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San Diego Padre slugger Tony Gwynn swings the bat with patience and effortless energy. Is this just because he’s got that Taurus calm, or is it more?

A Tiger at the Plate

Tony Gwynn (May 9, 1960, Los Angeles, California) steps to the plate. He picks his pitch and swings. Ho-hum, another base hit. His ability to hit the ball makes him the most solid, reliable hitter in baseball today. Could there be a better description of Taurus, the sign that’s known for its steadiness and dependability? Tony Gwynn has his Sun in Taurus. He holds the record for most consecutive years hitting over the magical .300 mark (sixteen seasons). He led the National League in batting average eight times while striking out the least in baseball nearly every year. His constancy makes him an awesome threat when he’s at bat. How does he do it?

It’s easy. He practices. Along with the strongly determined Taurus nature, he possesses a solid work ethic, due in part to his Saturn in Capricorn (hard work, discipline), which believes that no slack gets cut for slackers. He’s on the field early taking his smooth, yet ferocious, rips. A tiger at the plate, he uses every technique he knows to place the ball exactly where he wants, mostly where the outfielders aren’t. It’s drill and it’s work, all things associated with Saturn and Capricorn. And as Tony shows us, it pays off. But some players practice a lot and they can’t hit like Tony Gwynn.

A Jedi Batter

With his extremely small bat in his hand, Tony bears a slight resemblance to Luke Skywalker during his blindfolded efforts to sense the “force” with his light saber. A hitter like Tony must sense the direction the ball will turn. Such psychic sensitivity comes from Mars (the planet that shows how he does things and directs his energy) in Pisces (intuition). Like a fish, he senses the vibrations of the horsehide in the air and connects.

Tony is said to have once credited his looseness and “sense” at the plate to playing a few video games before stepping out of the clubhouse (to the horror of mothers in America trying to wean their children from the addictions of video games). Nonetheless, his focus comes from his awareness and an exceptional ability to “see the ball,” as hitters say.

Taurus and Venus Contradicted?

The chart of Tony Gwynn carries three planets (Sun, Mercury and Venus) in Taurus, with a Libra Moon. Both Taurus and Libra are ruled  by, or associated with, the planet Venus. One assessment of such configurations suggests a strongly materialistic nature. Another shows a person who knows the true value of things. The Libra Moon has the reputation for diplomacy that borders on co-dependency. How is this like Tony?

Gwynn once observed that staying in San Diego, his home and the city he loves, far outweighed being traded on a high-level salary deal for him. Not only that, but there’s the pressure of performance equaling an astronomical salary. No thank you, San Diego’s fine. He wants to play ball and get hits.

Gentle, soft-spoken and impeccable in appearance, Tony Gwynn offers a fantastic role model for the youth seeking to have hitting greatness. He doesn’t hot dog. He doesn’t need such displays. His staggering numbers speak for themselves. His bat and glove articulate everything.

The Taurus Lineup

With the major configuration of Taurus planets that’s coming up (in May, 2000, the Sun and the planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn will be lined up in the sign of Taurus), you might suspect Tony would be affected, since he has so many Taurus planets himself. He will be. His contract with the Padres expires this year. Prior to the season, he attempted to get contract talks over and done with. The Padres did not comply. So he went to spring training, hard feelings seemingly in the air.

His Libra Moon shone (Libra Moons are “team players”) as he suggested that he play ball now and talk later. Priorities (Venus-ruled items of importance) prevail. It’s a new season. There’s work to be done. And all of that has nothing to do with whether he feels fairly treated. Recently, the Padres gave him a generous one-year contract.

Living well is the best revenge, the Chinese proverb states. Watch Tony rack up the hits. If the Padres are not paying attention, they may not be able to keep their prized possession next season.

Take a moment to watch Tony bat this season. Tony renders us a pure Taurus metaphor of life. He takes his time (like the Taurus bull, never to be rushed). He’s patient. He waits for what he wants. He is a tiger at the plate. And like a cat, he’s not interested in wasting effort. He senses his environment. Then, at exactly the right moment, he pounces with his bat. The white baseball skidding across the outfield grass in between fielders offers testimony. And the hits just keep on coming.



Philip Sedgwick began his study of astrology in 1969. He is the author of Astrology of Deep Space, Astrology of Transcendence, The Sun at the Center: A Primer of Heliocentric Astrology, The Galactic Ephemeris (a compilation of over 8,300 points in deep space).

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