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My name is Mercury. I dedicate my service to the business world to facilitate high quality communication in the workplace. Iím on call 24 hours a day. Information is my claim to fame. When you write, speak or use body language, you demonstrate my properties. Without them, your work environment would fizzle.

Iím King of the Hill when it comes to expressing concepts. I say what is on my mind and play with yours to stimulate creative thinking. Frankly, your business couldnít survive without me. I promise that if you pay attention to this interview youíre going to appreciate my talents a whole lot more.

Multi-dimensional Mercury

I help you learn, speak and listen. Remember how curious and eager you were to get in the groove with your new job? I was in the break room pouring doses of comprehension into your morning coffee and urging you to drink deeply so the new data would sink in swiftly. I work with your innate intelligence and influence how you absorb information. I function as a good executive secretary simultaneously so you donít operate on overload and can screen out what you donít need.

My planetary colleagues have a saying about me: ďWhere thereís a meeting of the minds, youíll find Mercury.Ē Thatís very true. In fact I have dominion over all types of meetings, conferences and communicated events. I inspire dialogue and think that silence is meant to be broken. Do you recall being speechless at last Wednesdayís staff meeting when your boss announced an unanticipated workload crisis that meant all vacations would be canceled? That was me giving you a nudge when I knew you had a workable solution but were temporarily tongue-tied. Did you like the way your boss responded by putting you in charge of organizing the plan?

Only yesterday I bailed you out when your employee gave you still another lame excuse for being late. I sensed your impatience and knew a sarcastic comment was bubbling in your throat. You stopped listening and I had to get your attention. That sudden breeze you felt was me blowing a little wisdom your way so you could assess the problem correctly and make your employee accountable for getting to work on time. Iím a big supporter of flexibility and am glad you suggested the employee consider an alternative work schedule. Besides, if I had allowed you to resort to a temper tantrum, I would have had to share this interview with my testy colleague, Mars.

The Great Communicator

Every high-energy company wants people with good presentation skillsómotivators and enthusiasts who know how to think on their feet. As Lord of the Podium I am only too happy to share the limelight with individuals who master the art of communication. I have a comprehensive checklist that I use to assess your prowess on the platform. Powerful speakers command the attention of the audience by varying the tone, pitch, pace and body gestures they invoke to deliver their message. Ultimately, the message must be clear and accurate, and a little eloquence goes a long way.

As the Spirit Guide of the Media World, Iím a stickler for proper grammar in the spoken and written word, an absolute necessity for quality work. If youíre unsure of how to pronounce a word, check with the pros. Ask any broadcaster, news commentator or talk show host who has experienced a disastrous slip of the tongue. I learned the hard way that you canít fake it with well-educated groups. They know when youíre off kilter.

I slow down three times a year for three weeks at a time when I go into apparent retrograde motion and appear to be moving backward. During those times, I just canít seem to stay on schedule. I experience breakdowns in communicating my ideas, I feel confused and express myself poorly, and my office equipment goes on the fritz. I put decisions on hold while I ponder my options. Thank goodness I keep my wits intact and the delays are only temporary. (Editor's Note: For more information on Mercury Retrograde, see Mercury Retrograde: A Modern Look and The Mercury Retrograde Story.)

Your Mobile Network

I enjoy facilitating discussions. The sheer energy of lively communication stimulates the air I breathe. Wherever there is a forum for disseminating information, youíll find me networking and giving my lungs a workout. I just have to have a hand in the process.

Donít forget I excel at fielding questions and delivering meaningful answers. You can pick my brain any time you are stumped. But enough about my credentials. Contact me via email, cell phone, the Internet or the cosmos. Iíll be the wind beneath your wings.


Alice DeVille has been an astrologer, workshop presenter, and writer for over 25 years. Her expertise in romance and relationships attracts a diverse client base in the U.S. and abroad. She developed a series of workshops on finding your Soul Mate and other romantic themes. Alice combines a variety of consulting skills in her astrological practice, including business, financial and change management, real estate, and intuitive insight. Her writing appears in Llewellynís Sun Sign Book, Moon Sign Book, and Herbal Almanac.

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