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It's not hard to see the effects of Saturn in Taurus (
June 1998-April 2001) here in France, where literally millions of trees lie with their roots in the air, and whole forests are flattened like pick-up sticks, the result of devastating holiday storms. This upturning of what we believed to be solid and enduring is not the work of Saturn alone, but a graphic and powerful expression of the tensions created by the square (challenging right angle) from Uranus in Aquarius.

The tornado force winds that snapped huge pines in half remind us of the force contained in squares between fixed signs, and the often invisible power of the air element. In some parts of France the whole system of distributing electricity has been seriously damaged, and again we see the symbolism of Uranus at work, because Uranus rules electricity, and the role of air is to keep energy circulating. Company officials estimate that it will take years to restore parts of the network.

So far, the effects of the Saturn-Uranus square have been most visible in the natural world, with multiple earthquakes, mudslides, flooding and much loss of life and property in different parts of the world. Some see evidence of global warming and permanent damage to our fragile biosphere, others see a warning: time to change our values and to rebalance technology (Aquarius) with nature (Taurus). But on a more personal level, these images may offer us a meditation on solidity and change in our own lives, and a sense that even the most familiar landscapes can be transformed in an instant.

Uranus in Aquarius blows through our lives with an irresistible force, and when the birth chart is touched by its passage we must learn to move with it, to find a channel for change. Saturn's square increases resistance-too much of this can result in broken places, leaving only fragments of our lives and emotional or material havoc in its place. I've seen clients literally break bones with these transits, but others make impressive breakthroughs in the way they live their lives.

We may be asked to let go of things that we believed were absolutely constant, the very ground of our existence. This square, like all squares in fixed signs, rumbles underneath, creating cracks and strains in the taken-for-granted and settled parts of our lives. The sign Taurus represents the time when a plant sends roots down into the soil for nutrients and anchoring.

For the moment, the Aquarian realm of technology seems harnessed to our material needs, with the Internet speeding things up, changing the way the markets work or the way we buy things. And yet Aquarius may be one of the least earthed of all signs, carrying a pure stream of inspiration for the future-for the unknown and untried. We need not be surprised if it brings much greater and more far-reaching change than we may have first imagined.



Lynn Bell is a consulting astrologer in Paris France, and teaches at the Centre for Psychological Astrology in London; She is the author of three books, and is much sought after as a speaker and teacher of astrology.

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