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At the crack of the bat, the fate of the baseball was already set. In a beautiful trajectory, the ball headed for the upper deck. What a swing! Ken Griffey, Jr. performed his home run trot—again. Is he an enigma or a master?

Oh, Junior!

Ken Griffey, Jr. (born November 21, 1969, in Donora, Pennsylvania) is a hot ticket for sure. He’s got the greatest homer swing in the game, and is currently the youngest player in the game to hit 400 homers. He carries the chameleon charisma of the planet Neptune in the passionate, compelling Scorpio, no less. This energy is combined with his Sun, or core self. He fits your model, whatever it is. He’s intense. He’s likeable. There’s no mystery. He’s just like you. Real, down to earth, always gives his best, focused—just like you.

Add to that his talent and the powerful, sexy Venus in Scorpio in a 90 degree angle from the offbeat, fiercely individualistic Mars in Aquarius, and his astrological stock soars upward. He’s good at what he does. In fact, he’s great at it. He talks the Aquarius talk of playing for the team. A hit for the team to win a game is better than a homer for self-glory. He seems to mean it. He plays with that quiet Scorpio intensity. He also seems to know to kick the water cooler out of the sight of the camera and always with the side of the foot (to prevent injury). And by the way, because he’s Junior, he can wear his cap backward without catching grief, even though he’s not a catcher.

Off-Season Trade?

There are those national pastime cynics claiming that Junior wanted his off-season trade for the money. Let’s see. Junior just experienced a Saturn return in the sign of Taurus. The Saturn return occurs for everyone at about the age of 29 and a half. Given Griffey’s salary over the last several years, bonuses, commercial endorsements and merchandising, he made a handsome amount of money. Did he need another $116.5 million? Probably not.

Saturn symbolizes maturity, stepping to the next level of life with integrity and quality and without compromise. Saturn also represents the father in a horoscope. Ken Griffey, Sr. coaches for the Cincinnati Reds. And Cincy is where Ken Jr. grew up, in the locker with his father and the other members of the Big Red Machine. Fond childhood memories of a father do wonders for one’s psyche. It’s just that with many kids the memory smells of Old Spice and Camels, instead of lineament and sweaty socks.

Plus, he wanted to be closer to his Florida residence. Commitment to family is a Saturn-linked institution. Being nearer to family fits Saturn’s requirements.

Somehow, Saturn worked in Griffey Jr’s chart. All the positive images of a father, both from Ken, Sr. and Ken, Jr. prevail. He’s had no drug, sex or fast car scandals. He’s been clean cut. He even does commercials for American-made car companies. He works hard at the game. He knows the drill.

His instincts appear to be the reward of the sentient Neptune-to-Sun aspect  in his horoscope. This affords him the ability to sense which pitch comes next and more importantly, in what location. In the field he runs, leaps and catches as well as any other fielder ever to play the game.

What’s Ahead for This Season?

This season, Ken’s Scorpio planets oppose Mars, Jupiter and Saturn in Taurus. How could this be a problem? This lineup resembles an opposing manager putting his best pitchers up against the kid. As Junior starts the season slowly, give him a break. It’s a new team, a different league and the squeeze of the media. With his Neptunian sensitivities, he absorbs all the thoughts of the fans, media and critics. It’s a lot to fight off, never mind fouling off a sharp two strike slider.

So root for the kid. He’s great and he will continue to be so. Have Neptunian faith in one of our greatest modern heroes. Watch him complete the hero’s journey again and again with each transit of the bases, heading home after lifting one out of the park.



Philip Sedgwick began his study of astrology in 1969. He is the author of Astrology of Deep Space, Astrology of Transcendence, The Sun at the Center: A Primer of Heliocentric Astrology, The Galactic Ephemeris (a compilation of over 8,300 points in deep space).

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