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SUBJECT: VP candidates' birth times
DATE POSTED: 9/13/2000
NAME: Jeff Jawer
  We do not have a time for Cheney, but do have about 7 am for Lieberman. You can read an article on Lieberman, with his chart, at

SUBJECT: 20 year Jupiter/Saturn cycle
DATE POSTED: 9/12/2000
NAME: Louise Jenkins
  Thanks so much for putting these facts together. I have been aware of the phenomenon but hadn't done the research. In light of the importance of the VP's, do you have the birth information for Cheney and Lieberman?
I would appreciate learning the birth times. (I have the dates.)
Louise Jenkins

SUBJECT: The Jinx on the Presidency
DATE POSTED: 9/8/2000
NAME: S. Goddard Foxe, Ph.D.
  I've been researching and writing on this for years and have included the 1800, 1820 elections in my studies.

The city of Washington DC was incorporated May 1802 within a week of the geocentric conjunction of Jupiter/Saturn in Virgo -- right near President Thomas Jefferson's ascendant, according to my rectification of his chart. The JU/SA is built into the incorporation of DC! Of course Vice President Aaron Burr shot Alexander Hamilton July 1804.

Did you know that the man who took the credit for killing Tecumseh during the War of 1812 -- Battle of Thames, October 1813, a Colonel Johnson (have to look up first name) was nominated by the hero of N'Awlin's Andy Jackson to be Martin Van Buren's Vice President in 1836? Interesting when you consider that two subsequent vice presidents named Johnson -- Andrew & Lyndon, both inherited the Executive Office by dint of Tecumseh's Curse --

There's more -- JFK pulled the air cover April 16 1961 early hours exactly concurrent with the heliocentric conjunction of the planets in Capricorn.

The Xmas Eclipse on Al Gore's moon makes one wonder, doesn't it.

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