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As the flowers blossomed in Central Park, it was not some rabid terrorist who dropped the bombshells that reverberated through the city that never sleeps. It was, instead, his honor Mayor Rudy Giuliani. One thing about the mayor of the city of New York, everybody seems to have an opinion about him. To his detractors, he is a man who thinks nothing of riding rough shod over the poor and indigent. To his supporters, he brought law and order to a city known for its disorder.

On April 27, Giuliani disclosed that he has prostrate cancer. Within a few days, he was seen squiring a woman other than his wife, a woman he calls his “very good friend,” around town. A week later, the mayor announced his separation from his wife at a press conference, evidently before he even bothered to tell her. Three hours later, his stunned wife thanked him by accusing him of yet a different infidelity with a former staffer.

Rudy the Unlikely Rebel

Faced with their own mortality, people react in different ways. Giuliani’s is to shock. Underneath Rudy’s rigid exterior beats the heart of a rebel. Rudy’s Sun, which is associated with one’ s intentions and how they want to shine in life, is but a mere degree away from the planet synonymous with erratic behavior, Uranus. Uranus’ objective is to break things and people apart. No wonder divorce is in its department.

Giuliani at first seems an unlikely rebel, but he has always been different. Is he not the lone Republican swimming in a sea of Democratic sharks running a city where two out of three New Yorkers are registered Republicans? Notice how comfortable he is! Is he not the rather unique Republican male, and a Catholic, who is in favor of a woman’s right to choose? The reason Giuliani doesn’t act like a wild and crazy guy is because just beyond his Sun-Uranus combo is Saturn. Saturn is the planet of stiffness, and contraction. Saturn will dull down whatever it comes in contact with. So in a town noted for it’s eccentrics, instead of being just another oddball, Giuliani plays the straight man.

Uranus also represents all things new and modern, from the belching and honking of machinery to flashing lights and frenzy. New York City is said to come very much under Uranus’ sway. With his own Sun-Uranus combo in Gemini, one could say Giuliani is uniquely qualified to run the Big Apple.

The Pull of Pluto

When dealing with Uranus, one never knows what to expect. Pluto on the other hand forces all those who come under its spell to gut anything and everything that gets in the way of one’s core. Pluto gives no choices. It is either Pluto’s way or death, and death is itself Pluto’s way. Pluto has been in opposition to Rudy’s Sun-Uranus for the past few years. Without the Sun, there would be no life. Thus when transiting Pluto, cast its long shadow over Giuliani’s Sun, the result is potentially deadly. Since Giuliani’s Sun is so close to Uranus, his prostrate cancer arrived without warning, and was seismic in effect. Because his Sun-Uranus combo is in Gemini, a sign of communication, Giuliani reacts to death staring him squarely in the face by talking, and talking with an honesty that is both refreshing, and in the case of Donna Hanover, brutal.

Pluto is linked to transformation. It certainly seemed visibly apparent that the man who took his hat out of the senatorial ring was a vastly different man than the “tough guy” who was inaugurated mayor in 1993. Faced with his own mortality, Giuliani’s shell cracked wide open. In a voice often choked with emotion, he said, “Politics is important, but it is by far not the most important thing in life. Your life is more important, your health is more important, the people you love, your family, the people that are close to you and really care about you. You know those are the most important things in life.”



Dorothy J. Kovach is a practicing astrologer, writer and timing expert based in Northern California. She acts as a consultant to both businesses and persons interested in finding the very best time to start projects for successful outcomes, such as launching new businesses, websites, surgery, weddings, etc. She also practices interrogatory astrology, better known as horary. Dorothy utilizes the very best of both ancient western and eastern traditional methods in her work.

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