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PlanetIQ describes the meaning of each planet according to the sign it's in at the present time. Astrologers call these transits. These interpretations provide insights into the general conditions in which we are all living. PlanetIQ is updated whenever a planet changes signs.

PlanetForecast is a personalized astrology forecast system based on your unique date, time and place of birth. These individual transits to your birth chart provide a more precise description of the energies in your life. Learn more about Planet Forecast here.

The Planets
The continuing movement of the planets is the basis for astrology's understanding of life. Each planet, including the Sun and the Moon, has its own cycle. Measured from our vantage point on Earth, these cycles range from just 28 days for the Moon to over 240 years for distant Pluto.

The planets visible to the naked eye (Sun through Saturn) have been observed and recorded by astrologers for thousands of years. Their meanings have remained incredibly consistent, even among widely diverse cultures. Astrology's basic interpretation of Mars, for example, is still about assertion and initiative, even as the Warrior has replaced the sword with intellect as its weapon of choice.

Learning the characteristics of the planets is a useful way to expand your understanding of energy, particularly related to human behavior. Some of these qualities are part of our language already, such as "mercurial" to reflect the rapid changes of this fast moving planet. The Moon, planet of emotions, is "moody," while a sunny disposition reflects the radiant qualities of the Sun. Applying astrological language has the potential of providing perspective without judgment, and a clearer path to recognizing essential qualities in yourself and others.

Planets in Signs
A planet's energies are colored by the sign of the zodiac through which itís moving. This combination of planet and sign is one of astrologyís basic tools. It can be used to understand personal matters when calculated for an individualís date of birth, or to understand the general trends, as used here. The term used to describe both of these is "transits."

The zodiac used by western astrologers is based on the seasons (the tropical zodiac), not the constellations (the sidereal zodiac). About 2000 years ago the two coincided, so that the Sun was in the constellation Aries on the first day of spring. However, due to the movement of the Earth's axis in a 26,000 year cycle, called precession, the signs and the seasons no longer coincide.

It seems appropriate that the West has adopted the dynamic seasonal zodiac, while the East adheres to the unchanging constellational model. Neither is inherently better the other, just as one language is no more correct than another. Each is coherent in its ability to reflect the human condition through the larger view of the solar system in which we live.

Personal and Collective Cycles
PlanetIQ informs you about general astrological conditions based on where the planets are now. These are not individual forecasts, but broad indicators of collective patterns that touch each of us differently. This information is useful to help understand trends and attitudes as reflected by public sentiment and in the news. Awareness of the general mood can be a powerful tool for understanding the behavior you see around you every day.

PlanetForecast is StarIQ's unique, free personal transit service. It describes your cycles and patterns in an individual way by comparing the planets in the sky at the present with their positions at the moment of your birth.

A healthy person recognizes both inner needs and outer realities. My feelings, your feelings and our feelings are all real and all contribute to living up to our fullest potentials.

The positions of the planets describe the general astrological conditions for today. Sign up for StarIQ's free PlanetForecast for  email updates of your unique personal cycles. 

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