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DATE POSTED: 7/26/2017
NAME: BillyFug
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DATE POSTED: 6/6/2017
NAME: BillyFug
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DATE POSTED: 8/13/2005
NAME: Charette
  Xango is a functional health beverage made from the mangosteen fruit.It has phenominal health benifits and is all natural.I think Michael J Fox would benefit tremendously from drinking this beverage.Do the research ,see for yourself , all of the health benefits provided by this beverage.You will be amazed!

SUBJECT: Michael Fox
DATE POSTED: 2/27/2002
NAME: Maria Isabel Nobre
  It was only today that I read your article on Michael Fox, having spotted it in your current submission about the full moon.

I felt I should thank you for such an interesting article, not only in abstract terms, but because I can sense your advice on health for "air people" can be quite useful!!! I have no less than six plaents in Aquarius, therefore I shall take to heart your good advice.

Your "full moon" article also had one point that I especially appreciated, and that is the enphasys you put on the "service to others" aspect of the sign Virgo. I can strongly identify with that!

Thank you,

Maria Isabel Nobre

SUBJECT: articles
DATE POSTED: 11/30/2000
NAME: tara Candoli
  hi there I happened to read all your articles and found them quite interesting. I studied some medical astrology with Dr.Naiman and although I am not a prof astrologer I have a total interest in medical astrology and intuitive healing. I thought that you presented your info very well not too cryptically -as alot of writers do - so there you have it regards and I will look forward to your future work.TC

SUBJECT: Herbs for Michael
DATE POSTED: 9/27/2000
NAME: Robert
EMAIL: Bidleman
  I am so glad to see the use of herbs with astrology. There are much better
candidates rather than the eclectic herbs you chose. If you would like to hear more please email me.

Thanks, Robert

SUBJECT: Michael J. Fox / Parkinson's Disease
DATE POSTED: 8/23/2000
NAME: Gerry Greenberg
  It would appear that Michael, with chiron in the first connected to a water grand trine and it's ruler, Neptune, is a healer. His current limitation goes back to his sixth house ruler, the moon, squaring Saturn in the 12th. With Jupiter, the great physician, also in the 12th house of service to the masses, I see his problem as temporary and a means by which he can resolve a personal quandry and in the process, help many others as well. I recommend that he check out Dr. Peter Levine's website at and read some of the articles there. I've been studying Peter's work for years and have seen many remarkable recoveries from ailements similar to the one Michael has. Illnesses such as these are the body's response to cumulative shocks to the nervous system, often of an emotional nature. It's simply a matter of knowing how to remove these shocks from the system and returning it back to it's natural state of tranquility and harmony. This is quite do-able. One only has to approach this possibility with simplicity and an open mind.

SUBJECT: Send this to Michael!
DATE POSTED: 8/23/2000
NAME: Connie Falcone
  This is a wonderful, practical article--thank you for it! My only question is, have you thought to mail/e-mail it to Michael? He strikes me as an open-minded individual who would appreciate the suggestions you've provided.

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