope: October Full Moon
On Halloween night at 9:41 pm (PST), the Moon will rise full in Taurus and oppose the Sun in Scorpio. Halloween is traditionally known as a time when the veil between our world and the world of spirits lifts, making is a time of increased spiritual and psychic energy in the world. Also known as Samhain (pronounced sow-wen), this holy-day falls half way between fall equinox and winter solstice. Samhain is a time to honor the spirits of our ancestors and loved ones who have passed on. We can honor them by placing a few pictures on our altars or in special places in our homes. By looking back at their journeys we can gain insight into how to walk a little wiser in our own journeys.

Halloween: A Night of Transformation

Any time the Full Moon falls on Halloween night, the evening becomes especially auspicious and magical. This Halloween, the Moon will be plain to see and at its ripest in the evening sky. The Scorpio-Taurus axis has to do with power, sexuality, grounding, release and transformation. On Halloween this year, our intentions to work with these themes can manifest more easily. Transformation is the process of moving from one state of being to a completely new state of being. A few examples are a woman giving birth to a child, sexual intercourse, illness and dying. As you can see, the Taurus-Scorpio axis has to do with the really powerful events in our lives-the times that impact us at our core emotional level.

Often in our lives, we live in day-to-day routines and patterns that do not change too much from one day to the next. When a transformative event happens, we can be irrevocably changed and have to search for a new stasis point where we can create a new routine. The point of transformation can feel scary and sometimes even painful, as we have to release old ways of doing things. For some this means letting go of people we have loved in our lives or releasing patterns that we have held tight to for many years.

Falling ill is a frequent way of breaking up old cycles. Often when we are experiencing intense emotional energy on a deep level, our body lets us know by getting sick. This is not a bad thing, but a way of helping us release stored energy that has a difficult time being released. I have a friend who stayed in a partnership for several years that was not nourishing her. After a while she started to get colds regularly once a month. Once she left her relationship, she stopped getting colds. Sometimes it's important to listen to our bodies when we are sick to hear the messages it is trying to tell us.

Dancing: Acknowledging the Shadow and Honoring the Diving

It is not necessary to get sick in order to release energy. There are numerous ways to explore our body/mind/soul and work with stored experiences and energy. Dancing is a very powerful way to work with internal energies, especially when it is done in a context that is spiritual and sacred. Many Native American tribes focus on drumming and dancing in their rituals as a way to honor the divine and to allow for spiritual transformation. Dancing helps us to get in touch with our bodies and understand our internal rhythms and energies. We become more like animals, feeling the sway of our hips, the motion in our feet, the way we express with our hands and faces. Often dancing can bring up our insecurities. We may feel we are not good enough or not beautiful enough if we are dancing with others. But through the process of dancing, we can begin to see that each person carries an inner spark, a powerful way of expressing that is uniquely beautiful. This can help us transform any self-hatred into self-love and self-respect. Ultimately, dancing can be a sacred process of acknowledging the shadow while honoring the divine. This Full Moon in Taurus is a perfect time to get into our bodies while also seeking transformation (Sun in Scorpio) and catharsis.

The Veil Lifts

With the Full Moon falling on Halloween, we also have a chance to make magic and conduct rituals that are especially powerful. To prepare for this time, it can be helpful to do grounding exercises that will help us synch up with the earthy Taurus Moon. Try doing some yoga, tai chi or deep breathing meditation on this day in preparation for a night of transformation. Taking a long bath and cleansing yourself from head to toe is also helpful. After getting grounded, and if you are spiritually inclined, the evening is a perfect time to do magical work. Making magic out under the Full Moon augments our work and helps our intentions to manifest.

There are many ways to make magic and I'll say just one. Gather some fallen leaves together and light some candles nearby-green, dark blue or black are all good colors-out under the Full Moon. Take some time to honor those who have passed on and then focus your intentions on how to positively transform your life. Your intentions may have to do with love, family, career or health. Whatever they are, allow your words to come from your heart and ask for guidance and spiritual assistance to help your intentions to manifest. You may want to include other prayers of thanks as well as prayers for friends and loved ones at this time. The Full Moon on Halloween is auspicious. Allow this to be a time of growth, transformation and magic. Good health to you!



Jonathan Keyes, B.S., is an astrologer, herbalist and plant spirit medicine practitioner. His writing has appeared in The Mountain Astrologer and in numerous Llewellyn almanacs. Jon has written a book entitled 'Guide to Natural Health, The Horoscope as a key to Ancient Healing Practices'. Jon is available for readings and can be contacted at Go to Jon's web site at

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