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Jupiter in Scorpio asks us to step in over our head, to let instinct and feeling be our guide for the next twelve months, even when we don’t quite understand what it’s all about.  Whether the pull is sexual or spiritual,  material or professional, passion tugs at each of us, a mysterious call to spill out further into life.  The liner notes read "passionately, with feeling," and Scorpio takes us deep and pushes against hidden places in ourselves and others, bringing power and fullness to the emotional life.

A  sign of mystery and courage, Scorpio touches on the unanswerable questions of birth, death, and sex. We may need to feel our way through a narrow passage,  without a map, without  a light. Are there monsters hiding in the deep?  Jupiter in Scorpio can bring us close to danger, it can unleash the wildness of desire or the wisdom of the  instinctive self.

Scorpio is a sign of extremes and while Jupiter’s presence here might initially enhance feeling, romance, joy, and sex,  it can also push some people too far. Jupiter will brush up against conflictual Mars and forbidding Saturn during its passage through the sign, driving  up resistance  and tension. Can we stop before things get destructive or will Jupiter in Scorpio take us over the edge? Sometimes death is necessary for new life to come, Jupiter in Scorpio can intensify any process of decay or disintegration that has already begun. It can bring things to a crisis and kick start the process of regeneration.

Jupiter is a big picture planet, a sky god, while  Scorpio likes the dark—there’s a run of obsession and compulsion coming. Jupiter is visiting Pluto’s underworld realm, after ten years of Pluto in Jupiter’s sign. The brothers have changed realms, like husbands who swap wives, and our definition of heaven and hell may never be the same. We have seen Pluto’s effect for quite some time—formerly reasonable people have felt waves of extremism, a slow burn of fanaticism, collapsed buildings, exploded lives.  Jupiter in Scorpio may  trigger more  of these pent-up feelings, or bring an even bigger grab for control and power. 
Those born with Jupiter in Scorpio hold a mysterious fascination for others, whether it’s the sexual and creative magnetism of Elvis Presley, or the dark thrill of Alfred Hitchcock and Steven King. It can enhance the destructive power of a underworld figure like Al Capone, or the occult provocation of an Aleister Crowley. Napoleon changed the face of the world while Kissinger manipulated from behind the scenes. 

Is mystery your guide? Then Jupiter in Scorpio will allow you to get closer to the treasure than you ever have. Magnetic, determined, fascinated by the unknown, Scorpio brings Jupiter’s attention to the hidden realms. It can reveal secrets and conspiracies, or show us the powerful forces at work in our own psyche.


Lynn Bell is a consulting astrologer in Paris France, and teaches at the Centre for Psychological Astrology in London; She is the author of three books, and is much sought after as a speaker and teacher of astrology.

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