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The Internet world was rocked this week by the announcement of the merger of AOL and Time Warner. Those who know Ted Turner, the Vice Chairman of Time Warner who was also known as “Captain Outrageous” from his yachting days, were not in the least surprised to see his hand in the venture.

This deal is truly the largest in which Ted has ever been involved. Yet, while he was signing on the dotted line, his wife, Jane Fonda, had announced earlier in the week that they would be living apart, “in an effort to save our marriage.”

How could such an unbelievable victory and such a personal failure happen to one man in a week? Perhaps Ted’s chart will give us all some insight.

Scorpionic Courage

Ted Turner’s chart shows a man with great courage and ability to rebuild his life from the ashes. His Sun, which is representative of his ego and drive, makes a favorable aspect to Pluto, which rules, or is associated with, the sign Scorpio. The placement shows a man who can pull off the impossible and then live to talk about it.

Turner’s life is the story of the phoenix rising from the ashes. His family-owned advertising company was about to go under in the 60s when his father committed suicide. Determined to rebuild his father’s name, he took charge and brought the company back to great success.

Innovative Thinking and Money Making

Ted has the planet Jupiter (money, luck) in the sign of Aquarius in the Second House, or the section of his chart devoted to money and resources. This means he makes money in innovative and unique ways.

The sign of Aquarius is also related to television and other electronic media. Turner began his meteoric rise by buying an old UHF television station in Atlanta and turning it into a “superstation.” He created the blueprint for 24-hour programming. Some time later he gave us CNN News. Naysayers asked who would watch 24 hours worth of news, but it was an almost immediate success. From there he built CNN Headline News, TNT Superchannel, TBS Classic Movies, the Cartoon Network and others.

Movie Making, Too

In the 90s, Ted began making movies with his New Line Production Company and Castle Rock Entertainment. Ultimately, these projects combined in Turner Entertainment, which is what he later merged with Time Warner.

A more personal merger with the movies was his marriage to Jane Fonda. They were active in philanthropic and environmental activities, and also led Atlanta society and cheered his Atlanta Braves to several World Series.

Pluto is Running the Show Now

The planet Pluto in Turner’s natal chart is very well aspected (it is placed in a favorable relationship to other planets in the chart), which means he’ll always get help from it when he needs it. In addition, transiting Pluto (or Pluto’s current placement in the sky) is sitting on his Ascendant, and moving back and forth over that point for a year or more. The Ascendant describes one’s appearance, self-image or persona. This transit is giving Turner much personal power now. This is a rare and intense transit, and it will propel one to the heights of success or the depths of disappointment.

At a time when he is a party to the largest corporate merger in U.S. history, one that is almost guaranteed to bring him great success and make him even richer, he is also being compelled to make profound changes in his relationships. As Pluto passes over Turner’s Ascendant, it opposes his Descendant, or the gateway to the part of the chart that rules partnership. This indicates great change in his marriage.

Change and Challenges in Love

Turner is also going through a transit known as Uranus square Uranus. The current position of Uranus in the sky makes a challenging 90-degree angle to the placement of Uranus in his natal chart.

Uranus brings sudden, unexpected changes, and since Turner’s natal Uranus is in the house of love affairs, he is being bombarded with more changes in this area of his life.

There’s a great deal of electricity in this particular transit and those who’ve observed Turner and his wife, Jane Fonda, together, say theirs is indeed an “electric” relationship. For whatever reason, they have to make necessary changes in their lives now.

What Now for Captain Outrageous?

Ted will be third in command of the largest media company on the Internet. This new media giant brings enormous content resources to AOL and its subscribers and it will put Time Warner right smack dab in the middle of the Internet—a move that would take years to accomplish on their own. How he will choose to use that power remains to be seen.

As for Captain Outrageous’ personal life, he is mum on the subject, as any self-respecting Scorpio would be. Jane, on the other hand, spoke with Sagittarian optimism when she said she hopes and thinks their marriage can be saved.

If anyone can be a major player in the merger that conquered the Internet and save a marriage to a famous movie star in the same breath, it would be Ted Turner. He has always done the impossible, which is how he earned the name Captain Outrageous!


Rowena Wall has been a professional astrologer for over sixteen years. She teaches and lectures on astrology. She has an international clientele and can be reached for a reading via email. To read some of her other articles on the Web, make sure to visit the articles section at To get a complimentary copy of her newsletter, Star Source, contact her via email. Subscriptions are only $8 a year.

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