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Big Changes For Garth

Fast-forwarding into Garth Brooks' near future, it seems that Uranus  will next transit his Sun (his overall life orientation), his Jupiter (his optimistic sense of greater potential), and his Venus (his close relationships). This begins as early as March 2000 and becomes the main theme of the entire year for him, even spilling over into 2001.

Having Uranus contact the Sun in our chart can be a major event, although often it’s a disruptive time when we finally shake off people and things that have slowed us down or thwarted the emergence of our “real” self. We also shed some of our ego’s own illusions.

Garth, at this time, may feel Uranus’ energy at the very core of his being. It can be an exhilarating sense of liberation. Uranus will transit his Jupiter almost at the same time, adding an extra dose of self-confidence about his future, wherever it may lead him.

The fickle finger of fate, however, may be calling the shots, as changes in the air could be sweeping for him. He may approach his new goals with an almost religious fervor and a great sense of certainty concerning his “mission.” Yet, there is the danger of overreach, of stretching his potential too much and too soon, in less familiar areas! Still, he’ll feel guided by a higher power as he explores new horizons. Uranus’ transit to Venus brings dynamic, vibrant people into his path, while releasing him of old ties that, frankly, he has outgrown.

Garth’s Leap Into The Future

The future beckons Garth Brooks, as his sense of self-exploration is strong and is getting stronger. He’s now temperamentally fit to take a big leap, one based on faith in himself and on a clear hunch that life will open amazing doors of opportunity for him. He’s ready to bring more innovation into his work. He may even wish to try his hand at exploring a different creative medium.

With Uranus, though, it never pays to be too fixed or stubborn about things, too uncooperative, too willing to suddenly let go of old security-blankets, or too unwillingly to listen to others blessed with common sense. Garth may feel an urgent need to make swift changes, but will these always be wise moves in the long run?

Actually, since he has over two years to sort all this out, he’ll learn through trial and error what works best for him. Should something backfire, he’ll likely be able to abruptly change plans and try on something new. Fans will need to be more understanding, as Garth breaks out of old shells and shows the world fresher styles of artistic self-expression. He is currently doing what he needs to do for his optimum growth, even if his tempo these days seems oddly offbeat!

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Bil Tierney has been in professional practice for over 28 years. He is the author of Dynamics of Aspect Analysis (CRCS Publications, read in five languages), Twelve Faces of Saturn, Alive and Well With Neptune, Alive and Well with Uranus and Alive and Well with Pluto (Llewellyn Publications). His upcoming book, All Around The Zodiac: Exploring Astrology's Twelve Signs, will be released by Llewellyn in December 2001.

For more information about Bil Tierney, click here.

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