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Ally McBeal often sports a wistful, dreamy, slightly melancholy look. That's when you want to pay close attention, because right after that, the lights go on somewhere inside Ally. You begin to see her build that secretive "cat that swallowed the canary" smile. It's a mischievous look and now it's anyone's guess just what she will do or say next.

Who the heck is Ally McBeal really? Could she be the hidden self inside us all, saying and doing what we wish we could, if we only had the guts, if only we dared?

Ally is outrageous, controversial, wistful and even waif-like. She's been left out in the cold, she's smart, she's lonely, she's gifted, she's surrounded by friends who love her, she speaks her mind and she's gainfully employed as a lawyer in Boston. In short, she is an amalgam (and a contradiction) of a half dozen people or more. She'll show you all her varied sides with no apology.

Neptune Poster Child

Ally expresses a decidedly Neptunian energy. What's that you say? Well, itís that dreamy, magical, slightly hazy, loopy, quizzical, prophetic kind of presentation. Neptune is noted for imagination, fantasy, escape, empathy, romance, artistry and blending. Her internal dialogue and her vivid visual images are part of the artistic and dreamy imagination that Neptune imparts to us. There are many ways to use (and abuse) the Neptune factor that exists in all of us.

Ally seems to have found the perfect outlet for her intense reactions to people and life. She plays out exactly what she wants to do, in fantasy, and then she quickly regroups, acting almost normal, and adapting to the situation at hand. It's a fascinating interplay of inner and outer reality.

Do actresses in some way resemble the roles they make famous? Is Ally McBeal wildly successful because Calista Flockhart, the actress who portrays her, is more than a little like her? Ally's vivid imagination and fantasy games are easily seen in Calista's birth Sun in Scorpio conjunct (both planets at or near the same degree and sign) Neptune, also in Scorpio.

The Sun (basic character) in water sign Scorpio is intense, deep-feeling, magnetic and often compulsive. Influenced by Neptune, the Sun quickly becomes obsessed by certain fantasies, is very sensitive and nurses an overactive imagination. Neptune represents the necessary escape we all seek and find (in our own favorite ways) from the perplexities, pain and disappointments of life. Ally channels her fear, pain, longing, jealousies and anger into very realistic images that enact her wildest fantasies of what she'd really like to say or do. These essentially harmless enactments obviously help her resolve and release her emotional turmoil.

To be as successful as she is, Calista Flockhart must identify with this aspect of Ally. Being an actress demands that you fully "become" someone else for the duration of the role. Neptune, the smooth flowing shape-shifter, allows Calista to blend easily by removing the barriers and boundaries so she can merge with the character of Ally McBeal.

Direct Communication

Ally McBeal's character is a smart, sassy, wide-eyed and successful lawyer, with a compassionate heart. Calista portrays Ally's verbal skillfulness through her Mercury (mode of communication) in Sagittarius. Mercury placed in the fire sign Sagittarius can make a case for just about anything and then sell it to you wholesale.

This is a precocious, witty, wise and simultaneously irreverent position for endless verbal banter and continual internal/external yarn spinning. Essentially a positive risk-taker and somewhat prone to exaggeration, Mercury in Sagittarius is joyous, outspoken and a conversational gambler. It's especially fond of the verbal twists and traps that make a great lawyer!

Aquarian Controversy

Calista Flockhart is no stranger to controversy with her birth Moon in the unique, individualistic sign of Aquarius. This fits Ally perfectly. Ally McBeal thrives by active and endless involvement in one controversial situation after another. People with Moon in Aquarius learn early that the manner of their upbringing or way of perceiving life is not like everyone else's. They are considered by others to be unconventional, counterculture or even eccentric.

Moon in Aquarius natives eventually examine all the sacred cows of the culture and challenge them one by one, eventually forging their own individualistic reality. This creative, independent, erratic and often abrupt Moon can feel lonely or displaced, and finds solace with groups of friends who are equally unusual or at least tolerate the Aquarian Moon's uniqueness. Could this be Ally? Could this be the selfsame alienation we identify with?

Ah, to live vicariously with Ally, to send our truths spinning and tumbling. Thanks Ally, how did you know we needed that?



Dorothy Oja is a career astrologer of 29 years, offering astrological consulting services through her practice Mindworks. An active writer for major magazines Dorothy offers a free email weekly newsletter, Planet Weather. Her collections of articles are available by request.

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