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Serious romance seekers have several options available for meeting compatible partners. Some singles let attached colleagues know they are available for blind dates and wangle invitations to parties or dinners. Others may place personal ads, surf the dating sites on the Web, or join a dating club to assess prospects. Once takers appear, romantics must be able to describe their ideal social life or the qualities they desire in partners.

What about you? How much do you know about your soul mate type? Would you know whether the person you have just met meets the potential criteria for a long-term relationship? You owe it to yourself to look before you leap, especially if you desire a fulfilling relationship. Consider what astrology has to say about partnerships. Did you know that astrology functions as a matchmaking tool? If you need help in filling in those blanks, find a good relationship astrologer.

Houses Of Intimacy

The circle of life known as your astrology chart has specific departments that highlight your social and love life. Houses Five through Eight comprise the zone of relationships or intimacy. These houses and the planets that fall in them describe the people you meet and the nature and type of activity that occurs. When you learn the birth date of potential partners and discover that their intimate planets fall (are placed in the same sign or degree) on some of your own planets in these key houses, you determine the level of compatibility youíll share.

Social Life: The Fifth House

The Fifth House indicates how you carry out your social life and whom you date. Your preferred recreation or vacation choices may attract individuals who share them. You are likely to meet partners who have similar interests or hobbies and attend the same parties. Since the Fifth House describes your dating style, a social event could trigger a long-term love affair when the personalities click. A woman with Venus in the Fifth House met a man with the Moon in the same sign. Both were musicians and they met at band practice. The romance clicked, and they made beautiful music together on the concert circuit.

Co-workers: The Sixth House

Since you spend considerable time with co-workers, youíll find kindred spirits there who share an interest in work. The place of employment is a fertile dating ground, and you may be attracted to clients as well. If you have inner planets in the Sixth House (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, or Jupiter) you have a good chance of meeting someone through your work who becomes a dating partner at some time in your work cycle. An optometrist with Moon, Venus and Jupiter in Aries in his Sixth House met his future spouse through his work. She was a near-sighted Aries. When she looked at him, she had stars in her eyes and 20-20 vision.

When Romance Blossoms: The Seventh House

The Seventh House gives information about your marriage partner or soul mate. It refers to any significant other with whom you have an intimate, live-in relationship. The sign ruling your Seventh House cusp often describes the kind of partners you attract. If you have planets in that house, a deeper description of the partnerís traits emerges. When there are no planets in that house, the ruling planet (sign on the cusp) is particularly important in understanding the depth and type of relationship. If the ruler has mostly favorable aspects  to other planets, the chances of a successful marriage increase. Dominant stressful aspects might suggest difficult partnerships, karmic unions, or multiple marriages.

A woman with the Sun and Mars in this house almost always marries at least once. The same is true of a man who has the Moon and Venus in the Seventh House. A stellium of planets (several planets in the same sign) in this house may describe characteristics of multiple partners.

Sex and Intimacy: The Eighth House

Look to the Eighth House for a view of sex and intimacy in relationships. Planets here describe receptivity and compatibility of a romantic and sensual nature. If a couple has planets that connect in this house, the level of involvement increases. Weak links to Mars (passion) and Venus (love) may put intimacy on the back burner. Harsh aspects between these planets and Pluto may mean jealousy or obsession on the part of one or both partners. True soul mates connect on all levels. Absence of activity in this house often means the relationship flames out, one or both partners feel uneasy in the relationship or they have more of a business partnership than an intimate one.

Attraction: The First House

The Ascendant or First House is also important, since any potential mate who has planets falling there establishes an important connection. An individual with planets that compliment your Ascendant finds you attractive and usually understands your personality. You will feel in sync. Clients with their Moon on their partnerís Ascendant say they think about the other person day and night. If your partnerís Ascendant is the same sign as your partnership house, a strong bond forms, especially if you have intimate planets in each otherís Seventh Houses. Your spirits seem to merge and you may become partners for life.

Although a search for the right partner is worthy of a much deeper look than I can provide in this article, I hope it inspires you to appreciate the qualities you share in relationships and use them to attract your cherished mate.


Alice DeVille has been an astrologer, workshop presenter, and writer for over 25 years. Her expertise in romance and relationships attracts a diverse client base in the U.S. and abroad. She developed a series of workshops on finding your Soul Mate and other romantic themes. Alice combines a variety of consulting skills in her astrological practice, including business, financial and change management, real estate, and intuitive insight. Her writing appears in Llewellynís Sun Sign Book, Moon Sign Book, and Herbal Almanac.

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