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July 14, 2009

Dick Cheney - Atypical Aquarius: Dick Cheney is back in the news and has been more visible in the first six months of the Obama administration than during his eight years as Vice-President. After a busy spring of television appearances, he’s now in the spotlight under less favorable circumstances as CIA chief Leon Panetta revealed that his agency withheld information about a secret counterterrorism program from Congress for eight years under Cheney’s direct orders. It’s ironic that the ex-veep who outed CIA operative Valerie Plame is being exposed by that very agency.

Cheney, born January 30, 1941 at 7:30 pm in Lincoln, Nebraska, is an Aquarius with his Moon in Pisces. These are, perhaps, the two most idealistic signs in the zodiac, generally associated with humanitarianism, compassion and spiritual interests. At first blush, it boggles the astrological mind to wonder how these work in Cheney’s life, although his ardent supporters may see him as a white knight rather than a prince of darkness. The answers come from aspects (significant planetary angles) to his Sun and Moon. Saturn, the traditional planet of order and constraint, forms a tense 90-degree square to his Sun, which puts great value on control, dampening the otherwise free-spirited qualities of Aquarius. Philosophical Jupiter joined with Cheney’s Saturn provides the strongly held beliefs and justifications for his dominance-oriented approach to governance.

Mars, the planet of attack, forms a square to Cheney’s Pisces Moon that stresses his sensitivity to the dangers of life. He is likely to feel threatened even when he’s not under attack, which motivates the use of force for supposed self-defense. None of these astrological factors can determine whether he is honest in his reactions or whether his need for control and aggressiveness serve less noble interests.

Uranus, the unconventional modern ruling planet of Aquarius, made its third passage over Cheney’s Moon this March, marking a possible breakthrough in his life. The uncharacteristic availability to the press was a surprise, although his hard hitting attacks on the Obama administration was typically partisan and uncompromising. The current news and the report that Attorney General Holder is considering appointing a prosecutor to investigate torture under the Bush administration, however, feel like the heavy hand of Saturn that is about to come down on Cheney’s chart. The planet of karmic responsibility opposes his Moon in late August and September, which may hold him accountable for his behavior in office. In December Uranus will stop dead in its tracks on Dick Cheney’s Moon where it may expose his secrets and trigger another surprising turn in his public life.

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As published here on my blog.

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Jeff Jawer is well known in the astrological community as an innovative and dynamic teacher, writer and counselor. He is the CEO and co-founder of Jeff holds a B.A. in "The History and Science of Astrology" from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and lectures at astrology conferences throughout the world. His scores of articles have appeared in astrology journals in around the globe.

Jeff is the author of Your Astrology Guide annual with Rick Levine, is a regular contributor to writes the forecast column for The Mountain Astrologer, and celebrity profiles for AOL. Jeff and Rick lead astrology seminars for Heaven and Earth Workshops. He co-founded AFAN and UAC and helped teach the first Astro*Carto*Graphy certification course with Jim Lewis.

Jeff provides private consultations and can be reached by email at


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