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The line drive drops on the grass in front of the lackadaisical outfielder. The fans protest with ďboos,Ē even though itís only spring training. The neon lights of Deion flicker.

Deion Sanders (born August 9, 1967, Fort Myers, Florida), former Dallas Cowboy, Atlanta Falcon, New York Yankee, Atlanta Brave, San Francisco Giant and Cincinnati Red, is making his bid to become a member of the 25-man roster for the Cincinnati Reds Baseball Club. Now, in the critical proving grounds at the end of spring training, his ankle swells. At the start of spring training Deion could not run because of arthroscopic surgery on his right knee. The good news is an MRI revealed no major ankle difficulty. No matter, he still canít run. Itís probably the consequence of all that hotdogging in football.

Ego Tested

Just two days before this medical news, Deion, a Leo, had a rather un-Leo-like day. Leos are the performers of the zodiac, but Deion let two soft flies land in front of him in center field. The fans let him have it. Leos do tend to attract a good bit of attention, but those possessing difficult charts like Deionís collect negative attention. Still, itís attention. As Deion put it, ďAs long as I get a response, I know Iím still living.Ē He also noted that not just anybody would have received such a harsh reaction. Come on, Deion, thatís not what I observe at the ball park.

Why is it that the fans cut Deion no slack? Consider that the exaggerating, amplifying, make-everything-it-touches-bigger planet, Jupiter, is aligned with the ego of Deionís horoscope, the Sun. Both objects in Leo inflame the need for attention and adoration. When playing football, Deionís mouth (linked to the planet Mercury, which is also in Leo) ran amuck, making prophecies as to how badly he and his teammates would whoop the opposition. After ordinary plays he flaunted and showboated as if heíd accomplished the labors of Hercules. The amount of gold jewelry he wore on his body during a game in both football and baseball represented a lifetime of income to a blue collar fan. Makes it hard to warm up to him.

It Donít Hurt, Honest

In Deionís chart, Mars, the raw energy planet of edge, anger and motivation, occupies the less-than-easy-going Scorpio. The placement of Mars conflicts with both Jupiter and the Sun, making edgy, 90-degree angles (squares) to them. Aggravating, pompous and with an axe to grind disguised as a career in sports, Deion adds salt to his own wounds with his overdone acts that celebrate his successes. This recent episode of fan disapproval reminded Deion that heís been booed all his life. Now that heís a grown man, heís not bothered by it. In fact, he was not bothered by it as a child. Thatís amazing. Most little leaguers would have been crying in their Bazooka bubble gum. Deion, methinks thou protest too much.

The Virgo Dilemma

Part of the fan appreciation dilemma with Deionís career comes from his sports schizophrenia, which he attempts to heal by including everything. Baseball or football? Both. When he was asked, ďoffense or defenseĒ (in football), he replied, ďBoth.Ē This quality comes from his three planets in Virgo. Virgo strives toward perfecting all aspects of lifeís multiple choice questions. And Virgo typically refers to the number three (Mercury, the planet linked to Virgo, must orbit the Sun three times for every part of the surface of the planet to see sunlight). Itís a good thing for us Deion cannot play hockey.

His efforts at creating perfection in many worlds translate to greed, indulgence and excessive behavior to outside observers. Those traits refer back to the powerful and overbearing Jupiter-Sun conjunction. No one has sympathy or a lot patience for a bragging, flaunting, showboating personality. Especially when they pull up lame and do not extend with full effort. Sports requires sacrifice of the body, especially in this income bracket.

So Deion heads to physical rehabilitation followed by the minors. At least itíll be AAA (the highest place in the lower leagues). Can he deal with the lesser leagues? The flickering of the bright neon lights signal the bulbís about to burn out. Suck it up, Deion. Walk it off. Work hard, without the crowd that Leo loves. Itís worth it. Favorable stars linger for you late in the season. If youíre ready, youíll get a surprise chance with tons of applause. Then the color of your bulb might burn Cincinnati Red.



Philip Sedgwick began his study of astrology in 1969. He is the author of Astrology of Deep Space, Astrology of Transcendence, The Sun at the Center: A Primer of Heliocentric Astrology, The Galactic Ephemeris (a compilation of over 8,300 points in deep space).

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